How Will China’s Coronavirus Affect Your Dropshipping Business? (What Can You Do?)

How does the Coronavirus can affect your dropshipping business and what should you do to avoid negative effects for your dropshipping business, negative feedbacks, and problematic situations? Hello everybody! In this video, I will talk with you about something which is really important to everyone, who do dropshipping from China and this the Coronavirus, Chinese’s virus, how can it affect your dropshipping business, dropshipping store and what should you do to avoid problematic situations? So first for all, what is it for those of you who don’t know this is a virus in China which affects a lot of people, people don’t go to their work in many different cities in China and this affects some of the manufacturers, some of the companies, the shipping companies and everyone who you can get in touch for your dropshipping business. It affects actually everything, shipping times, delays and contact with suppliers, everything that you can think about. So what should you do to avoid problematic situations, and keep your store in a good position and still keep going forward and increase your profits and work in the safe method. So the first thing that I would do instead of you, is to increase the handling time of all of your products right now. For those of you who still didn’t decrease the handling time after the Chinese New Year, it’s good, keep it like this. And now, something that is really important to say here, I wouldn’t increase it only now I would also keep it long after you hear that the virus finished. The reason for this is because even after it finished, still there will be a huge overload over Chinese’s shipping companies, manufacturers and sellers. So even after you hear that the virus finished, don’t run and decrease the handling time too fast. Make it step by step because again there will be overloads, and delays. The second thing here is the Communication. If you are using the messages, the automatic messages to your customers on eBay, on AutoDS using AutoDS or even if you do it manually, it doesn’t matter, but after you sell a product, it is really important to send to your customer a message which says: Listen we have delays with the shipping because of the situation in China. Everyone knows about it and everyone will understand it. So it’s not a problem at all, be open with your clients, It’s really important for the long term. Even if the client will ask you to cancel the package, to cancel the shipping, the order, it still not a problem and it still better than a heavy delay and get negative feedback from your clients and make them unhappy. Remember, customer experience is the most important thing for eBay and for any other actually eCommerce business and same for us. We should listen to our customers, but we should also tell them what happens and tell them the truth so if the shipping time is longer just notify your clients about this. The third thing that you can do is using templates in your templates, on eBay, you can write there will be delays this is something which is good I wouldn’t do it if I work with Non-API because then you cannot do bulk changing, change your template back. And another small tip, this is the time to try some United States, UK or Germany suppliers depends on your country and where you sell. Now it’s a good time, because anyway you cannot sell a lot from China, so now it’s a great time. About suppliers that have both warehouses in China and the United States for example, usually most of the United States warehouses will still have stocks, but these stocks will be also decreased because they cannot get more products from China. So ask your supplier about their situation not all the suppliers are in the same situation. I would send an email to your supplier and ask them what to do, when they expect to come back to work and if they have any problems and delays. I hope that this video helps you, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel like this video and ask me in the comment section everything that you want to know about dropshipping, eCommerce or anything that will help you with your dropshipping business to succeed more and make more profits. I wish you a lot of sales, I hope that this situation will be finished fast and for now, as I said, try new things and increase your dropshipping business. Bye-bye

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5 Responses

  1. Nanoplex GT says:

    Hi, im having a problem where i created an account but then it got suspended in a day! It is a stealth account and i used to work with drop-shipping with stealth accounts for over a year. I am located in syria which is banned from eBay and PayPal, so i have to work with stealth accounts, so my real question is: If i create an account and start changing settings and listing on the first day and doing a lot of changes and activities on the account, does that permanently suspend the account?

    Thank you

  2. RevFuk says:

    Thank you Lior, you cleared things for me

  3. Sammy Baddy says:

    This is a good example of how unstable dropshipping can be. Good advice for people. Posted a corona vid too but good to hear this perspective

  4. Graphik Dezigns says:

    One of my Ali suppliers has said that the government is saying they will release the quarantine by 02-10-2020. I had to cancel a few orders when I relayed that to my customers, but they didn't leave any negative feedback and were understanding. I switched my handling time to 20 days. Do you think that's too long?

  5. Alfredo De la Vega says:

    Thank you for your advice

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