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great so if you’ve been to my channel
before and you’ve seen my videos you’re probably very confused on what this
video is let me explain I decided it uploaded here for two
reasons one it’s an editing tutorial in Premiere Pro so come on have an editing
channel might as well just upload it here and second I have another channel
now let me explain when I first started YouTube I had many channels for the
reason being I thought it increased my luck at getting big and getting viewers
did not work completely backfired I do not recommend it so I learned that the
hard way after almost a year of uploading and it was just too much for
me to take on and I decided you know to focus on this channel because it’s
something that I really like doing teaching you guys how to edit give me
those free presets so it actually paid off we’re finally at three thousand it’s
it’s pretty hard for me to believe that you know but with that being said yeah I
had other channels I had a gaming channel I had a
commentary channel whoa what are you doing this fool is out
you’re doing the Harlem shake while training or evil long journey and most importantly you had a business
channel but I’m giving you guys this free theme it’s really cool it works if you
have slight items in a bowl not in bulk of but like you’re selling multiple
items and you want to like I said I don’t make income off YouTube I it’s
just unless I do like sponsored by Squarespace or here are three presets
download them but if you want the full pack it’s $100
bite down below I like being transparent have really clean with you guys being
honest and giving you guys free stuff because when I was on YouTube every
video was like buy my presets on my Prius wins and you know at a young age
and even now like I don’t like wasting money on that kind of stuff you know
like let me find someone who genuinely gives them for free and that no one was
there so I decided to be that person so with that being said this is the only
video that will be uploaded on this channel business-based
everything else will be exactly how it continues to be you know cool editing
pictures you know it’s music video tutorials all that good stuff so go
subscribe to dreamy pursuits if you want to learn how to secure the bag make
money because there I’m gonna be teaching all the stuff I do i do Forex
stocks I do FBA which is Amazon and I do and drop shipping so with that being
said this is gonna be the only tutorial on how to make converting ads now go to
that channel if you try to learn how to make money and get out of the so called
nine-to-five with that all download links are down below for this video and
I’m not gonna waste your time let’s hop on get this over with alright I’m with
teaching how to make a really good ad I’m gonna teach you how to get you know
some free programs that if you just don’t have the money to buy this
software how much did you guys had it download the videos download the music
and all that good stuff so with that being said I don’t know how many times I
said good stuff we’re just gonna get into this alright if you guys want me to
bring back my gaming channel drop a like in a comment below we’ll go back to
playing some for tonight I’m playing yelling I’m never just you know what
forget ease dream pursuits dreamy edits are my only channels and there’s a vlog
channel coming up but that one’s really low
keep you do find out about it be quiet all right don’t tell anybody we’re going
onto this video now so we’re on my desktop right now I’m gonna yes to
everything show you all the good stuff I’m gonna keep this as simple and
in-depth as possible now I just want to be as transparent as possible and show
you everything because the only reason I’m bringing this channel back to life
is because I am sick and tired of all these fake gurus it’s I’m done with it
all right and it makes no sense to make a video complaining about them so what’s
the best way to do it just make a channel based on business Shopify drop
shipping ads but show everything you know show the exact step-by-step that
makes sells cuz then you know when you compare their stuff in my stuff it’s
gonna be so different you guys will see you know what they’re showing you and
misleading you with and what I’m showing you that’s getting you the sales so
first video right is ad I haven’t seen anyone do what really good in-depth
tutorial teaching you everything how to download it out the footage how to get
everything together where to buy the products and anything so we’re gonna do
that it’s not product research I’m gonna show you a winning product right now so
Park I’ve sold in the past and it works it’s not saturated it’s still really
small I just stopped selling it because I don’t like selling crap and I think
this product doesn’t you know it’s crap I don’t think it stands for what it
speaks but let’s take a look so it’s just right here it’s a 360-degree
intelligent toothbrush what it is is you bite on it and it vibrates nothing
special now why I love this product two things
when you want to get a park and you’re looking for all you want to make sure
that one it can be like you have good margins we can call it three steps good
profit margins you can upsell and you can also have it long term so you can
