Meet Jessica, Comcast Customer Experience Representative + Marine Corps Veteran

name is Jessica Murray. I am a customer
experience representative in the video technical repair
in Hudson, New Hampshire, and I’ve been here
since August 1st. My name is Jessica. How may I assist you? I served in the United
States Marine Corps from 2006 till 2014. I was recommended by
a another veteran who works through the VA program
and he said, you know, it’s very veteran-friendly. They have a lot of veteran
community activities. And with a lot of veterans
comes a lot more comfort. That’s what made me kind of
want to join the Comcast team. The transition was pretty
challenging, to say the least, because I just felt
alone most of the time. But when you find your niche
and you find your people, it’s nice. You feel better about it and
you feel so in your element because you can
look to your left and right know so
many of these people are veterans that
they understand you. And even if they’re
not veterans, a lot of people that work here just– the camaraderie’s so together. And it just reminds
you of, you know, times, like, that
you’re in the military. And you know, if you have
ever have any questions, these people always have
your back and it’s nice. I’m glad that I can reach out
to all these other veterans in this network. You can feel comfortable,
talk about the job, how you’re adjusting, and it
just makes you feel like home.

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