How to Register and Create Account in Step by Step Tutorial – Online Jobs at Home

In this video I will share a guide on creating an account or creating a profile in click on Register then on I want to work fill this up Add an active email address if you’re not logged in your OLJ profile, and a client messaged you for a possible client, you’ll receive the message via email you’ll get an email notification make sure that your email is active copy your Facebook URL this is important they are confirming if you’re really a Filipino and if that’s your real name so that’s important That’s where they base your ID proof too Check these two They only allow one account per person you can’t have 2 Click on Register Okay, got it Job Title is your expertise This is what they’ll see first Mine is Youtube SEO expert that’s my title I can add more For vitual assistants, I mostly see Rockstar Virtual Assistant All Around Virtual Assistant General VIrtual Assistant Superstar Virtual Assistant You can also add that — Social Media Strategist it depends on your skills Summary of skills this is about your expertise and taks you can do Skills to sell to your clients Skills that they can hire you for On the right side is a guide in bullets let’s have an actual example Tell us what you’re good at it can be at building Shopify Store Web development you can also say you’re an SEO expert or Amazon listing or Amazon product research basic skills or specialized skills you have you all put it there your clients will also see this just a brief description of your profile on the freelancing platform I use, the most in demand skills is digital marketing it can be Google Ads Facebook Ads if you know how to do it you add it to your summary of skills Facebook Ads Email campaigns You add types of skills there or the skills that you have Tells us some of your important work experience add a brief work experience here the most important one another example, I manage a company website for 3 years and so on and so forth that’s for web developers if you’re a virtual assistant add your experience from other company on how long it lasted and the tasks you do tell them why they should hire you just like a normal interview if you’re managing a website or if you have a port folio as a graphic designer I suggest to add it in your summary of skills too so you’re client will see if they like your work I added our KumitaOnline PH as an actual sample of website that I created but it’s not required if they’re asking to describe your skills it’s better to add a portfolio as an actual sample of your work For salary, if you’re a beginner do not set high rate if you’re an expert, and your skills are worth the price you’ll add you can price a little bit high like $100 per month If you’re an expert web developer, or a really good grapphic designer You can add $100 per month as price it’s up to you depends on how much does your skill worth they said that most freelancers has a minimum $3 but it’s still up to you depends if you want lower than $3 it’s your choice but it’s better if it’s $3 per hour that’s the standard for experience, it can be 3 yrs Social Media marketing 3 years as a virtual assistant 2 years as a content writer it’s up to you Emplyment status, mine is just freelancing since I have clients already if you don’t have clients or any other job, number of hours you want to work in a week, mine is 10 hours per week For full-timers, like virtual assistants customer support that’s 30 to 40 hours per week they needed full time workers for that but it still depends on your availability but those are what most clients look for when hiring a virtual assistant they mostly need full-time but some are also looking for part-time only If you have your own website it’s better for your portfolio even your blog it’s better to have one but if there’s none, it’s still fine Check on yes, I’m willing to use timeproof there are clients here that requires you to use timeproof this is a sample of timeproof Just click on Start when you’re starting to work and stop working once you’re done it takes screenshot too not all clients require this it depends on the client it can also be other timeproof other time tracker Click on Done once you’re finish The ones we set up earlier like the skills, you can still change them Tell us your skills you can still change these after registering you can always update that Tell us your skills Skills you can do skills that you can sell to clients here at OLJ for office and admin virtual assistant put 5 star if you’re really good at that 4 start if you’re an expert do not disregard this just add 3 star if that’s the truth don’t tell that your 5 star in appointment setting if you don’t have any experience or you just have 5 months experience that’s where the clients are also basing If the client is looking for a really expert that doesn’t need to be trained anymore then you added 5 start but you’re not really an expereinced one you can get kicked out or be reported to OLJ be honest on skills to add here on the bottom part, put your experience and the number of years For example, I have 6 years experience as an appointment setter here, you add the tools or software that you used in that previous experience For example, being a virtual assistant it can be Asana or Trello as project management tool Google docs, Google sheets, you can also add that Even if you added 4 nad 5 stars here you can still go to other skills if you have other skills that’s in this category for example, you’re a VA before but you’re still good at advertising — Youtube ads Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads add that if you’re good at that you can be 3 star or 5 star add that too the describe your experience here and the tools that you’re using you can also have experience as a customer support email or phone support you can also be categorized at customer service then click on I’m done with my ratings you can now apply and look for available work for you or you can also view your account This is part 2 of our OLJ series This is about registering and creating a profile part 1 is about looking for work and clients When looking for work This is what you will mostly see if you’re just new Your ID proof is lower than the required to apply for this job ID proof 60 Your ID proof if it’s newly created is 0 what I did in my profile this is my partner’s profile I did 2 things there Adding a profile picture and connecting your Facebook account but after doing that, I got 70 as ID proof Click on Connect with Facebook They said that they will not post on our Facebook they’ll only use it for identification purposes then click on Connect with Facebook After that, the ID proof became 70 Your ID proof is lower than required to apply for this job they required 60 once you refresh that you can now apply If you want to have a higher ID proof Upload a government ID Make sure to click the Like button if you liked this video and it helped you share this to your friends if you know someone looking for legit online jobs and not fake Comment down below if you’re able to find work because of our video I am not gonna ask for anything I am just happy if I’m able to help you Thank you for watching See you next time

