Lesson 1: Creating Your Customer Satisfaction Survey

In this video tutorial, we’ll go over how
to create a Customer Satisfaction Survey for Acme Solutions. Here is your blank survey canvas.
We’ll begin by creating the first question. Let’s add a question to our survey by clicking
on Add New Question. That opens a new question window. The default question type is Radio buttons
since it is the most common. To change this, simply click on the name of the question type
to reveal the entire list, then select Radio Button Grid. For more information on question types, please
see our articles on “Question Types” or “Need Help Choosing a Question Type?”. Now that you have a question type selected,
you can enter your question. “How satisfied are you with the our Product
and Service?.” Then, add your Column headers and Row Headers. You can select the New Answer Option to add
more columns or rows. Now you are ready to save your question. Click
on the green Save question button. You will see your Radio Button Grid Question
on the first page. We would also like to know why the respondent
answered the way they did. This will help her to uncover problems that need to be addressed
or to see what has been working and needs to be continued. To do that you are going to add an Essay/Long
answer question type for respondents to enter a comment. Click on the add new question again. This
time select the Essay/Long Answer question type. Next, you will enter your question. “Please
explain why you feel this way” and click on the Save Question button. Lastly, we always recommend adding a greeting
for your respondents. You can do this by clicking on text/media. Now you are ready to Preview your survey.
At the top right of your first page, select preview. This opens a new window that shows how your
survey looks to your respondents. These questions look great. Now, let’s style
our survey to include the Acme Solutions logo and colors.

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