bring it now the reason I love this product is because it has amazing
margins now there’s only one alpha dog one you
know the biggest seller in this niche is auto brush right here and they sell
theirs for $79.99 79 sorry and used to me four hundred nine ninety ninety when
I was selling this hose around June June 1st 2019 I think I sold it
July 30 2019 so they knocked her price down I’m assuming it’s because it was a
little too expensive I was selling mine for around $50 as you
guys can see the price right here this includes a packet so the margins are
there then after that I upsell alright so I would upsell the toothpaste I’d
also make sure I’d make a bundle with the kids toothbrush which is down here
I’ll click on that right now this toothbrush so I would just continue off
selling up selling up something and it would you’re like the biggest thing you
can make money out of is upselling so now that you have a winning product
alright I’m not gonna you know keep going on our first step is to find the
product obviously our second one to make the video because we need the footage
that in it you need to order the prong now it’s not necessity you can get away
with it now I’ll show you how right now but I do recommend it now when ordering
the product let’s say you do have you know the money to do that what I do
recommend is you do not order from Aliexpress do not all right do not
unless what I’m about to show you the product is not there and neither did ten
times it is gone eBay Google whatever you’re doing and it should be there look
it’s literally right there from USA it cost 20 399 and you can get it a lot
faster because what can stop you from selling this is someone else is gonna
order it get it faster run ads and you’re gonna be stuck waiting for weeks
for a product so please another thing though while on eBay
you can also do a best offer what you do is you lowball to sell you can be like
any give it to me for ten dollars they’re gonna be like no best I can do
is 15 you get it for a lot cheaper I do not recommend you sell off eBay because
these people do not have data they’re not like in Aliexpress or they have you
know great communication with the you know the the supplier they can get bunch
of both orders and then just ship away they’re just buying like 50 units and in
selling them from their house so I do not recommend that because they will
sell out fast and you’re 10 you’re not you’re gonna be in trouble cuz you’re
gonna be trying to sell stuff with fast shipping for the first 50 orders so
please please do not do that to yourself just order the product to film the video
now let’s say you don’t want to do that let’s say that’s you just don’t want to
waste money on that you want to maximize your profits
on advertising well you can message Aliexpress supplier now there’s this
this one right here this category breaks down into two most of the times they
have a video like this one has a video right here all I do is download it it’s
over here I just opened a new one because my
Internet’s being slow so I already had this one loaded some reason Aliexpress
videos take a while to load for me but as you guys can see as you see it
slowing but the video is right here all you have to do is come to the three dots
and download it download it and you’re good to go now
let’s say they don’t have a video message them be like I have this product
in high volume I have tons of orders coming in I want to work with you guys
you guys have amazing reviews so let’s work something out I will use you as my
supplier if yes and send me a video of the product done they will send you some
raw footage you can edit it up and there’s no copyright you’re not gonna
get sued no video then use the images simple just go to the image right take a
screenshot now I’m not if you’re using a Mac it’s completely different if you’re
using Windows it’s different I’m using Windows so the way you do it on Windows
is just hold the star key for the start key and W you will get a full screen
snip in the corner and then from here you can crop it out or just go these
images for some reason you can’t download them if you try to save them
it’ll try to save them as a file so try to go over here and just right-click and
save image as from the pictures in the description that’s as good as again so
as agency this one also has another video down here so it’s you know they
have footage so you can message them be like can I use your footage please like
make sure you’re not gonna get into trouble and or they’ll film you your own
footage so you can use that’s for the video creation now you can also use
YouTube I wouldn’t highly recommend it if you’re you plan like look once you
make sells buy the product no matter what once you make 100 100 cells a day
alright buy the product please and just film the video because I promise you you
will it I’ll save your life because you don’t want to get into copyright issues
you don’t want to have a really good ad that converts highly it’s getting close
to million views and then you get in trouble cuz of copyright that’s the last
thing you want so but in the beginning right you can so I
have this video right here it’s the same thing it’s some guy with reviewing the
toothbrush so let’s say you want to use that just copy the link right copy it
