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In this video, we’ll teach you how to edit
your general shipping profile. You can use your general profile to create
the default settings for your shipping. If a product or variant isn’t in a custom
profile, then it uses the shipping rates in your general profile. If you haven’t yet, watch the video linked
above for an introduction to shipping profiles before moving forward. And don’t forget to subscribe and hit the
bell for more videos from the Shopify Help Center every week. To edit your general shipping profile, start
from the Shopify admin and click Settings. Then, click Shipping. All Shopify stores have a default general
profile which includes all of your products. This means that any new product you add to
your store is automatically assigned to this profile. To make changes to the general profile, click
Manage rates. In the Products section, you see the products
that are included in the general shipping profile. Because the AlyAthletics store doesn’t have
any custom profiles made yet, all of the products are in the general profile. In the Shipping from section, you see all
available locations to ship products from. Click Show details to see all of your locations. This profile shows two dropshipping apps,
Oberlo and Printful as well as three locations Ottawa, San Francisco and Toronto. All locations in the same Shipping from area
will have the same shipping rates. In this example, we’re going to remove,
Oberlo, Printful and San Francisco to create separate shipping rates for them later. To remove a location, click Manage beside
the location. In the pop-up, you can select Remove rates
or Create new rates. We’re going to remove rates for Oberlo and
click Done. Continue these steps until you’ve removed
all desired locations. Now, we’re going to edit the shipping zone
for the remaining locations, Toronto and Ottawa. You can click Create Shipping Zone to create
a new zone entirely. Otherwise, if you already see a shipping zone
in the Shipping to area, click the three dot icon and click Edit zone. Give the shipping zone a name, like Domestic. Then select the countries to include in this
zone. We’re only selecting Canada for this shipping
zone. To finish, click Done. Now that you have a new shipping zone, you
have to add shipping rates to it, so click Add rate. You can choose to set up your own manual rates
for flat rate shipping, or use calculated shipping rates through an app or carrier accounts. For this example we’re creating our own
manual rates. Start by giving the rate a name, like Standard. When deciding what to name your rates, keep
in mind that rates with the same name in different profiles are combined at checkout. This means if you create a rate called Standard
in the general profile, and a rate called Standard in a custom profile, then the two
rates are combined and presented as one shipping rate at checkout. See the link below for more help with naming
rates. Next, set the dollar value for this flat shipping
rate. A flat rate means whether there are one, two,
or multiple products from this profile in the cart, the customer only sees one $5 shipping
rate, not $5 per product. Let’s say the customer Haley has three t-shirts
from the general profile in her order. The flat rate for the general profile is $5,
so Haley is charged $5 shipping for the three t-shirts. Next, adding conditions is not required, but
if you’d like to customize the rates further, click Add conditions. Select whether to base the condition on order
weight or value. It’s important to remember that weight-based
rates apply to the products in this profile, while price-based rates take into account
the total cart value. To learn more about setting rate conditions,
see the link in the description. We’re creating a priced based rate so we
enter the minimum and maximum value for conditions and click Done. You can continue to add rates and conditions
if you’d like. Here you see two rates we created: a $5 flat
rate for order values up to $49.99, and another free shipping rate for order values that are
$50 or more. Let’s say our customer Haley has three t-shirts
from the general profile in her order again. But this time, her total order value is $65. Now she qualifies for free shipping and the
shipping rate reflects this. Next, in the area Not shipping from, you see
the three locations we removed earlier. We’re going to create a separate shipping
rate for San Francisco that only ships to the United States. This will be a different shipping rate than
what we just created for Canada. Click Add rates beside the desired location
to start. Select New rates, and click Done. Now you see the San Francisco location in
a new Shipping from area. You can create shipping rates for it like
you would any other location. Start by adding a shipping zone and giving
the zone a name. Then select the countries this location will
ship to – we’re only selecting the United States here. Then, click Add Rate. Choose to create or your own manual shipping
rates, or choose calculated shipping rates like in this example which uses Shopify shipping. The general profile we just edited now shows
different rates for different locations. First, the Canadian locations are only shipping
to Canada, using flat rate shipping. If a customer has a delivery address in Canada,
these are the prices they see at checkout. Second, the United States location is only
shipping to United States, using calculated shipping rates with Shopify Shipping. Separating the locations like this, is a great
way to keep shipping costs down for customers since all orders will be domestic prices. Finally, you see the Oberlo and Printful apps
are not included in the general profile. This is because we’re going to create custom
profiles with different shipping rates for products fulfilled from these apps later. Don’t forget to click Save when you’re
done making changes. Now that you’ve edited your general profile,
you might be ready to create custom profiles. So subscribe now for our next video on how
to create custom shipping profiles. If you still have questions, comment below
or visit for further assistance.

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