inFlow Customer Spotlight: VMek Sorting Technology

At VMek we build
high tech machines for the agriculture industry so we’re focused currently on building machines that sort
according to quality defects. Although we build machines,
we actually view ourselves as a software company because the core of our technology
really is in the software. My name is Kent Lovvorn with VMek Sorting Technology and I’m the general manager. Our current focus is on color sorting which is where we can inspect falling product One thing we do different than
other technologies on the market is, in addition to the physical separation,
we give our customers data so if a part’s falling we can inspect it
and eject it from the stream, but then also get the individual
part data on that so the spatial information as well as color. The story of VMek is kind of
based on my personal goals I guess in life I went to school for mechanical
engineering and loved to build things. But then over the years I fell
in love with software and with high speed machine vision. So really VMek is kind of an
expression of what I love to do. And then we’ve been able
to to build a customer base and then in turn build
a build a business around that. My name is John Gardiner
and I’m the production manager here at
VMek Sorting Technology. inFlow essentially is
our purchasing department, allowing us to
output uniform purchase orders to help us keep
track of what’s been shipped what we’re waiting on,
or what’s been paid but where we really utilise
inFlow is in our production. Thanks to its inventory
tracking capabilities it allows me to know exactly
what we have in stock and what we can
build with that stock. I would definitely recommend
inFlow for any business that, like us,
has complicated builds, a lot of parts to manage and needs a common link between all
of their departments.

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