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61 Responses

  1. James Tristan Ruiz says:

    Part 1 : Sample Jobs + Tips sa pag tingin ng Jobs posts:
    Dito madalas nag babayad ang clients sa OLJ / onlinejobs ph

    Payoneer (recommended):

  2. denshin says:

    hi sir, ask lang po why hndi po makapagcreate ng account n s remotask? pagclick ko ng link mo po and then sign up through fb nagerror po. thank you

  3. LEZZ GOW says:

    HI sir Good Day ano po ilalagay ko sa summary of your skills data entry lng makakaya ko at wala pa po akong experience about freelancing ^_^

  4. James says:

    Boss bakit kapag pupunta ako sa postloop sabi sa browser ko "your connection is not secure………" saka sa lifepoints (globaltestmarket) sabi "502 Bad Gateway" ? Patulong boss

  5. Ma. Alma Lazalita says:

    may latest video po ba kayo about ESL tutor?

  6. FUNNY VIDEOS 2019 says:

    yown! nagupload ka din sir

  7. Matthew Mañalac says:

    Hi sir, sa pag sign up po sa paypal kung wala po akong available na anything na Drivers license etc. pwede po bang ilagay nalang yung sa magulang?

  8. Peace M3 says:

    Sir gawa nman kayo vedio na pwede students ang mag trabahado na online po like me po students LNG po kailangan KO po ng pagkuhanan Ng alawans

  9. Sarah Jane Silagan says:

    Hi! Sir james pede po ba ipacheck ung onlinehome job kung legit po ba sya tlga. Wala po kasi ako exprience sa online job sobraako interesado kaso natatakot ako baka maya scam lang pala tnx po.

  10. Sandra Capistrano says:

    Hi po! Nagtry po ako mag apply sa at nagreply na yung employer kaya lang ang pinapagawa nya pong task e – nagbebenta sila sa ebay tapos paypal account ko daw po ang gagamitin para mareceive ang payments ng buyer kasi pag taga Philippines daw po e walang tax then ittransfer ko daw po sa knila ang pera via Moneygram tpos may commission ako. Any fees sila daw po ang magbabayad. Safe po ba ito? Nag aalala po kasi ako bka mmaya is illegal pala to. sana po maanswer nyo, thanks in advance!

  11. Spaniard Camp says:

    sir ask ko lng pano ung raffle sa utube? ibang site ba gamitin or sau parin?

  12. Sarah Jane Silagan says:

    Ano website po ang legit na nag hahanap ng mga data entry?


    Sir review about SUPERVANK

  14. Neil Cyrus Medrano says:

    Pano po kung zero work experience?

  15. Menjix Jimenez says:

    Paps, pwede bang pa list po ako ng apps na pwede sa 17 and below ang edad. Kahit title or link lang ng vid mo ako na bahala mag research

  16. VanTGM 95 says:

    Sir,Legit po ba ang paysbook?

  17. running man fan says:

    Narinig nyo na po ba ang veeu na app? Legit po ba yan?

