How to use the Reference panel in the Customer Service Hub

The Related section, also known as the Reference
panel, lets you see records related to the current record. It also lets you view and search for knowledge
articles. View all the latest and recent cases , using
the Recent Cases tab. Let entitlements in the entitlement tab define
what kind of support your customers are eligible for. View knowledge article suggestions based on
the title of the case record in the Knowledge articles tab. The administrator can define which field is
used for auto-suggesting the knowledge articles. You can also type in keywords to find additional
knowledge articles. Users can search for knowledge articles right
with in the case, without losing context. You can filter the search results to see articles
in specific states of completion. For example, you can filter to show only approved
articles. To open and read a knowledge article, simply
click its title in the list. You can also perform quick actions on the
Knowledge articles. The third tab in the Related section of a
case record displays Similar Cases. You can follow or un-follow a case and explore many
other options in this tab. The Reference panel makes it easy to view
all records and knowledge articles related to a record in one place.

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