IKEA nappali Japánból – IKEA showroom at home in Japan

We have just finished breakfast, but I’m already tired We have a lot of boxes, we have 16 boxes From which this and this and the one behind that is the sofa Other than this, there’s a kitchen shelves with cabinet… (???) Do we say it like this? Shelves with cabinet? Cabinet (cabinet with shelves) We will put the microwave on it Anyway, there’s that and a little cabinet for the bathroom with shelves There’s going to be a fake plant behind me where the mirror was before Because we are plant killers and we don’t want any plants for an obvious reason Finally after three years we will have doors On this little TV standy thing And we ate pretty weird stuff btw We bought oden. It was good, so we ate it in a second We also had a sandwich We bought agedashi-dofu, but we haven’t eaten it… yet Sushi for breakfast Also we got some coffee so hopefully it’ll wake me up Finally we finished the living room Everything is assembled, cleaned and organized There are many changes between the beginning and the end of the video I wonder how many will you spot But in fact I want to show you some of our old stuff too, not only the new ones So this is the living room. I think it looks much more spacious And this little plant gives more life to the whole thing I won this little Minion at Universal Studios Also there is Eli (pron: Elly) my ex huggie Fáni (the name is actually Páni), we brought him from Korea And Edi (Eddie) the edamame, a green little bean And he doesn’t have any limbs, only his two ears sticking out. So cute! Then the welcome pigs They here on the small coffee table Well, the only thing happened here is that there’s less stuff so it looks more spacious Yes, this is two unknown couples. We didn’t put any pictures yet Yeah I know, we are lazy If you’ve seen Poligamy (Hungarian movie), then you know what this is Oh This little flamingo… A group walked on the shoutengai in Osaka one night And a guy in the front was swaying it, this poor little flamingo So I asked them to take a picture together and they gave it to me So now it’s here with us Yeah no pictures in the frames here as well The new sofa bed So awesome and so comfy And I found a new little pillow with a cute little cover It has a nice color A few plants And Our new oven Which is a microwave in-one In fact it’s a microwave with an oven There are no big ovens here in Japan so We only have a small one, but it’s relatively big And basically that’s it, there is not much stuff in the living room anymore But I hope you liked it That’s it for today’s video I don’t want to show the whole apartment, because Now, that we opened the furnitures and assembled them The whole apartment that is not the living room is full of IKEA cardboards So the cardboards are not too pretty I don’t know if you would be interested in a home tour video Thank you for watching the video And see you next time! Bye!

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