  18. Video Maker PH says:

    Sir may alam ba kayo na wbsite na may url shortener? yung legit paying? nawala na kasi yung dating site na nagbabayad talaga… ask lang. salamat

  19. Ghunna Laxerted says:

    Sir, alam niyo po ba yung PAYSUP at PAYSBOOK? pakireview po kung scam to o totoo.. 😀

  20. Rowan Utchingco says:

    Kuya James

    Tip nmn po.. . Working kc ako. I'm planning to be a freelancer kakanood ng mga blogs mo hahaha.
    As james tristan ruiz prospective hahaha anu nmn po yung part time job n uunahin ko n pasukan na pwede ko pag sabay sabayin habang nag preprepare ako mag Freelancer

  21. brent grey says:

    Sir wla po ako alam skills pwd ako peo ngwork po akoa callcenter for 2yrs.. san po kaya ako makakalearn ng new skills .. pano po mkalearn ng new skill like ebay product lister?

  22. Jamz Amigable says:

    Sir James . Pwede kabang makarecieve ng money sa paypal account kahit Wala pa na add na debit card or bank account sa PayPal ko?

  23. Edmart Capin says:

    kuya patulong naman po bakit nagkaganito ang resulta sa paypal ko? gcash po gamit ko ngayon. bakit gina denied ang credit card ko sa paypal using gcash? ang nakalagay po ay "This card is not accepted. Please use a different card." patulong naman po. salamat.

  24. fredric posadas says:

    Hi po. Matagal na akong naghahanap,ng,online job, paano po kaya kung andito ako sa USA. di ko,alam kung saan magsisimula. Pwede po ba nyo ako matulungan. Ano ba ung dapat na una,kong papanoorin sa video mo at gagawin….

  25. Mhelvie San Juan says:

    Hi sir ask ko lng kung legit po b si Uwealth premium?ngeencode lng po ng captcha sana po mapansin nyo po…salamat

  26. Jeena Fae Estrellado says:

    Legit po ba yung raketdito?

  27. Elber Ybanez says:

    Ser pa help po yung sa paypal to gcash issue pa din po need help po

  28. Yahya Ananggo says:

    Sir,how to join

  29. mackyz Sumatra says:

    Sir anong job ang ma recommend mo for beginners like me with or without experience

  30. Art Otaku says:

    Kuya ung sa free up, iinterviehin ba ako sa skype?

  31. Jayce Sky says:

    Hi, kapag sinabi send resume, sesend ba yung resume na in word format na kadalasan ginagamit natin sa pag apply nang trabaho sa pinas? or yung profile url na na create sa onlinejobs?

  32. Janine Vergara says:

    Hello po! Nag-create po ako ng account sa onlinejobsph. Ask ko lang po yung sa government I.D., pwede ko po bang i-blurred yung important details? For exmple sa passport po..pwede ko bang iblurred yung ID number or not? Medyo concern lang po ako sa security purposes. Thanks.

  33. sones fany says:

    1 month na ako nag aapply dyan til now wala pa rin. May mga nagrereply sa email pero gusto nila laging may experience kahit virtual assistance lang. Tip lang sagot kayo ng mga test sa olj para tumaas id proof nyo. Para mas marami pa kayong job na maapplyan yung ibang employer matatas id proof required nila eh

  34. Amme Soon says:

    hello po bakit po ung saakon ng upload ako id and fb pero 58 lng po od proof score

  35. Darwin Light says:

    Kuya pwedi po sa Android phone and anong need na I'd??

  36. DiggingTheBurger says:

    * Your date of birth entry does not match the YYYY-MM-DD required format. ito lumalabas sakin pa help naman Fast reply

  37. Ava Jo says:

    sir, meron kayo jan for agoda, tripadvisor na promo code for 2019. pahingi namn hehe..

  38. Seven Twenty & Ten Second's says:

    paano po kung walang mga experience samg ganyan ano illagay mag ttranscribe lang ako sir

  39. Seven Twenty & Ten Second's says:

    JTR share nyo naman paano maging SEO from the start yung beginner no exp,kanina nagpadala napo ako ng application wala pang reply haha

  40. Liezl Tabid says:

    I can't login po sir…bakit?

