Is This Package-Carrying Robot The Future Of Home Deliveries? | NBC Nightly News

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50 Responses

  1. Alonzo Castoire says:

    Another start-up fails. Stupid investors.

  2. Alonzo Castoire says:

    The robot wouldn't even let the box go🤣

  3. Sarcastic Klutz says:

    i dont like it…any computer can b hacked

  4. David Ellis says:

    I don't want a 🤖 knocking on my door !

  5. 6Boned You9 says:

    Steal the robot. Break into parts & sell it for some rocks.

  6. discorperted says:

    Wake up America.. You are being enslaved….

  7. Marcus G. May says:


  8. Dandy Chiggins says:

    What happens if the package contains a robot? Will it open the package, fall in love and screw(pun INtended)the customer ?😂

  9. Dori Tos says:

    Good idea, lets show the self driving car blowing right through the 4 way stop sign

  10. fbabdiver says:

    battery life?

  11. Edwards James says:

    Might work in the White communities, not the hood…

  12. Caden Rolland says:

    Show me the robot walking while 5 dogs are hanging from its legs. Till then it's a big nope.

  13. dicky doodle says:

    If it doesnt replace a human worker what is the point

  14. mimi&lili hijab says:

    do you guys think that robat is single??…just asking for school projects…

  15. rosalio quintanilla says:

    if you can program a robot to deliver a package can you program it to deliver a bomb?

  16. edwin kania says:

    Danger Will Robinson!!!

  17. Furious Rivera says:

    The Terminator is coming, the wealthy will eventually use these robots to control us.

  18. Pohaku Mana says:

    But you need one human for each robot to operate it?
    Louisville Slugger if it shows up to my door.

  19. Thomas Hughes says:

    Who gets in trouble if the delivery robot commandeers the self driving car? How many delivery drones working as a network does it take to lift a man in a lawnchair into the clouds? New stunt… Swarm of drones lifts a delivery robot and places it on the roof of a self driving car in motion. Another stunt… delivery robot rides the mechanical bull for 8 seconds.

  20. Azriel Hopkins says:

    Reminds me
    Of 86's movie
    Short Circuit also
    A different concept of
    The Robot.

  21. Harper Dellastrada says:

    Imma break it. On purpose.

  22. Gerry Nightingale says:

    *I'm not certain of 'Why' but if I were to see this robot…I would attack & destroy it anyway I
    could* ( I'm glad I'm old…because the 'America' I love and remember seems to have
    vanished and been replaced with something from the 'Twilight Zone')

  23. Tony Harris says:

    Not a very good idea.

  24. Edwin R. says:

    We are working with people.. Riiiight like you wouldn’t make more of a profit by just automating the package delivery service completely. Numbers.

  25. Mr Jones says:

    Good idea, until package thieves realize it's more profitable to steal the delivery robot than the package.

  26. Marvin Bennett says:

    Somebody is going to put something slippery on the ground

  27. Kevin Cobley says:

    I'm waiting for the day a drone delivery vehicle accidentally drops a washing machine on a politician, see how quickly these things are banned when people die.

  28. Mxr Wxl says:

    Do anybody make appointment to watch the nightly news on any of the channels? I don’t think so, because it’s absolutely comical that they don’t have any intelligent info that one can use, everything’s is just a story. What I notice about some foreign channels is that especially South Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia RT get a swash mark for its programming and England have the best programming. I Learn about US America watching these foreign channels but you never hear anything’s about foreign lands or even another US state unless it some catastrophic events.

  29. Benhamslibrary says:

    SICK! good to see the comments, everyone has the same opinion, this is sick and TOTALLY UNNECCESARY! let humans work. what the heck is supposed to be wrong with that?!

  30. heat cliff says:


  31. Me says:

    No thank you Digit.

  32. Gamer Historian says:


  33. Prepitup says:


  34. T Marie says:

    What if someone comes and kick or knock the package out of it's hands. Then what? Going to someone's door with no supervision? Robots are not good idea.

  35. mikial n. says:

    I love this! No more a hole delivery people to deal with.

  36. American G.D.A. says:


  37. Tewthpaste says:

    how that robot gonna carry my 60 inch T.V with arms and hand like that? that robot better not drop my T.V when there is snow outside.

  38. Edward Emmons says:

    Is this "we're working with people, not replacing them" shill, related to Kellyanne Conway?

  39. James Stitler says:

    "Oh, hey you forgot my kitchen knife set I ordered". Robot: "I'll be back". 😳😳

  40. Oshane Davis says:

    Andrew yang 2020

  41. Quanda Kelly says:


  42. The Brad Marks Channel says:

    What's Ford got to do with anything ?. The real question is can Tesla use them.

  43. minkrobeII says:

    Future Terminator

  44. Robert says:

    The answer to your question is " No. It isn't."

  45. madboyreadynow28 says:

    Humans no longer needed? This is why we need to learn to live as a progressive country. More and more robots and automation is going to take our jobs. What happens when that happens?

  46. Dave says:

    everybody in the comments section so scared of robots. Nothing to worry about if you fully submit to their superior strength and intelligence.

  47. Hardeep S says:

    Job cuts and more profit for bezos

  48. Charmaine Goulbourne says:

    I don't want to see robot a my door😳😳😳😭😭😭

  49. Nit3sun dasm3 says:

    Lost items in this century!

  50. John Zabik says:

    There goes UPS

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