Max Maxwell | It’s Time To Disrupt The Wholesaling Market

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  1. Avery Mikel says:

    Notifications squad💪🏾

  2. George Jackson says:



    This my month my year💪🏽💯

  4. Sidney A. says:


  5. Noble Anpu says:

    Hey Max, u and the Doru roll out that Syndicate bro. My next testimonial ima mention it and drop it in the group. Lets copy and paste and remix Cardone Capital.. Lets close the wealth gap in our generation bro!! Oh, and next time u come up to that city where you u purchased our largest SEO… please let me know.. we go eat some from food from yard mon!

  6. Isahia Aracena says:

    Does Listsource provide a list of buyers or sellers or both?

  7. Shane Hummus - The Success GPS says:

    When I will be consistent for the next few months. I will also go big scale one.

  8. JChris4now says:

    Do it MAX! Thank you for chronicling your journey… It's a bridge for those coming behind you. Your cup will continue to overflow because of your spirit of abundance & giving. You have been an awesome vessel of change… Keep going!!!

  9. Mike Howard says:

    Excited to see your next move Max

  10. TOOshort2c says:

    Let’s do it!

  11. Tacarra Galaxy says:

    Max is always working 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ 😢

  12. Ask Dr. Brown says:

    Max, is your Prostream deal still available? The is a straight redirect to their site and I still want your extras 🙂

  13. Andrea Sealey says:

    Be a trendsetter! Can’t wait to see what you do with the space!

  14. Sidney A. says:

    Always an inspiration 🔥

  15. Daniel Iles says:

    That’s a big deal. I hope you vlog through some of the process!

  16. Michael Hardy Jr says:

    Level Up!!!! Your audience want to see your best. You inspire many! Don't just disrupt the industry, CHANGE IT!!!!

  17. Jacob Michal says:

    Max when talking to sellers do you make your offer on the phone or in person there's pros and cons to both

  18. Antoine Campbell says:

    I know in DC as long you add a glass door . You can sell it as a bedroom

  19. Antoine Campbell says:

    Probably a group home

  20. thoyo says:

    Max, are you opening a Wholesaling Brokerage firm?

  21. Brutus Empire says:

    I wanna come chill for a day with you Max.

  22. Ruben Salinas, Jr. says:

    this gave me motivation. thanks for all your hard work

  23. Bryan Franco says:

    Where do I send my Application? I got you for driving for dollars!

  24. AlEntrepreneur says:

    It's time to kick in the door of this industry! Keep leveling up and thank you for sharing your journey along the way. You're inspiring the culture!!!

  25. Still+Motion says:

    It will be nice if the camera guy shows more often at the stuff Max is pointing at & talking about. Way to often Max is making a reference to something very specific and we just keep waiting to see exactly what he's talking about but the camera guy do not bother to show it. is it me or my OCD …?

  26. Virginia Lafontant says:

    Is Max married lol can we have a vlog of your regular life other than biz? lol sending love from Miami

  27. Virginia Lafontant says:

    I think I know what he's going to do with that space lol

  28. AlternativeSky says:

    Those Final Words were a Nice Touch 👌🏾✊🏾

  29. Darrius Leach says:

    Real Estate Syndication? The quote at the end is the truth.

  30. Smart Way Lifestyle says:

    You'll never find a deal like this in South Jersey where I am except for the ghetto

  31. Destiny Homes W says:

    Keep going!👍🏽

  32. Ray Washington says:

    Great content thanks! for the inspiration brother.

  33. Larry Smith says:

    Do it bro.
    As the singer Irene Cara would say.

    Being's Believing….Take your Passion and Make it Happen …💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  34. Michael Butler says:

    I love it bro! Running this shit like a marathon

  35. Games dmc says:

    Moving on up to the East side 🤫🥧😅

  36. BlakDynamite615 says:


  37. Julian Williams says:

    I'll drive for you in the Charlotte area

  38. Dragon Manifest says:

    Door with a window… GENIUS God Max !

  39. Mike Parker says:

    Go for it Max!!! Level up and go after your dreams!!! I know people are going to tell you to slow down you growing too fast to soon. But in my humble opinion, as long as you keep a TIGHT rain on your financials and keep your reserve cash plentiful you can grow you business just like any other super successful person. Google Bob Faith of Greystar Real Estate and see what he did with his company and see how he built an real estate empire starting about your age.

  40. Bryan Mizell says:

    This property was probably being used as an ALF. Which would explain the fire alarm pull thing.

  41. Andre Baldwin says:

    LET'S GET IT! Keep grinding! See you at the top!

  42. Hashem Wafa says:

    Nice!!! Always great to hear and see words of inspiration from a great leader! Keep bringing more content Max, this is all priceless and amazing!
    Thank you and God Bless!

  43. Jvillan Swoldier says:

    Cold calling call center services maybe 🤔

  44. Motor Mouth 813 says:

    Yo Max the ending was the best shit I’ve heard all year! Got to continue to level up; a game changer for me could be a disappointment to others in the RIGHT room.

  45. William Hill says:

    Your intro music always adds that extra boost of motivation in the mornings!!

  46. LL says:

    If you’re in Texas I’d gladly drive for you. And do you offer any type of mentoring ? Thanks Mr. Maxwell

  47. Jamar says:

    You might wanna double check that "glass in a door equalls a room window"

  48. HEIR Flip Properties, LLC Kimberly Hanible says:

    How do i get intouch with your office Max? I've got a Great Deal out there where you are for the low low Great ARV Deal! I promise you'll Love It!!! 👍🏾💪🏿💓

  49. G SMOOVE says:

    watching u and francis is timeless

  50. Linda Dixon says:

    I cannot believe the wealth of information you give out and you respond back with the questions too! WOW! You deserve every blessing and open door. Thank you!

