How to get more lawn care customers. Top 5 marketing strategies for a lawn care business

hey guys so I always get the question
from listeners of my podcast on you know how do I get clients for my lawn care
business so I made this video and I’m gonna share my top five marketing
strategies for a lawn care business now these are the exact same strategies
that I’ve used in my own business over the course of the past 12 years and it’s
what kept me self-employed during that time so my number one tip or
marketing strategy is to make a website or get a website for your lawn care
business now people say you know I just have facebook page and stuff like that
and it’s good enough I strongly disagree with that the problem with relying on
someone else’s platform like Facebook for example is that they can change the
rules to the game at any time you know there was a time a few years back where
everything in facebook was in chronological order so every page that
you liked and people that you were friends with when they posted stuff it
would automatically show up on your feed and now Facebook has changed and added
algorithms and now you know content that you see isn’t necessarily what everybody
posts and it’s basically if it conforms with the algorithm and it’s what
Facebook wants to show you then that’s what you are going to get so if you’re
trying to maybe do some advertisements and things like that unless you’re you
know a paid Facebook advertiser your stuff may not show up so to rely on
Facebook or some other third party is not advisable in my eyes having your own
website where you’re on equal ground with everyone else you can of course
have facebook and other social media and we’ll talk about that in a bit but to
have you know all that redirect to your website where you are in control of all
of it so number two is nice looking
trailer graphics so having your trailer really professional-looking having
really nice graphics that are eye-catching
that can be seen from a far distance but not overly done to the point that they
become cluttered you’ll see that a lot where people overdo graphics put too
much and they can be like right beside you in traffic and you can’t even read
what’s going on so keeping you know remembering to not keep it cluttered but
just you know your company name your website address your phone number maybe
some services but keeping it fairly less is more
type idea and just making contrasting colors
you know if you’re gonna have a black trailer like I do having that sort of
lime green and white text and logo is just pops
so finding colors that work well together that are really eye-catching
can really make your vehicle and trailers standout number three is to use
Google Places so this is a listing on Google’s website where you go in and you
verify your business as a real business and basically what happens is you enter
your company information you put in your address now you don’t have to show your
address in the listing but you have to put a real physical address for
verification and what happens is after a few weeks Google will send you a
postcard in the mail to that physical address to verify that yes this is a
real business because you are receiving mail at that address for that business
once you get that postcard there’s a verification code on it you log back
into Google you enter that code and that verifies that yes you are a real
business and what will happen now is when people search for lawn care you
know landscaping that sort of stuff whatever you are putting as the
parameters in your business will show up so you’ll notice when you’re doing
searches for things like that services and stuff you’ll see the little section
that sort of comes up before the regular website listings and it
got them Google Places map with the little pointers on it and it sort of
chronological with like one pointer saying a another one B another one C and
then those line up with the listings that they have there so that’s what that
does and basically the closer you are to the person who’s searching at that
moment the higher up in the listings that you will be discovered in so that’s
my third marketing strategy for your lawn care business so number four would
be nice looking postcards or flyers so I have used these throughout the years in
my own lawn care business at the beginning of seasons if I’m looking to
build new clients in certain areas that I want to heavily invest my time in or
concentrate my time in then I will grab a whole load of those postcards I get
mine from Vistaprint nice full colored glossy postcards and I will just go
door-to-door just before the season starts so we’re talking you know January
February I’ll start hitting those you know
addresses those neighborhoods with postcards door-to-door and just start
blanketing areas another strategy that I’ve used in the past with those same
postcards is I’ve approached flyer carriers or you know paper boys as they
call them in certain neighborhoods and asked if they would add my you know
postcards to the houses that they were going to you know at the same time and I
would just pay them extra for that and they would blanket those areas for me
while they’re delivering those newspapers so that’s just a little side
tip there that you can use with those fires another thing that I do is during
the season when I’m mowing a lawn in a specific neighborhood if it’s the only
lawn that I’m doing or maybe I’ve got a couple and I want some more I will once
I’ve done that mowing go to those houses on that street that I’m trying to build
up more clients in and just repeatedly and regularly put fliers at their
doorstep each and you know a few times during this season just to keep them you
know reminded that I’m available need anything so number five the fifth
strategy to use is referrals referrals are probably the best form of marketing
for your business because it’s your existing clients ones that you’ve served
already that are happy with your service that actually go out and tell their
friends about how great you are so these can be really easy sales because
everybody’s looking for you know somebody who knows someone you know
people don’t want to be bothered with having to search through the listing of
companies that they don’t know that they don’t know how their experience is going
to end up being like and they will ask their friends you know do you know a
lawn care company do you know a plumber do you know an electrician you know how
was your service how was your experience would you recommend them so when you
have a existing client already or somebody that you’ve done work for in
the past and they’re willing to you know tell their friends about you like I say
it makes it a really easy sale because that client is then now calling you for
an estimate and they’ve already been sold on how good the quality of work
that you provide is and how reliable you are and all that stuff so it makes it a
lot easier even if you come in priced a bit higher maybe even some other quotes
that they may if they have even called anybody else they’re more likely to go
with you because they will trust their friends recommendation and having that
past experience with you so those are my top five marketing strategies for a lawn
care business on the note of the referral one it’s great to get into the
habit of asking your clients for referrals you know if they’re happy with
the job you know at the end of the job when you’re talking to them you know
just to let them know that you know if they’re happy with it that you would
appreciate if they would tell their friends about it or ask them if they
know anybody that we’ll need lawn care services in the
future I’ll leave them with a postcard or business cards and have them give
those out to their friends on my behalf so those like I said are my top five
lawn care business marketing strategies I’m gonna throw in a sixth one just as
the bonus round here and that is one that I haven’t quite used myself to be
completely honest and that’s because it just wasn’t really around when I started
my business 12 years ago it was very much in its infancy so I sort of went
with those first five sort of the tried and trusted types of methods and this
fifth or though our sorry sixth one is social media so of course at the top of
the show we talked about you know Facebook pages and I said we would get
back into that so this is what I’m referring to now is to of course even if
you have your own website to still of course have a Facebook page for your
business have an Instagram account for your business even a YouTube account for
your business and showcase videos and photos and that and maybe display those
usernames on your trailer I’ve seen that become quite popular where they’ll be
like an Instagram logo and the act you know name on the side of the trailer or
something so people can go to Instagram and see your past work you know easily
so social media is the sixth and bonus and probably you know going forward into
the future another one that will be huge of course it you know hasn’t already
been huge already starting but like I say to be completely honest I haven’t
used that one myself I haven’t had found the need to yet but of course it would
be a major you know part of your marketing strategy going forward so
that’s it for this video guys why don’t you leave a comment below on marketing
strategies that you use in your lawn care business and don’t forget to hit
the like button if you haven’t subscribed consider doing so and that’s
it for this video here’s to wishing you guys
overwhelming success and freedom in your lawn care business bye for now

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