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What’s going on guys it’s ya man Ed Hayes the wholesale coach here and in this video I’m gonna show you all how to virtually wholesale houses all across the nation guys from home If you pump with this video go ahead and drop a like on this video right now guys And let’s go ahead and get to the content Alright guys, so I’m gonna dive right into this and if you have any questions as we go along Drop them in the comment box down below guys So when I start off virtually wholesaling in any new area before I get started I like to gather certain pieces to the puzzle guys. So as you can see right here, these are the pieces to the puzzle I like to start off by house hunters I like to establish a team of house hunters and I like to establish a team of cold callers immediately and I use an Independent contractor agreement to hire those people on so they aren’t paid Upfront, I’m not paying them weekly Base pay or anything like that It’s just 100 percent commission and I put the house hunter ad on Craigslist, and I put the cold caller ad on And when I use the cold caller ad, I make sure that they have two years of sales experience and it’s not Required but it’s preferred that they have at least one year of real estate experience as well The house hunters I typically put that on Craigslist under the Craigslist under the labor gigs section. So and then once I Established this thing this part of the process takes a little bit of time After I bring on the house hunters and the cold callers, I like to establish my field guy So I want to get this person off of Craigslist as well And I want to get my money phone up and running. So a money phone would be considered Phone number that you can get from google voice Google voice is absolutely free to get a phone number from them. You can also use paid services such as vumber or freedom voice They aren’t too expensive guys only about like 10 to 20 bucks Between the the paid services, they’re typically pretty cheap and you get a couple phone numbers typically, honestly I just recommend getting Google Voice if it’s only going to be one phone number and you’re only conducting business on that phone And if you want to get rid of that That intro when it acts for the individuals name you have to get online on The Google Voice website and change that setting guys so I know a lot of people don’t like that. So there you go Set up that money phone From there get yourself a CRM. You can either use copper or Zoho and you can even just use G suite so you can be able to organize your leads as they begin to come in and be able to really keep track of Everything that’s going on in your organization, and then lastly but not leastly guys Establishing relationships with these individuals right here So first and most importantly are your cash buyers? In that particular area where you want to be investing in you want to start reaching out to cash buyers? So you could begin to get their criteria if you’ve been watching my content for a while You kind of know how I like to get their criteria and go about gathering cash buyers Number two would be Realtors and those would be you know Whether they help the person sale or buy the property those individuals can definitely come in handy for you When you’re establishing a virtual wholesale team they can also get you accurate comps and they’ll know the area So that that will help you out a lot Get yourself a title company in the area. That’s wholesale friendly establish that relationship with them in advance Another piece to the puzzle is an attorney so they can look over your contracts and your documents in that area or in that State that your whole selling in and make sure that your contracts are valid for that state and that you’re covering all your bases You know dotting eyes and crossing all your T’s guys being prepared and the contractor that can give you a repair budget bid On the property so you have accurate numbers as far as the repairs are concerned guys Also, so I just want to mention that this money phone is just going to be used for business purposes it’s called the money phone because every time that it rings, you know that it’s money calling you so I recommend If you have a different phone number on your same phone Change the ringtone So then you know every time that that phone rings hey, that’s money Let me you know get myself where I need to be or you know let me get in the the mind state necessary to actually Do this properly and also want to mention that all of this stuff is going to take some time Okay, so like this is kind of like your research in advance Establishing the relationships with the cash buyers is going to give you the bases that you need To be able to know which properties which areas And like the value of the properties and things of that nature This is the very first thing that you really want to do is establish the relationship with your cash buyers so they can tell you which areas they’re most interested in investing in and what type of properties and which properties that which areas that types of properties they like to stay away from and things of that nature so you can know exactly where to be targeting and where to send your house hunters and where to get your lists from Once you start generating leads, okay. All right. So let’s go ahead and go to the next step guys All right, guys So I just want to dive a little bit deeper Into how to get some quality cash buyers in those states where you want a virtually wholesale so here’s the option that I typically use if I’m gonna jump into anywhere is going to be hopping onto freedom soft and I’m gonna search That state and I’m gonna go through the counties and cities and I’m going to find the areas with the most Cash buyers in the last ninety days using freedom soft from there I can download that entire list and I can send those