once you copy it there’s a program alright
use 4k downloader it is free don’t worry about that right now you can go on Youth
song Google and search up YouTube to mp4 alright and go to white I mean the
problem with this here let me just get this out of the way now if you don’t
have an ad blocker which I hope most you guys do there’s gonna be a lot of
explicit images it’s good you know it’s kind of that stuff like don’t watch this
in front of your wife like that kind of stuff
alright so that’s why I don’t recommend it I recommend you use 4k 4k downloader
because 4k downloader you literally just paste the link they’ll start you know
getting the link together and 4k downloader can download content in 4k
which on Google it just can’t it can go I think up to 720p if you know what that
is right so 1080p is what you guys are watching 720p would be this and yeah 4k
would be this but I I don’t I’m not filming a 4k so you can download in
1080p choose where you wanted to the format which we want mp4 the video
unless you want the audio of it then keep the original quantity quantity
quality and then download it that’s it literally don’t worry about activating
it there’s no real difference the free version works perfectly fine
and that’s it cuz yeah I’m not even gonna bother clicking on cuz I’m after
blur put your stuff out alright so with that being said download the
video off youtube you can use it just make sure alright please please please
please that you buy the product eventually and actually foam it because
I don’t want you to get in trouble one thing though in YouTube you can
google this is a really niche product so there won’t be much but if you Google
toothbrush right something brought a toothbrush you come over here to filter
you can go to Creative Commons and these videos are videos that people can use
no copyright they’re just there so I don’t know maybe you want to use the Oh
what 362 oh my god alright if you want to use cardi B with
a tooth question right maybe you want some social proof then by all means you
can use that because let’s click on this show more it’s for reuse aloud Creative
Commons license so you’re allowed to use it now that’s how to get the video we
got a video right so let’s say we have all our content hard footage then we’re
good to go alright next one is audio now these notes are gonna be down below for
you to download now for the audio I recommend you going YouTube in just
YouTube no copyright music you can it’s no copyright you get to go you here are
some channels I link that I recommend I use these they’re pretty easy to use and
they don’t care so I’m gonna open one up right now if it loads all you have to do
is click let’s say I want this one right here alright just copy the link you can
use a 4k downloader the same one I taught you or you can use white T to mp3
this one does not have any explicit ads wrong so just come over here paste it
convert it’ll start converting to get the audio off the video and then once
it’s done it’ll just say download there we go download you just download an
y’all never mind this one has a few explicit ads I didn’t realize that but
uh yeah it’s not as bad as the other ones alright so you can get away with
this when depending if you don’t want to download the software or not cuz some
people just don’t like downloading software’s and using it so that’s that
for the audio download the music use it I showed you some channels just Google
you know no copyright sounds and you should be good to go make sure they’re
free I don’t think should be really be paying for audio doesn’t really do
anything if it’s free it works perfectly fine and make sure you have the
copyright you know the right licensing to use it just make sure you’re not
gonna get sued alright now the next one for software alright now here’s a thing
software is a really major issue because I know in the beginning a lot of people
don’t have the funds to buy these expensive software’s for example
Premiere Pro is what I’m gonna be teach Adobe charges you monthly yearly it’s a
subscription you just can’t buy DaVinci Resolve you can buy it and you get a
license forever so a little something to keep in mind but I have been using Adobe
for so long I’ve been using it for almost five years that it’s something
that I’m specialized in so that’s why I use it it’s a lot more popular you can
find a lot of great tutorials on it so there’s that iMovie is free I don’t have
edited iMovie and Final Cut but I do have Windows so there’s a downside but
with that being said again they all cost money and the next topic is cracking it
now if you know cracking is literally getting a software illegally
there’s hundreds a way to do that but I I’m not here to talk I’m not here to
give anyone legal advice because I don’t want to get in trouble for anything so
it’s not like the police here’s one thing to keep in mind all right I’m not
here to give legal advice again they’re not gonna come and break your door down
and you know you’re gonna get a rescue like oh you’re arrested for you who’s
them from your pro hands behind your back all right
it’s chances are really small definitely not gonna happen unless there are cases
where people use them on work computers right so let’s say you work at Apple and
