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welcome to the entire lab I’m Roy
interior designer from TIL let me bring you around our new showroom and show you
the upcoming trend for interior design foreseeing a trend of dark blue and green in the upcoming year which which explains the choice of colours.
Once you enter the showroom, you are welcomed by the jade green mosaic which forms the passage of the entrance foyer. various material and texture are used to
spice up the interior for instance the rustic touch on this rattan which
complements well with the green laminate perfectly moving on we have used metallic
detailing such as bronze, gold, and copper in our showroom. One such example, is this perforated metal sheet which acts as the backing of this circular gorgeous
granite slabs other material used is is this checkered beveled glass which tessellates with the rattan. Noticed the marbled veined tiles used as the flooring for the showroom it matches . well with the feature wall to create
more cohesive we did something quirky and fun for a
bathroom despite as a modern luxe vibe. Feel free
to take a insta what is shot here Another special feature of this showroom
is the vinyl clad ceiling. Notice how the warm tones such as a vinyl ceiling
feature and the timber strip strike a balance between the varied material use let me share a few some interior design
tips. home styling is essential to create a pin-worthy interior. We have sourced soft furnishing and home decor from all around the world by coordinating all the smaller component of the space it helps to ground the overall aesthetics
creating more impactful interior. Another tip is the use of the lights. Light
is a functional and essential component it can be an accent feature that
glams up the interior at the same time so you have a masculine interior that
kicks off next year interior trend Love to explore new showroom ? Feel free to contact us and I’ll show you around.

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