How to Make a Custom Cardboard Box for Shipping Explained

a dye is a cube or for this discussion a
box that has six sides one two three four five six so when we make a box we
need to make each one of these six sides again a box is six sided the challenge
is to start out with something flat like this piece of paper and end up with
something three-dimensional like this so what I’m going to do is I’m going to use
this box and trace each of the faces under this paper just so we can kind of
try to get our heads around it so we’ve got the six phases of the box
transferred on to a piece of paper and I did it in such a way that each face is
connected to the other much like our cardboard box will be there will be some
differences but I thought this is a good place to start here is a random
cardboard box we can look at how this is put together it has a link it has a
width and it has a height anyone face of the box is made up of two of those three
dimensions in each face of the box is made up of two of those three dimensions
the top length times width one side length times height or width times
height so if one and six or the top and the bottom they will be made up of link
by width and each of the sides will be made up of height by width height by
length and alternating height by width and height by links so let’s look at how
a commercial box is put together they double or nearly double the top and the
bottom with two sets of flaps to get double cardboard and so that makes the
box stronger this design is also an efficient use of material box can be
collapsed if you buy a new box many times it comes like this here is where
the box is glued to itself you can see right here where two ends of the
cardboard come together and it’s been glued together here so let’s deconstruct
this right here is a tag so this tab is glued
here and this is typically how you will see boxes stored and delivered so you
can see that the typical cardboard box comes from one flat piece of cardboard
faces and flaps and how they fold together all right so we can see that
this flat piece can make a box but this super simplistic way of laying it out is
not the best way to make a box that’s going to go into the shipping system so
let’s look at how we can modify this layout to a layout that is more like how
a standard box is laid out flaps are better when they meet each other in the
middle I’m basically going to divide these two flaps in half this is one a this is one B so this is
6a and this is 6b two halves of the same
side that’ll look something like this we’re gonna add additional flaps for
strength and to more closely represent what we find in commercially made boxes so when you need to come up with what
are the specific links with height requirements you need to consider what
it is that you’re going to put in the box so if we’re going to put this camera
in a box you will get a length a width and a height measurement in addition to
the measurement of the contents you’re gonna want to allow some space for
packaging you want enough space for adequate packaging but you don’t want
any more room than that once this is packed inside the box you don’t want
there to be any sort of movement you need to allow enough space for packing
to go on all six sides and don’t forget the bottom your box will at some point
be upside down sideways and it will get tossed around a bit so you want to have
cushion on all six sides of your contents with absolutely no movement I’m
going to pretend that my box needs to be three inches by four inches by five
inches so my pretend box there’s going to be five inches long three inches wide
and four inches high I’ve started with the piece of a recycled cardboard that’s
kind of the way I like to roll and just one tip is if you’re using a box like
this that already has creases and cuts in it try to adopt as many of those as
you can so I’m gonna start right here on this fold and this fold with
just cut basically my flaps are gonna be out here this is gonna be a corner of
two of my faces so 5 inches long 3 inches wide 5 inches long 3 inches wide
the height of my box is 4 inches when I make the flaps for this side they need
to go halfway across this side so because this side is 3 inches wide this
flap needs to be half of that or inch and a half now I need flaps for these 2
sides and I would like for them to go halfway across these sides since this is
5 inches across these flaps will be half that or two and a half so there’s the
four sides and all the flaps to make the top and all the flaps to make the bottom
and a tab so now we’re going to cut this out we’re going to cut out the full
perimeter of the box and then we’ll cut only the lines between the flaps now we just need to fold this up
cardboard doesn’t necessarily want to fold just like you want it so it needs
to be kind of coaxed along and the way I do that is with a bone folder I like to score the cardboard a little bit I just
want to make a slight indention or crease so then when you bend it it it
tends to want to follow that all right everything’s pre-scored and
bent and so now you can just hot glue that tab right there you can tape it too
and you don’t even have to have this you can just tape that one seam but this is
how boxes are made so that’s why I’m going to do that today so there we go
here’s some of the tools I recommend get yourself some good packing tape you’ll
need a steel rule this is just a retractable blade knife that uses
carpenter blades that’s nice you can refill them and they’re always sharp not
very expensive real handy and then the bone folder so all this stuff I’ll have
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