they you know you decide to crack I don’t know Final Cut Pro they’re gonna
know because you’re using their Wi-Fi and you know you’re gonna get into
trouble and there’s been cases where you know businesses have got sued over an
employee who’d that cracks the software for like close to a million dollars so
please do what you must you know where there’s a will there’s a way
but do you alright that’s the best way to put it if you want to crack it crack
it I’m not here to do it tutorial on that I’m here just to you know give you
whatever ideas you want you do you I did leave least I did list some free
software you guys can use blender DaVinci Resolve does have a free version
but I’m pretty sure it has a limit to the maximum quality you can get a video
like exported app so less quality I guess
lightwork shortcuts those are all the other ones blenders number one
so give it a try blender if it seems too complicated then I mean you can buy the
software if not then I don’t know alright but I do recommend you use from
your pro I find it easier unless you have a Mac then use iMovie or Final Cut
which is a lot better but next is the actual setup of the footage so for the
setup of the footage one thing to keep in mind is keep it under a minute
alright only because some people have really short attention spans and I think
it’s with everyone no one likes to see a video that has the same footage over and
over again or like images especially like I only recommend images if it’s
like like you’re in a super super budget but I would not recommend I would
recommend you find videos at all costs now if you do push it over three minutes
which is really hard when doing a drop shipping ad you will get an organic
reach Facebook will go out of the way to market your add even more without
charging you more and it’s because they feel that it’s not an advertisement at
that point because no advertisements are three minute long and that’s why you do
see advertisements that are that long on purpose because they get more reach not
necessarily always you do have those Facebook ads that go viral and there are
only a few seconds long so keep that in mind pick your time period now for a
thumbnail you have to make a thumbnail please do not just upload your ad to
Facebook and pick whatever regular thumbnail they give you all right make
your own e I will show you a winning thumbnail but with that in mind I’m this
is not a video on a Photoshop tutorial okay it is not at all that will be
uploaded separately on the dreamy pursuit channel okay is that if I do
that this video will literally be an hour long so we said it it’s too much
alright I have to it be another whole topic so let’s keep it just on video
editing no other thing usual emojis as well and one thing that I’ve seen no one
talked about which is blows my mind is the fact that voiceovers you know how
obviously I understand that some people don’t speak perfect English if you’re
advertising to English countries but if your advertisement to Spanish countries
or another your main language then do it if not you can use um type 2 speech
where you basically write the text out and I’ve seen a few of those ads but you
type your your text and it’ll speak out for you you download the
I’m not gonna show you how to do that but I do recommend if you want to test
that it’s something to keep in mind the test is do voiceovers that’s why I seen
if you’ve never seen as seen on tv ads I don’t know where you been
they’re literally just a guy who comes over and talks he’s like oh well this
water bottle you know no longer stress this water bottle keeps your water cool
all day long all week you know that crap like that you get me but the reason they
convert is because it’s better than seeing b-roll of a water bottle with
text underneath some people just like listening to it you know it builds it
builds a more sense of trust so keep that in mind
give it a try when making your campaigns maybe I usually make four Adsense
alright for different videos one I’ll do voiceover one obviously I’ll do only
text I’ll show you guys the different examples of text I use others I’ll use
more like of a click baby clickbait like video you know with
depending on I’m advertising maybe I have four if it’s a water bottle or I’ll
use like someone like super dehydrated like knocked out you know click maybe
stuff like that that will make your viewer click on it because trust me I
when talking on clickbait I had a video go viral over 28 million views on
YouTube because of a thumb time no video just a thumbnail trust me it is insane
what a thumbnail can do a thumbnail is a million words in a picture I don’t know
we’re just gonna move on right so once we have all of that now we’re just gonna
open from your pro up so this is what Premiere Pro looks like in the whole
time I’ve been using Premiere Pro the only things you’re gonna need is this
the move tool and the cut tool nothing else there’s literally nothing else from
the tool section right it’s really simple to understand don’t get
overwhelmed so all we’re gonna do is open where your footage is so here in my
ads alright I have some footage ready downloaded for that toothbrush as you
guys will see I’ll skim through them so I’m gonna content right there we have
some kid crying to make it you know dramatic like don’t spend time brushing
