– Hi everyone. So, baby Jackson is here. He arrived three days ago. I gave birth to him at home, and I really want to share with you my labor and delivery story. This video is going to be a mix of footage that we got on the day and
me talking you through it. Because, obviously, as
things got more intense it was harder to pick up
the camera and update. So, we’ll kind of jump back and forth. Right, hi guys, it is now
20 past one on Saturday. Last night was like a false start. I had two hours of contractions. What I thought was contractions
every eight minutes, and then I spoke to the
midwives and they said third labors can be really start and stop, and then they just stopped. And it was midnight and I was
like I’m just gonna go to bed. While I was asleep, I didn’t get any, and then all this morning was nothing. Then, in the last like
half an hour they’ve been, I’ve been having like some pains every five minutes only
lasting like 30 seconds, but they’re worse than last night, and I’ve now had like a bigger show, so quite a bit of blood. I called Matt and told him
to come home from work. My mum is gonna take the
boys to a birthday party that they are going to
today for two hours. Oh, I’m getting one now, actually. Right, just had a little one. It was like another, what was it? So that was, it’s been three minutes. Three minutes, lasting 35 seconds. So, Matt’s on his way home, the kids are going out, and then I think I might
just call the midwife. They said to call when they’re
every six minutes apart, and lasting a minute. But, they’re every like
three to five minutes, lasting less so, I don’t know. I’m gonna call them. It’s Emily Norris. – [Man] Home birth? – Yes. – [Man] Scheduled for home birth yes? Did you have home births
with the other two? – No, no I didn’t. I had them in hospital. – [Man] Okay. – The last one was quick, so we thought we’d have this one at home. So, two shows now, quite big shows, but no waters. – [Midwife] Hold on. – Spoken to the midwife that’s coming, and she said she will
be here in half an hour. Still coming, they’re still
only like 30 to 45 seconds every five minutes, and I can breathe through
them and talk between them so you know, they’re not that bad, but the midwife was like, “Oh, it being your third baby, “I think I should just
get there,” kinda thing. So, yeah, so she’s on her way. Matt’s here, back from work. I said to Matt, I’m scared, like I’m scared to call the midwives. I’m scared to start setting stuff up in case it like jinxes it. I don’t know why I’m being
really superstitious, but I just don’t want this to stop. I just really want the pain to carry on. Just praying that this is it because I’m booked in
for induction tomorrow. I just really want to avoid it. (guitar strumming lightly) At this point, contractions
started to get worse for me, and my most comfortable place to be was just swaying by the breakfast bar. I was so pleased that I
didn’t have to get in a car and drive to hospital, because for me, in the past, that has been really,
really uncomfortable, so to be able to just
stay at home and relax and be in my own
environment was such a plus. (guitar strumming lightly) The midwife arrived and started doing all my antenatal checks. She would check his
heartbeat during contractions and between contractions, and I changed into my lucky black dress, which is what I have worn
for all of my births. I wore that when I gave
birth to Fraser and Caleb, and I now believe that it brings me luck. (fetal heart beat pulsing) The midwife monitored Jackson’s heartbeat through my contractions, and she said that even
though my contractions were getting stronger, that he was not bothered in the slightest. At this point, Matt started
to set everything up. We had waterproof dust
sheets to cover our couches and black towels for when he arrived. Once I was five centimeters dilated, I put my hypnosis on my headphones, and I just really tried
to listen to the words, relax, and breathe, and
concentrate on my hypnosis and try not to listen to anything else that was going on around me. So, at this point my waters broke, and things started moving really fast and getting really strong. I was still refusing
any kind of pain relief, because I still had such
a fear of induction. I didn’t want anything
to slow my labor down. So, I was still saying no to everything. But it was funny because I was probably about seven centimeters, so
I was obviously in labor. My waters just went. – [Midwife] Okay. Three, nine, one. – I’m struggling with my contractions, but I don’t want any pain relief because I don’t want
anything to slow it down. – [Midwife] (mumbles) complicates,
because I’ve got second. – So hot. – [Midwife] Well, she
was four an hour ago. – Because things were
moving so quickly as well, the midwife was worried
that I was going to tear. So she recommended that
I have some gas and air, just to control my breathing, and to maybe try and slow
things down a little bit. (moaning) – [Midwife] Take the gas, take the gas. Use the gas, use the gas. – [Matt] Breathe in, Ems, breath. That’s it, it’s over. – Can I not push, yet? – [Midwife] Not yet, not yet. If you can breathe through
