Irate Customer Service Call (Call Center Conversation #15)

This may be so it Leary’s Hype Ranieri internet is easy. Manual speaking. How may I assist you today? Okay, listen up boy I don’t want this girl to come the minute from my cellphone playing so don’t grab a win excuse to avoid doing your fucking job Cuz I want you to resolve this issue once and for all I have been calling every fucking day during a Fukuyama ain’t nobody there has been competent enough to help me out But then three days ago fun with your little trained lawyers picked my call and told me that he was going to coordinate A technical visit to resolve my problem and that I wasn’t going to be charged at all during e3 next month To my comfort inconvenience you have caused me I know you can see me right now, but I’m doing the air cause I’m saying all that crap because that’s what it is I can’t deny it the fellow has the gift of gab He even some sought me new and beautifully, but he gave nothing but an ear fuck man I was even willing to leave my wife and run away with the guy but now I feel like he left me Standing on the altar altar is done cuz he didn’t do a shit for me And my problem hasn’t been resolved yet. I don’t know What are you gonna do but I need my internet back at the very latest today. Ok I’m sorry to hear that sir. No, no, no. No. No, I don’t want you to Hornswoggle me I’ve heard the same old song every time I call you homies I have never been playing for 9:00 or watching porno if you take my turn away from me What am I supposed to do? This is because I’m black Mr. Calvo, it says here that you report a disease in multiple times the only downside here Is that our fiber optic cable and sapphire hasn’t been able to import a cable time since then We have been trying to get the item from a different supplier, but they don’t have it in stock so this has been particularly difficult in this case because the Municipalities that one supposed pay for damage since this was caused by one of its garbage trucks Oh Really that’s interesting but quick question, mr. Politeness What the hell do I care? If you need to sell some media’s to steal some cable from other companies do it Pick that shit down so that I can’t get my hair back Your job is to make me happy in exchange for my dog, but you’re feeling so badly But of course you don’t give a rat’s ass if I need to play my port night now watch my porno But gets wet. I don’t settle for less. I’m gonna take my ass back to my You

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59 Responses

  1. Vanessa Montoya Diaz says:

    😁👏 Ahhhiii Joshua so good

  2. Frionel Messi says:

    😂 Joshua you did an amazing personification of a irate customer 😂💯

  3. Michelle Debou says:

    😜 You made my day 😂😊

  4. Marta Salcedo says:

    Joshua no puede ser, otra vez ese monton de vocabulario 😅😨😱

  5. Leandro Robles says:

    He was willing to leave his wife and run away with the guy 😂😂😂👏

  6. Emanuel Lopez says:

    When Joshua says : The fellow hast the gift of gab, what does that mean?
    Thanks in advance

  7. Edward Pastrana Zamora says:

    Joshua bro' ya need a fuckin' Oscar 😂👏👏👏👏
    Ear-fuck my new favorite phrase from today on 👍🏼

  8. Gabriela Av Moreno says:

    You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for teaching us a lot
    BTW: You're the Best. Love youuu 💕

  9. Manuel Turner says:

    Keep watching porno. 😂

  10. Jairo González Martínez says:

    This is a second part of another video right? I remember

  11. Jairo González Martínez says:

    Customer need porno so badly 😂😜

  12. Heyner Navarro Z. says:

    Poor guy he only wants to play Fortnite and watch porno, help him out 😂
    This video was great

  13. Carlos Ugalde R. says:

    👏 Muchachones otra vez se lucieron.

  14. Rumpelstiltskin-lover For Ever says:

    Rumpelstiltskin loved this shit ❤️💯👍🏼

  15. Frank González says:

    Ja ja ja ja this was fucking hilarious, that Joshua guy is great 😂

  16. Maureen Avila Z. says:

    I love the part when Joshua says "he was going to coordinate a technical visit to resolve my problem" that voice was so on point. ❤️😂

  17. Mario Almeida says:

    This video will help me, but a s CUSTOMER to make some calls and claim my rights 😂
    Joshua is awesome, you guys are great

  18. Babel's Tower says:

    Hi guys, thanks a lot for the educational video.
    Could please tell me what ear-fuck means?

  19. Allan Vasquez says:

    Ji ji ji, send some ninjas to steal some cable 😂 ahhh Joshua, Joshua you're funny

  20. Fabiola Jimenez Castro says:

    Los amo ambos. This was amazing guys 👏

  21. Donald Trump says:

    Joshua taught those MFs how a good customer must be treated.
    Folk agent was doomed once the customer took the call control.

  22. Pamela Hidalgo says:

    Send some ninjas and take that shit down! 😂😂😂❤️

  23. Morella Andrade says:

    What the hell do I care?