your kids teeth that was what I was going after we have some woman who
reviews the toothbrushes she’s like oh my god it’s great it works you know it’s
perfect it’s it’s it’s great so yeah that’s that then this is my actual ad
set this is my logo Joe so you guys can see it was called turbo
Here I am NOT a graphic designer but if you guys would like to see on how to
make logos I can do a whole video on that I do know how to make really good
logos that look high-quality and you don’t have to pay someone a fiber to do
it it’s not you don’t have to alright it’s not necessary and then for click
make images what I meant is like this one right here so this one’s the first
one I was targeting people especially mostly only parents with children as us
and see parents are gonna scroll and be like oh yo come on now like are you
serious what’s going on there what’s that mom doing and then people would
click on the video and that’s exactly what happened the next one is targeting
only adults and this one you can you know make up your own illusion for this
image but I saw on YouTube it got a lot of views and the comments specify that
really good so the image worked as well there’s nothing wrong with it now I’m
gonna show you the advertisements and then that’s it so this one’s the first
one for this one I did use DaVinci Resolve to make it because I wanted to
test it out to see how much better it is I stopped work from here probably found
it a lot easier so as you guys can see gum disease is very common in children
big call to action then you guys can see like the mom whatever the hell she’s
doing yeah that caught parents a little mad but then when they’re like oh give
your child a healthier smile how and then you know make brushing fun give
them you know why reduce the risk of their teeth decay and then have a video
some kids using it have like dentist talk about it so called dentist so you
know they feel like they have you know not the requirements but they have the
support behind it have some more content have some other another dentists use it
stop those difficult nights you know make parents think then show you know
social proof are the people they’re the review safe showing children healthy
smile not available in stories always a good one
add on and then yeah order yours now 50% off free shipping and then I always like
to add that security badge at the end I feel like it converts a lot higher
because people feel a lot more safer when they click on your website they
don’t feel like it’s a scam so something to keep in mind I always like to add the
5 stars to show like oh five star reviews it really works so that’s one of
them and then the other one is more for adults so you see stuff brushing your
teeth you show pain uh if you guys didn’t catch that edit that little red
stuff right there make it feel like make it actually feel like you hurt like ouch
then you show all the bacteria the disease have another dentist talk and
then you show the actual tooth at the to actual toothbrush and then you’re good
to go show how it whitens your teeth pretty much the breakdown and I’m gonna
show you guys how to actually do that so first thing is grace just drag and drop
like highlight all your content and drag and drop it here if not you can come
over here to file import and import the actual content from there just drag and
drop it onto your timeline you guys can do it see what it is when we make
Facebook Ads there’s two formats you can either do um 1920 by 1080 which is what
you guys are watching now or you can do the 1080 by 1080 which is perfect for
Instagram that’s why if you’re doing Facebook ads in your marketing that
Instagram and Facebook I recommend you do 1080 by 1080 it looks like this a
little bit more cropped in it’s like a box instead of a rectangle so keep that
in mind so right now here we have this so as you guys can see it’s none it’s
not even a box a square or a rectangle so we’re gonna go to sequence settings
switch it to 1080 by 1080 click enter click OK and as you guys will see you’ll
swim around so just zoom it back in in the effects control go to scale and
scale it up if you don’t have the FEC’s control go to windows effects control
then now we’re zoomed up from here we’re gonna add some text we can put like you
know this product is amazing whatever is alright so to do that you’re
gonna file new legacy title you can click OK do not and I mean do not use
that T right there alright do not use it ok it’s it’s it’s not good no good all
right no bueno all right so come over here get the tea type in
this brush is amazing amazing make sure when you’re when you’re doing
this to use a good font obviously this is a horrible font I usually try to go
for fruit aura which is actually the free font they have a free one of it I’m
pretty sure they do and you can bring this down I think I have a bold one yeah
there we go now and I like to use like the bold ones you can highlight this
make it whatever color you want on this I’m just going to stretch as you guys
can see there we go color so there’s the color part of it so we can switch it to
whatever I’m gonna make sure it’s white I don’t know why Premiere Pro has a
habit of putting it over here just bring it down make it actually white and to
get that cool backdrop like drop shadow effect what I like to do is I grab this