it, then you carry on, okay? – Okay. – [Midwife] You’re doing brilliantly. – I want to push. – [Midwife] Your body
will just take over, okay? – Okay. – [Midwife] So, if you
can still try and breath that what I want you to do.
– Get ready to try. – [Midwife] That’s all
that gas is doing for you at the minute is probably not
doing much as a pain relief, but it’s probably helping you breathe, and control your breathing. (pained moaning) – [Matt] Baby Jackson, hello! Can you hear him? (baby crying) Hey it’s okay. – He’s just done a wee on me.
– He’s done a wee. – [Midwife] Hey, I’m gonna cut the cord. – Oh he’s here, oh
– Hey, hey. – [Midwife] Can we have the heating on? – [Matt] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Right, he’s here, and he’s crying, but he had to poo inside, so
they’re just checking him, before I can hold him, but… But he’s here and he’s
making noise so that’s good. – [Midwife] But we don’t know if he can swallow anymore than that, alright, because it can lead to an
infection, problems like that so. – Oh poor Bubba. – So it’s safer to…
– Okay. – Jackson, oh.
– Oh Bubba! – [Midwife] He’s picking up nicely now. – Aw!
– Yeah, yeah well done. – I didn’t know it was going
to be that quick, okay. (baby crying) Jackson? – [Matt] What’s the time? – [Midwife] Brilliant,
absolutely brilliant. – You kept me awake, but when
you decided you didn’t wanna– – This baby’s (mumbles)–
– Yeah? Does he look like Caleb did?
– Yeah. – Does he look the same?
– Yeah. – Oh, oh mister, why did you poo in there? – [Midwife] I know, can you believe it? – [Matt] Didn’t Caleb did do that as well? – [Midwife] (mumbles) that
part, it was beautiful. – [Matt] Didn’t Caleb do that as well? – Basically.
– Okay, Frazier’s the first. – In the end, our midwife actually had to deliver Jackson on her own,
you normally get two midwives, one for you and one for the baby, but our second midwife didn’t arrive because it all just happened so quickly, so our poor midwife, she was amazing and she did had to do it all on her own. We then had some skin to skin, and I waited to deliver
the placenta naturally, and it came out just on it’s own, after 10 minutes, with one contraction. – [Midwife] Oh you’re gorgeous,
he’s come through so quickly – Yeah, I know
– You see, dad? He’s got little broken
vessels in his eyes, they’ll take about six weeks to disappear, because he just shot through.
– Oh, yeah. – Oh hello, you’re beautiful, oh let’s go weigh you ’cause mom and dad want to know how much you weigh, little Jackson. Alright guys, sorry Jackson,
this is not very good but, oh he’s quite good size,
3.45, would you agree? – [Midwife] Yeah 3.45 kilograms. – [Midwife] Head circumference is 36.5 – Oh, he’s lookin’ at you.
– Look at you lookin’ around – [Emily] He’s thinking, “Look at her, “I don’t know her.”
– He’s so alert! – Yeah, and then I called my mum to say that she should bring the
boys back home from the party, ’cause obviously we didn’t
know how long it was gonna be, so she wasn’t sure but they
came home from the party and they were thrilled to
meet their little brother. – [Matt] Hello. – Is Jackson here? – [Matt] He’s here, yeah,
do you wanna meet him? – Yeah
– Yeah? Your little brother, go meet him. – Did you have a nice time at the party? Look who’s here. – [Matt] They say they’re from Jackson, I think that top one’s for Caleb, and that big one’s for you. – [Frazier] I wanted this. – We got you the light sabers you wanted. – [Camera Woman] Wow
Frazier, what a good brother. – I wanted these from Toys-R-Us! – [Emily] Hulk smash hands! – [Caleb] Hey, it’s Hulk! – [Matt] Look, momma’s got
the baby, Jackson’s here. – The baby came out my tummy! Caleb look! – Look, it’s Jackson. – [Caleb] He’s got hair. – Hi, baby. – Aww! – Aww, That’s so nice. You’re hugging him with your Hulk hands. – He got you a present. – The baby came out. – [Emily] The baby come out my tummy. – [Matt] Caleb, Caleb, what’s his name? – Jackson. – [Matt] Is he big or small? – Small. – [Matt] Is he cute? – [Emily] Jackson’s here! – [Matt] Is he cute? – He’s your brother, aww!
– Aww! [Both] Hulk smash him. – He’s your brother! – Look at his little hands. – [Matt] Look at his little hands! – Mommy, look at his blanket. – It’s tiny, isn’t it? (mellow music) We got a good couple
of hours with the boys and they got to meet
him and be all over him. I had a shower, something to eat and got ready to go to the hospital, thank God I had already
packed my hospital bag. – [Camera Woman] He’s so gorgeous, Emily, he’s just beautiful. – I want to give him a kiss. – Aww, so nice ♪ Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you, ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday ♪ – [Matt] Can you give him
a little kiss on the head? – Aww, he looks just like you, Caleb. We’re in the ambulance now and we’re getting ready to go to hospital, they just checked the blood
pressure, pulse, all that stuff, the baby, I’m on a stretcher, and Jackson is in between my legs. – We’ve got a special baby one. – [Emily] They’ve got
a baby sized one, aww, this is his pulse. This is gonna be his pulse, – There we go.
