How to import dropshipping products from AliDropship curated database

There are two ways of adding products to your
store – free direct import from AliExpress and import of already edited products from
AliDropship product database. These are AliExpress products as well, but
they are picked and edited by our experts. To start adding products to your site,
go to AliDropship Import section and click Import Products. Here you get access to the catalog of carefully
selected AliExpress products from reliable suppliers with professionally pre-optimized
product information. Any of these products can be added to your
store in a click and published immediately without editing. Click the product title or More details
button to get detailed information for each item: AliExpress product rating, number of
orders, variations, product description, shipping options, information about the supplier, and
so on. To choose products, select a category and
a subcategory from the dropdown menu. You can look for the necessary products using
keywords in the search field. You can sort out the search results by popularity,
price, and relevance with the help of Sort by dropdown menu. Use some product filters to narrow your
choice. You can filter products out by a warehouse,
a country of destination, a shipping method, free shipping availability, supplier price,
and number of orders. If you need to clear all selected filters,
use the Clear all filters button above. Before adding products, you can apply necessary
import settings in the sidebar on the left. Create categories from product database: if
you don’t select a category from your site and activate this option, the plugin will
create and add the same categories presented in the database. There are three options: Use full structure,
Create child categories, and Create parent categories. When you choose Use full structure, the product
will be imported with the whole category structure from the database, such as “Smartphones/Phone
Cases & Bags/Phone Case.” Create child categories means importing with
the narrower category only, such as “Phone Cases & Bags.” Create parent categories mean importing products
with the broadest category only, for example, “Smartphones.” Remove item specifics: use this option if
you don’t want to import product attributes like brand name, material, style, item type,
etc. Publish products: if this option is enabled,
the products you import will be published right away. Otherwise, the items will first appear in
your import list so that you can publish them later. Select a category to import products to. You can import products one by one using the
Import button. If you want to import more than one product
at once, tick the boxes or select everything and click the Import selected button. The number of products selected for import
is shown in the button. If you imported a product, but then deleted
it, your import balance will not be restored. But you can import this product again using
Re-import button. It will not affect your import balance. Note that if you remove the product from your
site, but still have it in Trash, the imported product will have an inactive Imported button. When you delete the product both from the
site and from Trash as well, this product will have active Re-import button. But if you delete your WordPress database
from your hosting, you will not have the Re-import button – all the products imported before
will be shown with the Import option only. If you want to view all your products previously
imported from the database, go to Imports History section. It contains a list of all products imported
from the database to your store with the date and time they were imported. Here you can see how many imports you have
already used and how many products are no longer available on AliExpress. Also, you can easily find the products which
you deleted from your site here and import them back. When you install AliDropship plugin, you get
the first 50 imports for free. If you need more products, you can always
buy a suitable import package to add more winning products to your store. Go to the Get More Imports section. Choose and order a suitable imports package. Once you have purchased the package, you will
receive a notification email with your package code. To activate it, copy the code and go to Import
Products – Add imports. Paste the package code into the Enter your
package code field and click on Activate. As soon as you enter your package code, product
imports will be added to your balance. Please note that each package code is bound
with the license of the site on which it was activated. So, you cannot split one imports package among
several domains. If you need packages for two or more sites,
you should activate different package codes for each of them. Also note that when you import products from
AliDropship database, not from AliExpress directly, there is no option to obtain only
product images links and leave images on AliExpress. All product images will be saved on your hosting
server. The average size of the product upload varies
from 3MB to 100MB for every 10 items and depends on the number and quality of images. So, if you import a lot of edited products
from AliDropship database, you should keep in mind that your hosting server must have
enough disc space.

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  1. Bavon Nyatogo says:

    Hello,must you've your own ecommerce site?

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    The packages are abit expensive.

  3. Mohammad A Rahman says:

    what is the difference between these products and the products comes with custom store? Are these the best products to sell selected by experts?

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    The 'import products' section outlined in this video shows absolutely no products at all…?

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    why you said i pay for all features lifetime and now pay more for import orders

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    I just published my website and now it won't allow me to add anymore products. What am I doing wrong? I would like to continue to be able import things direct from the aliexpress website.

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