  41. Elocin Violet says:

    Ilang years na po ako nakapag sign up jan sa Onlinejobs and so far legit naman po mga nakuha kong work. Medyo mahihirapan nga lang kayo kasi di naman lahat nagrereply kaya ginagawa ko send lang ng send ng resume/CV. Tapos basahin niyo din ng maigi yung job descriptions kasi minsan meron silang specific direction para sa cover letter na gagawin mo. Yun lang. Goodluck po sa mga naghahanap jan, tiyaga at tiwala lang 💪💪

  42. Animus Zero says:

    Shoutout lang kay boss james nag ggrind na IRL nag ggrind pa sa Clock Tower Basement <3

  43. carlos gwapo says:

    This is very helpful,God Bless,All Glory To God,You are helping a lot of Filipino people

  44. Bullyangbae says:

    pwede po kayo gumawa ng video para sa mga students or teens na pwede kumita online without experience?

  45. Symbianizer says:

    Pwede ko na skip yun "Register to EasyPay" at "Taking a proficiency test" ?

  46. Jolo Tullao says:

    Sir paano po iset up yung easypay na walang bank account?

  47. Shinichi Kudo says:

    ahhhhh boss may tanong lang po ako….baguhan lang po ako pero seryosong gustong magkatrabaho online

    so..tanong lang po kung ano pa po ba bukod dun sa example nyo ang iba pang job titles na alam nyo

    maraming salamat po ^_^

  48. Liam's Channel says:

    Sir pwede pa po ba ma palitan yung fb profile na nilagay nmin sa olj? Thanks po

  49. roel abugan says:

    Good day IDOL, beginner po ako dito sa job sourcing na to.. may account na po ako , pero dpo ako makapagsend ng application. Nakita ko po ung apply job pero wala linked para masend ung application

    salamat po sa sasagot

  50. Jelly Weee says:

    Kua gano ba katagal bago mareview ung idproof? its been one week na and may gov id and test and all the info na pero idproof score is still 0?

  51. Jeric Paras says:

    Hi sir anong level mo na sa rom?

  52. Emmanuel Basco says:

    Sir ung payment ba pano ang terms nun?

  53. Daniel jude tarog says:

    Boss meron po ba kayu ma susuggest na online job for student highschool grad

  54. Mikee antonette Senador says:

    Ano po pede ilagay sa experience if no experience po talaga? Please need help. Tia

  55. A SH says:

    papano po kung nagkamali ako sa pag sign up, imbis na i want to work e nakapag sign up ako sa I WANT TO HIRE? ano pong maari kung gawin. Please po i need your advise?

  56. eunice dasigan says:

    Hi po Sir, my ID badge is super low po (24 lang) despite of connecting my FB to my account in onlinejobsPH, and I also uploaded 1 government ID and taken some exams too. I might be missing something for sure kaya po siguro ganun. Though, the email address that I used in registering to onlinejobsPH was just the email I recently added po sa FB settings ko as other alternative email and not the original email na ginamit ko po during my registration sa FB. I even tried changing the recently added email as primary pero same pa din po yung ID Badge ko na 24 lang which is preventing me to apply po sa mga job post dahil nga po super low. Thank you in advance sa mga tutulong po sa situation ko. God bless!

  57. Ryan Adriano says:

    san makikita yung connect with fb and upload govt id? hindi ko makita e

  58. Ramon Panlasigui says:

    Pano pokung walang experience sa VA pwede po ba un?

  59. Don Juanico says:

    Just as what Ms. Eunice D. has mentioned, ginawa ko na rin lahat, pati magtake ng exams nila, pati ang pagmatch ng FB profile sa account, umabot lang ng 38 ang ID proof score ko! Nag-upload naman ako ng valid government ID na passport pa nga eh, dapat dun pa lang, masasabi na talaga nila na ako yun, may picture pa! Kaya yung mga gusto mo sanang applyan, di mo magawa, dahil at least 50 ang kelangan! At mukhang wala rin silang procedure kung pano mag-delete ng account sa kanila. Kaya erase ko na lang lahat ng info at abandon ship na lang!

  60. Katrina Penaranda says:

    salamat sa video

  61. Leo Lopez says:

    Hi Sir. Good day, I'm a newbie and tried to sign up on the website but I mistakenly registered as Employer instead of looking for work how am i going to delete the one i registered and re-sign up again?. Thanks and more power. Godbless.

    P. S. I emailed their support and reported whathappendand hope they responds as soon as posible.

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