Management Interview of cosmetic retailer

Ok. I think um it depends on the item. For instance, if you want people to spot a certain item fast, the items are usually bright and conspicuous. If some of the item is organic and you want to appeal the quality, the color of the item is green. Green represents quality. Do you prefer containers with a functional packaging over pretty packaging? I think it depends. If you have many items, pretty packaging is necessary. However, if you have a single item and the person selling those item knows about the item, pretty packaging will not be necessary. Do customers prefer functional packaging or pretty packaging? I would say it depends on what they want. It’s subjective. What are the effects of packaging on the display? How would it also effect the placing of the item in the store? The package itself has to show what the product is for, what the benefits are, what can it do and why it is better than the other. It has to show the price as well. Do you sometimes choose a product over another because of its packaging? And does it make it easier to apply the compound? People usually take the package and they choose the brand. The brand and packaging has some intact. Customers look at the packaging, such as the color, to choose a product. How important is it that the packaging gives the customer the option of mixing and matching compounds so that they get a mix that is right for their hair complexion? If it is hair, customers usually like clear packaging. So they can see the actual color of the hair. What are some other factors that leaded you to choose one product over the other? It has to look neat, pretty, and fashionable.

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