  51. Krystle ILes says:

    Door with a window? Face palm….
    At least change the color of those cabinets. Those cabinets are outdated. Geez…

  52. Uber Wholesaler says:

    Max. please do a video on virtually driving for dollars, with a nationwide list of vacant properties, based on the United State Post Office mail carriers.

  53. Kaala Smith says:

    Question Max…Im about to get my sites thru Carrot. Do you suggest I start off with just the sellers site or both the sellers and buyers?

  54. Hall of Fame says:

    Everybody you must keep in mind that the principle Remains the Same however it's going to be very hard and difficult to find a buyer if you are in California DC New York Houston that will have the cash of $75,000 or $100,000 to give to you or the title company not saying that it doesn't exist but let's be realistic

  55. Anthony Colón says:

    How can I get coached by you?

  56. Infinite Prestige Sports and Entertainment says:

    Love max!

  57. Bryant Vertical says:

    From brother to brother you need to surround yourself with better talent. You should not be consistently the smartest guy in the room. Just saying. The fact that you are in the triad , I would consider helping you out. Lol.

  58. Tay Mann says:

    Looks like a calling center for real estate coming soon!

  59. Rosa McNulty says:

    Hey Max I am new to your channel. I want to start wholesaling real estate. I need a mentor ! I was wondering if you can help me get started

  60. MKH Property Solutions says:

    Love your videos! I think they have great content & info. Just subscribed today. Couldn't hear much of what Frances was saying. Does he have a mic? Excited about your next venture! Happy for you!

  61. Pursuit of freedom says:

    Had to pull over to ask you this question. I always knew that real estate is the game of the rich. Ive found your channel 2 days ago after watching a breakfast club video on wholesale real estate by Martin. He said you was his mentor. I look you up and am now binging on your knowledge and videos. But im riding for dollars and wondering how important neighborhoods are to you. Simply putting it poor or middle class income.

  62. Kenny205 says:

    He's spreading that spark he has. Let's get it people!

  63. success realizes dreams says:

    10X Status → OUTSTANDING‼ Good luck yo☺

  64. Michael Brown says:

    All 8 dislikes are from Mark Whitten 😂😂😂

  65. M.O.M says:

    🎉🎉Aww i just love you max ! Its time to Level up 🤑🤑🤑

  66. Olivia Wright Mass says:

    Removed from the Wholesaling group on Facebook, how do I get back in? I didn’t post anything inappropriate just woke up one day and I was blocked😩 I have a appointment with a seller tomorrow and would love to get some feedback from the successful group members.

  67. Jeb Mark Antonio says:

    to the MAX , to all investors looking to level up their cold calling game , I'm looking for a role play partner , KEEP GRINDING

  68. Ray Tongolei says:

    Max Maxwell I'm glad I follow you on your YouTube channel.

  69. Alan Marchan says:

    Hi Max, how can I listen to your podcast offline so I can become immersed with knowledge of wholesaling that you share and listen to it wherever I go?

  70. O'Murdah says:

    Max I was wondering if you still hold those meet ups anymore? I know you’re plate has gotten much bigger, but I have just discovered about you. If you don’t.. doesn’t matter. I WILL meet you one day. No doubt about it . Keep giving, keep growing.. I’m proud of you. And I also look up to you.

  71. iLLest Tv says:

    Good God that last 30 seconds was fucking motivation dawg

  72. KnOcKs101 Prime says:

    Man I'm in the area where you do business and I'm very interested in the wholesale market. I did my first drive for dollars this morning have one good opportunity I found in the 27406 area. I would love to pick your brain on a few different things and possibly look into you or maybe someone you recommend as a mentor. I do work full time plus overtime but it's night shift so I'll take that driving job on my days off just to get my foot in the door and learn. I have a son and I'm recently engaged to his mother and I'm just turning 29 so I'm motivated, hard working, and still have a good back lol. I will help gut houses, drive, handle cold calls or whatever is required to just be around the business to network and learn. [email protected]

  73. CJ Williams says:

    I almost died when you and Francis hit the mini laugh session 🤣🤣🤣

  74. Joe Buys Houses says:

    This is exactly why you do not buy sight unseen. This is pretty ridiculous…

  75. christinvee says:

    @maxmaxwell I'm interested in driving for you for at least 3 months here in NJ. @Christinvee

  76. Sharla Carterwhite says:

    Whattttttt. I will drive for you max…IJS

  77. 81kbanks says:

    $300 a week driving only 15hrs, and get to work with you while learning the business… I’ll take that, send for me Max….. I currently work a warehouse job that pays $18 an hr 40hrs a week. For me, being a part of your team wouldn’t be about the money. It will be about learning everything I can in wholesaling etc. I’m in the Columbus Ohio market. Trying to make it happen seriously.

  78. Joshua Gayman says:

    Love the video on wholesaling! Nice work.

  79. Ross Jenkins says:

    I lived in Youngsville for about 7 years. is this area really that cheap? That house would be 150K as is in my market.

  80. Shadriquez Moore says:

    Lemme work witchall shid.. Email me [email protected] i also will love to get free knowledge and game from you Max

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