How to Start a Shopify Store Tutorial – Step 4 How to Add a Collection

collections are helpful to organize and
to filter your products it also has customers to actually find
what they’re looking for to create new collections navigate your products and
then click on collections and then create collection first you have to
enter the title of the collection that could be named after a product type like
bath bomb or special that you offer like summer specials next you can enter a
description for your collection this is an optional step the description usually
shows on the top or bottom of the page not all templates show the description
by default so you might have to add a little code snippet to your collection
liquid file a collection description can also help with your SEO next you can add
the product availability here you decide on what channels you want to offer this
collection then you choose a collection image which should represent the
collection and a collection type this is where you actually choose what products
should be added to the collection you can either add products manually or you
can add them automatically based on the product characteristics for example you
could add products that are of the same product type or have the same tag you
can also choose more than one condition for those collections here you can
change the search engine preview to enter more relevant keywords the last
step is to click Save and you created your first collection now that you
created action you might want to add it to your shop menu so that customers can
actually browse to the collection in order to do that you navigate your
online store and then click navigation now choose a menu that you wanna add the
collection to and click Add menu item enter the name of the menu item in this
example I’m choosing bath and then start typing the link name
– when you start typing your collection name it should give you options to
choose that collection and then click Add at the end make sure to click Save
and you’re done you might also choose to show a
collection under collection so let’s say I want to let customers browse the whole
bath collection but maybe I also want them to be able to then filter down to
just see bath bombs in order to do that I first enter both collections so I
already entered the bath collection to my menu and now I’m also gonna add the
bath bomb collection and then I basically, just drag the bass bomb
underneath the best collection now if I check my website I can see that
customers have the option to browse the whole bath collection but also to go
down to the bath bomb collection

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