– Oh 104, yeah. – [EMT] oxygen level’s at 100 or 98 – [Emily] Oh that’s good, that’s good, so he can’t be too mucusy. – [EMT] Yeah, airway’s clear. (soft piano music) – Oh wow, got my own
room, that is so lucky. So it’s about 9:00 at night now and we have settled into the hospital, by some amazing stroke of luck, we have got our own private
room, I’ll show you it, oh it’s a bit bright, but here’s my bed, here is baby Jackson,
he’s just had a feed, and he’s so alert, really
looking around and being so cute. Oh you’ve got a sneezy, little sneezing, hello, hello Bubba, can you hear my voice? That annoying, weird voice, hello. For someone who’s just been
born, he’s been so alert and awake and he’s got
these really beautiful, pale blue eyes, and I’m so
in love, I’m so in love. My husband, obviously
I came in an ambulance, so my husband is following
behind in the car, With the car seat and everything, obviously he’s not gonna stay the night but I’ve got to stay the night, we’ve got to stay for
12 hours to be monitored but I’ve got a single room,
we’ve got our own en suite, and I’m really lucky, they say
they’ve pulled some strings because they felt like
I shouldn’t be here, I should be at home with the
Prosecco and my X-Factor, so they’ve been really, really, lovely. Everyone’s been so kind
and nice and amazing. Literally, if I could just
bottle this feeling up, this is the biggest
high you can ever have, I just feel so high and
so happy and so like, I’ve got goosebumps, I’m so
lucky, I’m so lucky, so lucky. My husband should be here any
minute, he’s bringing a pizza, really hope they let him in
with it ’cause I’m starving and we’re just gonna
hangout and enjoy our boy. My two older ones, they’re at home in bed, so I don’t have to worry about them. I’m really going to miss
them tomorrow morning, when I’m here, but at
least they got to meet him and they know mommy just
hasn’t gone missing, they know exactly where I am, I said “we’re gonna go to
the doctor for Jackson, “they’re just gonna check him over” but so far, everything
is as normal, his pulse, his blood pressure, everything is good. So they just monitor him every two hours. Don’t know if I should pick him up, he might be a bit windy, but he’s just making the
cutest newborn noises and you know that you just
forget how tiny they are, like Caleb is still my baby
really, my two year old but when you hold him, he’s tiny, I need to give him a
cuddle ’cause he’s cute. Look at those lips, eh? Look at those beautiful lips and eyes. (making playful noises) Should we cuddle? (soft music) He’s just had his check and he’s all good. And he looks just like
his brothers, look at him. – [Matt] His lips, and his little smile. Smile if you like us, oh you’re pouting. – [Emily] Blue steel. – [Matt] Oh yeah. – [Emily] He’s got the cute little chin. – [Both] Oh, hello. – [Matt] Stop talking, I was
just dreaming about them boobs. – Could you shut up? I wanted to say thanks so
much as well to everyone for all of their support
during my pregnancy updates, and my live updates on
Facebook during the birth, it was so, so special and I
had some really loving messages about how people had never
considered a home birth before but they would now and how nice it is to see a positive birth experience and just loads of well
wishes to our family, so we really appreciate it. Everyone seems to love my husband as well, even though he never talks
on my blog, he’s a bit shy, but he’s really supportive of
them but he’s just a bit shy. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this delivery story and I’m so glad that he’s here and that I didn’t have to be induced and yes, I’m just gonna go back to being in my baby bubble now, and thanks so much for watching, bye. (gentle music)

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    Currently 40 weeks and 1 day, this has made me excited for my planned home birth! I love the NHS!

  99. kellibear45 says:

    i will never understand (i'm a retired labor and delivery/newborn nurse) why people who seem so intelligent would risk their baby's life–and their own–by delivering at home!!???? last minute emergencies happen all the time and they can be fatal or lead to a severely brain damaged baby. This baby was very very lucky he did ok because he could have died, by aspirating the meconium into his lungs. Why do women feel it's some big huge accomplishment to give birth a home?? What's so terrible about going to a hospital where both she and the baby can get emergency care if needed?? It shows a serious lack in judgement to deprive your child of the safest delivery possible. It's downright criminal! if anyone is thinking about delivering at home, please put your baby's saftey as your top priority. There's a reason why the infant mortality rate was so high 125 years ago–most women still delivered at home..

  100. Emma Blakeley says:

    Aw watching for the second time I saw it live when you had him and I was due baby number 3 too now due baby number 4 and I love Jackson’s birth story also hoping to have my second home birth this time around the birth pool arrived today 37 weeks on Friday eek! X

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