How to get your products on the shelves of large retailers

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O2 Business. So, I managed to convince the large retailers to stock products, basically
by getting in touch with them and persuading them and transferring my enthusiasm about
what we were doing with King of Shaves and why it was something that solved my problem
and therefore their customers, over and over and over again until I turned no no’s, into
not now, into yes’ and I did it all myself. Now obviously down the track I employed sales
teams and marketing guys and sales guys to do it. But, you’ve got to make the initial
contact with the buyer or the person who is going to spending the money with you. You’ve
got to develop a relationship with them and you’ve got to do it yourself, and for example,
why not send a nice handwritten letter to a buyer rather than just, here’s an email.
Or why not actually go and visit the buyer where they work, just by being there, rather
than hoping they are going to get back to you with their order. These are all busy people
and you want their money so give them a good reason to give it to you.

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