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  1. eCom Brit Chick I Nicole Newman says:

    I hope you enjoyed this video on how to make facebook thumbnails for dropshipping and eCommerce! 😁 P.S. Have you joined the eCom Boss Mastermind Group Yet? 👉

  2. alli Hamid says:

    Thanks Nicole!

  3. Yasuo Bronze V says:

    Great <3

  4. Elliott Prendy says:

    So easy with Canva. Nice tutorial Nicole.

  5. RJ Saddam khan says:

    you are so sweet

  6. Francesca Pastore says:

    Great Video again, yet dont you have the feeling that Facebook is giving you higher prices if you do those clickbait thumbnails? I had some experience with it, so would like to know what you have experienced

  7. Amir Haruna says:

    i like your video

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