How To Make Doro Wat | A Shopify Business Recipe

My name is Allison, and my
company is The Spice Trader. We’ve been in the business
for around 15 years, and today, we’re going
to make the Doro Wat. ♪ – Hi, my name is Allison.
– And my name is Charlotte. And we are from
The Spice Trader. We are gonna be
cooking the Doro Wat, with a spice
called Berbere. And this is our version of a
Berbere that we developed, also, not quite
as spicy, perhaps, as some other ones. Everybody in the family
can enjoy this particular dish. We have onions,
and butter, and then, we’ll add some fresh ginger
and some fresh garlic, along with the
spice blend Berbere. And, in addition to that,
we need some chicken and some
hardboiled eggs. We’re gonna start by
cutting the onions. You used to call them crying
onions when you were little. Do you remember? ♪ We cook a lot. We explore different
cuisines all the time. You start to recognize that
there’s the similarities between all kinds of
cultures when it comes to the basics of
starting a dish. Whether you’re doing an
Italian tomato sauce, or even when you’re doing
certain Spanish dishes… there’s all the
same sort of skills. It’s just learning the balance
of the different spicing. Oh, no, there.
I can feel it now. – (sniffles)
– (Charlotte laughs) I think we’re
ready for the butter. I’m stirring the butter in
the pan to make the pan…? – To make the butter melt.
– …Greasy? Yeah, greasy, too.
Yeah. I chose this recipe
because it’s very much a dish that is a family dish. It’s a sharing plate,
which I really like. It’s such a simple,
simple dish to make, and the flavours
are remarkable. So, now, the butter’s
ready for the onions. (sizzle) Charlotte, can you
just stir those in, please? I’d been spending
some time in Europe and, you see these little
specialty shops where they really know their business
and they go and they find good quality ingredients,
and we decided to do that because no one here was
doing it at the time. And, we have people from
all over the country that order from us now. – (sizzle)
– Excellent. Onions are
looking pretty good. And so, now, we just
need to soften up the fresh ginger and fresh garlic. Charlotte’s just gonna
dump those right in the pan. Charlotte,
bring out the chicken. Pass me the Berbere spice. Berbere is an
east African blend. There can be
anything from, say, 8 to 12
different spices in it. Add the water.
Thank you. Alright, now,
while I’m stirring that, I want you to
salt the chicken. ♪ Do you think we’re ready
to put the chicken in? Yeah? ♪ There we go. And then, I’m just gonna
cover it and let it cook up. It smells delicious.
I’ll just turn them over. Because we don’t
brown the chicken first, I tend to, when we’re
about halfway through, turn it over so, it does
have colour on both sides. ♪ We have some hardboiled eggs
that we’re gonna put in and just sort of cook in
the juices a little bit. ♪ Ah! It’s perfect.
So, now, Charlotte, I want you to take the eggs and
just nestle them in there. You’re just letting them sort of
absorb the flavours and warm them up a little bit
before you actually serve the dish. ♪ Well, we’re at the
garnish and plate stage, which is always
everyone’s favourite. So, Charlotte, put a little
bit of rice here in the middle of the plate,
and I’m gonna just chop up the garnish to throw on top:
some curly parsley, some cilantro,
and a little bit of mint. ♪ The key ingredients to
having a successful business is, to actually just be
present in your business and listening to your customers. They tell you what
they need and it becomes a collaboration. It’s always about
working together. ♪ This is really good. ♪ It’s just always a
consistently delicious dish. I’m so happy that we
were able to share this recipe with you today. And I hope that you get to
make this with your families at your home. Hi, I’m Natalie, casting
producer for Tasty Business. Thanks so much for
watching this episode. If it’s made you
hungry for more, give us a like, subscribe,
and hit that bell. ♪

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