How to Filter Reports: Customers, Vendors, & Products | QuickBooks Online Tutorial 2018

QuickBooks uses data on your transactions and lists to build your reports, but you can limit the data that it uses with filters. Let’s take a look at a couple of filters by going to the Reports Center and then opening the Profit and Loss statement. The profit and loss statement shows us all of our income cost of goods sold over the selected period of time. But we can limit the information that it uses to build this report by scrolling to the top of the screen and clicking Customize, then opening the Filter section. Right now, QuickBooks is using all of our income cost of goods sold, and expense accounts, customers, vendors, employees and products and services to build this report. But we’re only interested in the income and expenses coming from a single customer. So we’ll select the customer filter, and then click the drop down arrow and select all of the customers that we wanna see information about. In this case, we only wanna see information about Amy’s Bird Sanctuary. So we’ll add a check mark to their name, and then run the report again. Now QuickBooks shows us a profit and loss statement just for that one customer. So here we can see all of our income, cost of goods sold, and expenses for that single customer. Nearly any data used to build a report can be filtered. Let’s take a look at a different example on the sales by customers summary report. This report shows us all of our sales by customer for January of 2018. We’re only curious about the sales for a particular product or service, so scroll up, and then click, Customize. Now go to the Filter section. Currently, QuickBooks is using all of our products and services to build this report. But let’s limit it with a filter by turning on the Product/Service filter, clicking the drop down arrow, and then choosing the product or service that we’re interested in. We only wanna see sales for gardening, so we’ll select that box and then run the report. Now the report shows us our sales by customer summary but QuickBooks is only using sales involving the gardening product or service to build this report. Use filters to limit the data that QuickBooks uses to build your reports. [MUSIC]

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  1. Ray Honeycutt says:

    The video is fine, the problem is the product. The reporting ability with QBO is primitive at best.
    There are many reports where you would like to filter on something, say "accounts" but you cannot. That particular filter isn't available on many of the reports you need. Oddly the filter combinations that are offered are often not the ones you would routinely use for that report.

    This is a serious shortcoming in their product.

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