  24. Kagome Higurashi cosplay says:

    Ja ja ja ja what a great video, Joshua your acting was extremely good 💪🏾

  25. Saprissa Rules the game says:

    But I feel like he left standing me at the altar all dressed up! 😂👍🏼

  26. Andrea Lozano says:

    Cada vez los adoro más, me gustaría tener amigo así en la vida real.
    Tengo muchos amigos pero me refiero a dos así como ustedes ❤️

  27. Mayela Castro says:

    I don't want ya to hornswoggle me.
    I'm gonna use that verb for sure

  28. Priscilla Valverde Quesada says:

    Un beso mis amigos, muy bueno el video.
    Please keep this kind of videos more frequently.

  29. Roberto Maurinho says:

    Galera this was beyond my hope, love you Joshua and Emanuel.
    You're inspired me

  30. Daniela Barrantes says:

    😍 how not to fall in love?

  31. Liberchairo González says:

    A third video is not a bad idea.
    I'm gonna take from here more advanced vocabulary.

  32. Альберт Александр says:

    Ja ja ja you're killing me guys, Joshua my respect man. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  33. Zane Bahati says:

    Ear-fuck? What does that mean?

  34. Denis Fonseca C. says:

    I don't what to say, so thanks a lot for this.

  35. Mario Almeida says:

    Joshua's cap is fancy I like it.

  36. Ariel Ruggeri says:

    Guys I'm going to ask you a special favor, please make a third, forth, fifth a thousand videos if possible of this particular story.
    Ja ja ja ja ja it's so funny and apparently the customer was convinced again to keep paying that shitty service.

  37. Alvaro Monguia Gallardo says:

    Oh, man I want Joshua's cap 😥

  38. Christopher Quesada E. says:

    Denle continuación a esta historia chicos, al final lo convencieron de nuevo.
    Hay que ver si le solucionan o que 🤣

  39. Geovanie Sanchez F. says:

    Customer : I don't want ya to hornswoggle me!
    Me : Oh, no. You were hornswoggled once again.
    This must continue guys 🤣

  40. Luis Trujillo Elizondo says:

    Hermano que buen video, quiero ver el desenlace

  41. Lariza Maldonado says:

    Todo lindo él 🤗

  42. Everybody Loves Ricardo says:

    Cuando las cosas se hacen con amor se hacen bien, ustedes deben tener mucho amor por sus videos porque salen geniales.

  43. Jose Manuel Benitez says:

    🤣😂🤣 flipo con este tío, mola mucho

  44. Betty Ramoz says:

    Joshua actually looks cute wearing that cap. 😉
    Excellent video by the way

  45. Susan Espinosa says:

    🤣 This was hilarious, OK, Mr. Politeness…
    What the hell do I care?
    And bum!!! 😲😂🤣

  46. Karen La belleza en persona says:

    Awesome, but this brings into the table a controversial debate.
    What English is the best?
    For instance I like Emanuel's accent nonetheless Joshua's style rocks and I love that style the most.
    I know we are supposed to speak standard or formal English like Emanuel but informal sound much better.
    What do you think guys?

  47. Manuel Turner says:

    Que es Vent spleen on someone?

  48. steven flamenco says:

    Awesome as always.

  49. roger espinoza says:

    Too much compensation for a customer like that. 😒

  50. agnostic atheism hdjsjf GH cj says:


  51. Cristian Zavala says:

    Sup guys both are such amazing doing what you know you know what Time Is it!!
    I just have a question for you
    What does hornswoogle mean?

  52. James Smith Preacher says:

    What a nice guy, he's so funny.

  53. Akane Tendo K. says:

    Is it that bad to fall in love at the distance?
    Because Joshua is my platonic love

  54. El Androide Music HD says:

    Son duro pero tienen un inglés abusivo me falta pila para llegar ahi

  55. Vanessa Montoya Diaz says:

    Ja ja ja tuve que volver a ver este video, me encanta 🤣

  56. Danisha Seemore says:

    Ja ja ja ja ja ja ❤️ 😂
    Ohh my!!! Joshua you're so hilarious, poor Emanuel taking the bullets from that bad customer.

  57. Lucifer Morningstar says:

    Lmao such a great performance. You two guys are the best of the best. These videos come in handy cuz I learned a lot of vocabulary and I'm gettin' close the idea to working as an agent

  58. diego killua says:

    No tengo ese nivel 😭😭😭

  59. Andres Mora says:

    Sending some ninjas to steal the cable haha

  60. Moe Balbino says:

    I did not see emmanuel typing or saving all the promises he did to that consumer on the computer. During the call you must leave notations about all you promissed. The next agent probably will need to have some backup. That's easy, just saying it's hard does not mean it is. I know it's only a rollplay but you must be realistic.

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