leads over to my skip-tracer or I can just send down Recommitted us buyers and reach out to them. They’ll be calling me back the second way is Craigslist Go into the real estate wanted section So first you’re going to want to go to the housing wanted section and from that same drop-down menu, once you get to housing one it you go down to real estate wanted and that’s where you can find a lot of the real life cash buyers in your city the next idea after that is using Auto grow, which is my dedicated High-quality buyer and seller lead system where I send you automatic high quality leads that Forty to sixty a lot of centers like eighty percent Of the leads are already skiptrace for you and they’re much cheaper than most people So this is actually the one that I really really recommend more than any other ones not trying to toot my own horn But this gets you ever run in the fastest, honestly Then your website you can have your website going and you have that optimized to be able to get you some leads I highly recommend using an on caret website just because it’s already optimized for search engine optimization And when you throw in just a little bit of Google Ads behind it, you’ll start to generate some clicks and potentially some cash And definitely some cash buyers. So like the website’s definitely we’re good for cash buyers and then social media guys On Facebook and Instagram just posting saying hey I’m looking for cash buyers and I didn’t write on here as well Realtors reaching out to realtors in that area and asking them if they have any cash buyers Who are interested as well? All right, guys, let’s go to the next step Alright guys, so I just want to be very very clear here before you actually press play on marketing What I would recommend is already knowing your buyers criteria. You want to work from the buyer’s perspective Backwards so know your buyers criteria is first number one thing to do on the list of things to do To get these virtually wholesale deals closed quickly guys Number two is have your house hunters’ and your cold callers lined up This could take up to three to ten days guys, honestly and it like some people have taken substantially longer than that So when I recommend is give yourself a mental deadline of having your entire team of house hunters and cold callers set up Within seven days or less guys honestly Don’t let this drag out and not have your team established in a month as when past and you haven’t actually established your team Short say mr. Joy business guys take action and move fast speed is the key number three Have a realtor Contractor and field guide lined up already make sure that they’re available the realtor can get you comps the contractor will be able to provide a repair budget bid when it comes and The field guide can go out and take pictures of the property put bandit signs out many of the property things of that nature anything that you need a person on the field to do and also have your crm and Your money phone ready to go as well CRM would be something like Zoho or copper which are pretty much just Systems online that allowing you to put all of your leads in one place and you can have your cold callers actually calling Those your sellers and receiving calls from your buyers and things of that nature from one From one system and all the calls can be tracked. So take note that so once you have all of these things established, that’s When you’ll want to actually press play on your marketing. Okay, let’s go to the next step Alright guys, so this is pretty much how the flow goes from the whole process So you start off with getting that criteria for your from your cash buyers finding out where they want their properties from? Most importantly next you go ahead and you get you some house hunters Typically in those areas looking for those properties That your buyers are looking for and you also go get you some lists in the user in like I told you earlier Lists, or sorry I pro My honorable girl system you go get yourself yourself some lists immediately And then from there you get those leads skipped rest. Okay, so if you get my leads Like sixty percent of them sometimes even more than that sometimes up to eighty percent of those leads are already skiptrace So that will save you a lot of time and money this it’s about fifty cents per person to skip trace So if you have to skip trace an entire 500 person list That’s two hundred and fifty dollars if you get mine and you’re getting five hundred people you only be skip tracing maybe about 150 maybe 200 numbers so that’s a huge difference in money So anyway, no guys you get that skip trace from there When you go ahead and you start cold calling and you send direct mail once you have those phone numbers You can start cold calling. You have the mailing addresses. You can instantly start sending direct mail as soon as you get these lists No matter who you get them from they always have the direct mail. I mean their mailing address pretty much all of the time Then you receive calls from your direct mail And you also have your cold callers calling between 50 to a hundred people per day now that’s key because you definitely want them getting some value going so Like between receiving the phone calls from your direct mail You also want to be contacting those same people because you really want to be touching your sellers as many times as possible a lot of times guys It takes between five to twelve times of contacting a seller or for them seeing your content or who you are Before they’re actually interested in working with you or actually signing the contract so keep that in mind, so you contact the sellers either through the direct mail or Having your cold callers calling right you contact sellers from there. You have your field guy contractor and the seller all meet up at the property and then you get you’ll get your Video taken of the