Learn Marketing for Ecommerce: Where to Start? [Oberlo Weekly Q&A]

Hey everyone, my name’s David – and it’s
question time. This is our weekly series were we take a closer
look at a question which one of our viewers left in the comments section from a recent
video of ours. If you’ve got a question of your own, don’t
be shy! Leave it in the comments section and I’ll
be sure to read it. Okay, so today we’re answering a question
from Long, who asks for some specific details on marketing: There are plenty of ways that you can market
your store, but we recommend that dropshippers use Facebook advertising to promote their
products. Why Facebook advertising? Well aside from the huge audience, Facebook
marketing has a quick feedback loop. That means you’ll be able to check the performance
of all the campaigns you launch within just a couple days, and you’ll be able to optimize
them on the fly, so you won’t waste any valuable business funds. For example, if you start off by targeting
both men and women, and you find that after a few days that 80% of the people who clicked on your
advertisements are women, you can change your audience so that only women will receive your
ad. This way you won’t waste money targeting
men, who don’t engage with your content as much. If you’re interested in trying out this
marketing tactic for your store, check out the Facebook advertising tutorials from our
channel We have loads of content on our blog and YouTube
channel about other marketing channels you can use to drive traffic and sales, so be
sure to check out the Oberlo platforms for more details. We also published a big whole ebook called 50
Ways to Get Sales Dropshipping, you’ll find all sorts of detailed info in there. Thanks for that comment, Long, and good luck
with your store – we hope that helped! Do you have something that you need help with? Let us know below. We check through the comments section every
day and we’d love to use your question in our next video. And if you liked what we spoke about today,
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    Thanks guy for your great content! Just wanted to know whether it is wiser to drop a slow running shopify store or to keep working on it ? (www.wilderparty.com)

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    Hello brother please reply
    Can we do shopify as a full time job career

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    Amazing value:) I want to ask if it is so easy to start a business with shopify and oberlo? And what to start with ? I mean just create a simple shopify theme? what is the first step?

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    How can I be sure that I won't be sued for products I sell?

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    can i handle several shopify store in one credit card???

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