rectangle I make a rectangle I make it black right come over here click okay
put it on top of the text right click arrange send backwards and you guys will
see it’ll be on top of it done now you guys can obviously change the opacity of
the actual square over here there’s will see looks a little bit more cleaner I’m
gonna make it a little more darker move it over here and there so you can see
this brush is amazing and I do not recommend that you and your actual
footage you keep those white bars on top that say I need this oh my god and you
have like the heart emojis do not please the viewers that do not fall for that
night I’ve worked in the past does not work anymore it looks really spammy and
it looks very unprofessional now that we are going into 2020 everything is
branding if you don’t have a good brand around your product no one will buy it
everyone is pretty much mostly everyone is on board of dropshipping you know
they know what it is they know Aliexpress for example I myself my
teacher boiling yeah they’re not gonna fall for all that you know ten ten
minutes left guys hurry up cells and five left and come on
times have changed so once you have this all you do is exit out dragon on top and
keep you know you can drag it out as however long you want you keep it really
short and that’s it then you just grab your cut tool you can cut it down grab
the hand tool cut it and delete the rest and add another video and move on zoom
in again and from here you just keep moving on till the very end so let’s say
we just want it to end here all right this is just showing you guys how to
actually use from your pro it’s not a really in-depth I’m about to actually go
down and break down a tad so from right here okay all you’re gonna do is cut it
go to effects you don’t need transitions alright if
you do really want to put transitions you can go to video transitions and
there’s some right here like cube spin right so look cube spin right if you
really want it I wouldn’t I feel like it’s just making it’s wasting time from
here you just throw Gaussian right Gaussian blur hope that’s how you
pronounce it don’t Hanyu blur it up then from here this is where I like to add
you know the order now you know 50 often you add the website so what I do is I go
to file new again legacy title click OK and you can start typing out you know
order now and that’s the same exact fun I was using for the last dance as you
guys will see this no I used one thing to keep in mind if you’re trying to
center this these are it Center buttons these have helped me so much too if I’m
like over here and I want to put it in the center bang click that and you’ll
Center it out for you alright so you can put order now type again and put 50% off
and just creativity is you limitation for this there’s nothing really else
that’s stopping you now let me show you this is how to work on this all right
you all you need is your move tool your cut tool file new and legacy title and
that’s it there’s nothing else you do if you do want to get learn from your pro a
little better I guess you can call it because this is like the basics there’s
a video period called how to learn from your pro in 5 minutes so take a look at
that if you want to learn a little extra tips
so he was actual ad all right I’m gonna bring this one down in here all right
and we’re gonna throw it on top so you guys can see here we go okay so the key
to making a killer ad is simple your first goal is to get their attention
obviously if you someone comes across your video how do you get their
attention depending on your product obviously it’s always different my thing
here with what’s a too short too I can’t speak with the toothbrush was it was to
get the parents attention that they’re not you know that brushing your teeth
can give you gum disease so gum disease is very common parents
are scrolling you’re like oh my god I have a child obviously when you’re going
in Facebook make sure you advertise the parents they like I have children my
child might have gum disease because obviously as a parent our people know
that it’s really hard to brush the teeth I know for a fact I used to hate
brushing my teeth when I was like six so I understand I have younger siblings I
know what it’s like so look you’re gonna go oh gum disease very common then after
that you put give your child the healthier smile no I was editing this
and I just wanted to apologize for going through puberty during the video really
really sorry you put give your child the healthier
smile now you’re giving them a question they’re glass noodles how do I give them
you know ask yourself the how it’s who want one wearing white those are the
basic questions you’re using when making a net you know what gum disease is
common in children why give your child a healthy smile why
her no why how how do you give your child health
you smile sorry then after that this makes brushing fun what makes brushing
fun you know tell me and it reduces the risk of teeth decay oh my then from
there you go a few frames forward then we have healthier fun and time serve
room this is that wow I didn’t know brushing teeth could be so fun please
show me that’s when you start to throw in the videos and then brush in less