property you’ll get the budget. You’ll have your budget noted so you’ll know how much it repair bunch of it is and you also Get some comps from your realtor that you already have the relationship with So then you go ahead and put that property under contract With the seller you get the seller to agree to sell you the property at very discounted rate. You put that property under contract Once you get that property under contract, you already know that your buyers are looking for these types of properties in these areas So you go ahead and you shoot that house over to the cash buyer You let them know. Hey, I’ve got a property for you. It’s in this area a Lot of times, they’ll want to come see the property, but you’ll have that video nonetheless So a lot of times people will be willing to purchase properties without ever actually going into the property that doesn’t happen as much But you can get some of these virtual deals sold without ever having Anybody have to go meet the cash buyer at the property to actually show them the property So, like I said, you shoot the property over to the cash buyer Let them know that you have it that you have it and that you want to assign it to them They agree to actually buy the property But you get your earnest money deposit from that assignment fee upfront You go ahead take those documents the title and you shoot those documents over to the title company From where you are and then you go ahead and get your property closed on and get paid eyes It’s pretty much that simple when this washed runs free Pete guys So like I said cash buyers house hunters and your list Skiptrace those cold call and send direct mail receive those calls to make 50 to 100 calls yourself Contact those sellers get your field guy your contractor and your seller out there all at the same time That’s a three for one right there and also get those comps from the realtor then go ahead and put the property under contract Shoot it on to your cash buyers Put like a delay and get your assignment contract signed Take it and push it all to the title you guys and go ahead and get close So that’s pretty much it on that part And now I’m going to break down the budget that you’re gonna need to actually be able to accomplish this goal Okay, guys, I’m gonna go through this quick budget analysis for this example property So your cold callers, they’re gonna get $1,000 a commission. This is just what I charge. This is what I pay I should say and your house hunters will get between 500 to a thousand dollars upon closing as well You feel God will give 50 bucks up front After he sends you the video of the property For leads if you use already I Pro You’re going to spend about If you use R&R Pro, you’re gonna spend about $100 per month you’re gonna get 10,000 leads, but none of them are gonna be skipped rest and like I said, It’s about $0.50 per lead on the skip-tracing so if you use lists or $400 you get about 500 leads, but also none of them are skiptrace either. They don’t have phone numbers Aria pro or list source doesn’t have phone numbers, but they will have mailing addresses So if you just want to do direct mail that can work as well I would recommend trying to have your cold callers establish This will make your life a lot easier But that right now can work as well If you use my Auto girl system for $100 a month you get a thousand leads per month But most of those leads will be skipped race for you already So more than 500 Of those will be skipped race for you already with phone numbers so you can instantly start calling That’s why it’s called Auto girl guys, so you can instantly get this stuff up and running So the lizards already I Pro just in general if you want to get about 500 phone numbers It’s going to cost you about 250 dollars That’s what I highly recommend using Auto girl because you’ll spend that just the same $100 but you’ll get 500 phone numbers that you could be calling as well as the mailing addresses and so on and so forth Anyway, though guys, so lastly here so the estimated cost of this entire project is going to be $1,500 closing paid to your cold callers and your house hunters your field guy will get 50 bucks Once he sends you the actual property, so that’s the upfront cost. The leads will cost you about a hundred bucks That’s an upfront cost. So those 150 is your only upfront cost that’s going to cost you about sixteen hundred and fifty dollars total investment to actually be able to Get these deals going like this and then like so so you see the profit right here guys If you have five thousand dollars with the 1650 Investment you will have earned three thousand three hundred and fifty dollars Will be your net profit per deal If you’re just giving the fact thousands of dollar assignment spread Which is the minimum that I’ll accept on my deals if you’re doing the ten thousand dollar Assignment spread and then you’re gonna earn yourself eight thousand three hundred and fifty dollars per deal if you use these strategies involved guys, and like I said, it’s only a hundred and fifty dollars up front which is a huge different from most Gurus you hear out here promoting their their programs guys so like I said at the beginning of the video if you have any questions Leave them in the comment box down below. I would be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have I’m gonna answer every single one of them. So don’t hesitate I also want you all to know that I have some free whole selling training that you can check out in the link down below as well guys and my free wholesale ebook and subscribe to the Channel, if you’re not already a part of this team, I should probably see videos all around me Click on one of those videos click on one of them go ahead and subscribe Subscribe to the channel. You don’t say. Alright guys. I’ll see you all soon so next

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