Indian Wonder beige katni marble wholesale price and transportation

Hello Guys, Welcome to my channel “Marble Guruji Jitendra Sharma” in today’s video, I will tell you the price of katni marble the wholesaler has their own gangsaw and mines. Mr. Dheeraj Ji. from Kishan Garh, Udaipur their business is related to katni marble and more than 500 marble loads are available any time. discount is available for the people who buy marble in a large quantity. this marble is known as wonder katni marble. this type of marble’s price is between 70 to 100 rupees per feet. small size marble’s price is less. we sold this piece in Kerala, Chennai, and Bangalore in 90 rupees. this marble’s price is 85 rupees per feet. its price is 70 rupees per feet because of its small size. its price is 80 rupees per sq.feet 75 rupees per sq.feet katni marble wholesale mandi. this dark brown shade katni marble’s price is 62 to 63 rupees per sq.feet its price is 68 rupees per sq.feet we supply all types of katni marble in any quantity. we help customers with transportation facilities. our supply is in all over India. For example, in Kerala, the transport fee for 6500 sq ft of katni marble (with a container) is Rs 20, which includes all the expenses with GST. loading and unloading are also included in this price. here you purchase in 60 rupees then its cost to Kerala is 80 rupees including all expenses and transportation. transporting to Banglore is charge is 22 rupees. transporting to Kolkatta is charge around 20 to 22 rupees. 7 to 10 rupees transporting charge for Punjab. The transporting charge depends on your purchasing quantity. more videoes are available at marble flooring Jitendra Sharma youtube channel Shree Ram Marble, Makrana Road ( contact number is 9829042737 )

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