than 20 seconds you give them that wow factor like no way brushing my child’s
teeth takes hours how do you tell me you can do that that’s when I have the video
of the dentist you know talking cuz then it’s social proof you know it’s a
recommendation by the dentist saying you should buy this
you recommended so the parents are like if a dentist recommends it it makes
brushing easier I should buy it that’s the thing to keep in mind see
recommended by dentists then you show the actual product cleaned all your
teeth silicon bristles you explain to give it a try
people vary as well you know I don’t have you know they don’t have that
mentality like buy buy buy buy it’s like give it a try
then you have someone showing it the god dense is using it and it says stop those
difficult knives now you tell them you’re using pain you know cuz parents
know what it’s like or let’s say whatever you’re advertising whether
that’s this water bottle the pain you know you’re bought water always being
hot you know and ever being you know cool enough when you need it the most
the you’re putting pain inside of then you’re telling them social proof join
the happy family of all these five-star and happy kids parents let’s go I want
to join right then you have these kids have absolutely loved it then you have
someone you know talk about you know talk actually about the product loving
these for this you can either you just record yourself doing it you can record
have a camera get a friend maybe your closest friend get a sibling a cousin
uncle on whatever just give them the camera be like hey can you just say you
love this product yeah alright and then you give them you
just you know obviously your parents are gonna be a little suspicious about like
it’s too safe then you say yes it’s safe for not necessarily parents can be like
it’s just water bottle it’s eco-friendly made reusable you know crap like that
and then show your child to healthier smile again pain you’re telling them oh
now if I don’t buy this my child won’t have a healthier smile alright not
available in stores great one and at the end then finally that’s it is order now
that’s literally the key to making a really good at now you’re probably
asking yourself how I have took out of my own time I have gone two days just
literally looking at seen on tv ads seen a high converting at and seeing what
makes them so good and engaging keep the video short as you guys can see here I
don’t keep him long look this is literally three seconds so you guys can
see down here I’ll zoom in on it three seconds long I don’t keep them long keep
them short precise to the points which the images keep them engaged I keep you
see healthier I make it blue because sir chop Collier what color I’m what
color what I was saying just search up the fact colors have what do colors
represent red and represents you know urgency blue represents trust green
represents eco-friendly you know yellow represents happiness so take a look at
that mess around with that remember who I when where why all of those when
making your ads to call to action in the beginning and incite pain that’s
literally Gadson want to feel pain from not getting your product then you will
convert if you don’t try to sell the actual product just get them to know why
they need it and what happens if they don’t get it that’s it you can sell
anything why do you need this you’re thirsty alright imagine walking in a hot
desert and you’re you’re desperate for water and then you pick up the water and
it’s really hot but this water if you pick it up it will be always cold and
keep you cool you know if you don’t get this maybe one day you’re gonna get
stranded in the desert and you’re gonna be very thirsty it’s really easy once
you understand the concept and everything gets easier as you practice
it so please keep that in mind that is pretty much it for making a really high
converting Premiere Pro ad and there’s nothing else please subscribe to dreamy
edits if you want to learn more about business and I’m gonna try to keep
uploading there once a week I know it’s a little bit but I have a few channels
to manage and my shops so I’ve really turned administrate my time as best as
possible we’re gonna head back to my camera well that’s a wrap if you stuck
to the end listen congratulations you just have so much more valuable
information and you’re really dedicated to it so I hope your shop blows up I
hope you make a really get at now listen check out mainstream I may have any
questions DME drop a comment leave a like if you do want to hop on a FaceTime
call just DME I’ll face on you cuz I know like editing on Premiere Pro can be
really stressful so I won’t mind I’ll FaceTime you I’ll help you out help you
out with your shop I always get these DMS people asking me to do that and then
they think they have to pay me I mean I don’t know why but uh yeah I don’t
charge for that kind of stuff I’m out here to help you guys so with that being
said listen your boy Jose is out check out the dreamy pursuit channel for more
banging content on how to get out of the nine-to-five make money and pretty much
your showing you everything you know the progress of making it to the top but
that being said listen it’s been your boy Jose
I’ll catch you guys later

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