How to Drive More Traffic to your dropshipping store FOR FREE (for beginners)

Would you like MORE people to visit your online
store? Here is how you can achieve it with ZERO costs! Hi, thank you for joining me today! My name is Olesia, and I am happy to share
some digital marketing knowledge with you. I work with an amazing team of developers,
designers, search engine marketing specialists, and other eCommerce experts who have first-hand
experience in online store management. By the way, we can create and set up a ready-made
dropshipping store specifically for you – that will be the quickest and easiest way to start
your own independent online business. Check out this video for more details! Once you have your online store fully ready
for operation, the most important thing you need to care about is attracting visitors
to this website. That is why, together with our amazing team
here at AliDropship, we made this list of 23 FREE traffic sources! It will not cost you anything to use them,
and you can start your promotions with them; right after finishing this video! How does this sound to you? Let us see what your options are to promote
your store for FREE with the power of text! Number one: Blog Posts
An entertaining and engaging blog post is a valuable piece of content that drives traffic
from search engines. With its help, you can drive an enthusiastic
audience to your website. It also gives you content for other social
media. Post articles on other platforms
While a blog is directly integrated into your store, an external platform is an independent
source of information for Internet users. So, it lets you reach a much wider audience
and establish yourself as an expert in the field, which is great for your brand image
and sales volume. Post content on themed forums threads. Share your tips and insights on niche forums,
and you do not need to be a super-skilled writer. They are great places to start! There, you can connect with potential customers
more naturally and be helpful to them. They will appreciate your input and become
more attentive to your offers! Answer questions on Quora Quora is one place that generates quality traffic. The people who leave their questions there
are highly motivated to find a solution to their query. This way, it is easy to convert them into
buyers and loyal customers: you need actually to be helpful. Try reddit posts Reddit attracts an impressive number of readers every day. Start with commenting on suitable threads
until you reach the necessary level of credibility, – you will not be able to write your own posts
until then. Send e-mails to former clients An engaging email, with a catchy subject line, is a good way to be reminded about your business
and motivate the person to take a look at your site once again. Be creative with your email marketing efforts! Mix different types of letters: product updates,
sales announcements, notifications about the newest blog articles, special offers for the
subscribers, etc. Write an E-Book You do not have to spend anything on the book production, and you can easily distribute
it across the Web, so you attract new readers, store visitors, and buyers at no extra cost. E-Books give you targeted traffic: the people
who download your book are already interested in your knowledge and experience, so it is
much easier to convert them into actual buyers. For example, if you have a store selling accessories
for video equipment, you can create a book about how to start video blogging or just
filming family videos. If you do not mind research and analytical
work, feel free to take these SEO steps to attract more FREE traffic to your store. Optimize product descriptions Include niche-related or product-specific keywords into the description of every product
in your store. Creating these informative and SEO-friendly
product descriptions will also improve your conversion rate significantly. Optimize Images When a picture is taken directly from AliExpress, it commonly has a super weird name, lacks
alt tags, and its size is too large. Make sure that the pictures file name contains
the relevant keywords, the image has a suitable alt tag, and the picture size is not too big;
otherwise, the page containing this picture will take a long time to load. Revise and update blog posts Update every article at least once a year. Change the year if it is mentioned in the
text and rewrite factual information if it is no longer relevant. In terms of SEO (and common sense), outdated
articles cannot bring enough traffic. Encourage Blog Comments It is a good idea to motivate your blog readers to discuss every entry and sharing their thoughts
and ideas in the comments’ section. The more people who comment on your articles,
the more likely they are using your SEO keywords and will help your store be more visible to
search engines. Leave your own comments! Go through industry-related blogs and comment
on the articles that are somehow connected to your store niche or your area of professional
expertise. Add links to your site if possible. In terms of SEO, this is a winning strategy
because it makes you more visible on Google – plus, you get some coverage on well-reputed
platforms. Post on classified ads websites Every country has its own range of classified ad websites. These sites allow users to post their advertisements
for free. Here, you can access highly motivated buyers
who are looking for your exact items, so make sure to create an appealing post with quality
images and an informative description. If you enjoy creating videos and have the
necessary resources to make them regularly, do not miss out on the opportunity to use
them as a powerful traffic driver! Here is what you can do. Create a YouTube channel Pay special attention to the content of your videos. If they are not perfect from the technical/visual
point of view but explain or describe something interesting or important, they can still see
a positive response from viewers. Post video reviews of products from your store
as well. Follow related channels Make sure that your account looks reliable and makes it clear who you are and what your
business is all about. Check if you have your store links featured
in the ‘About’ section and pay attention to your videos’ descriptions. Leave comments under related videos When you leave a comment under a popular/informative video, you reach a part of this channel’s
audience, so you need to be polite and professional in all of your writings. Post your videos on other platforms Why limit yourself to just YouTube when there are lots of alternative platforms? Dailymotion, Vimeo, and even 9GAG TV can turn
out to be wonderful places to share your videos and of course, do not forget to share your
videos on social media networks. Speaking of which… Let us examine free traffic sources for social
media network fans Social media networks help people stay connected
and distribute information. Of course, they are super valuable in terms
of free traffic generation! Create a social Media Account That is your starting point. It increases your website visibility in terms
of SEO, helps to reach a wider audience of potential buyers, makes it easier to talk
to potential customers, and lets you demonstrate what your store offers. Before you start inviting Internet users to
view/follow your social media account, make sure the page features all of the necessary
contact details, and already has several engaging posts. Then you can start an automated promotion, for example, with the help of a Social Rabbit Plugin – learn more about this tool from the
video on our channel. Post on social media regularly Your goal is to systematically make high-quality posts that encourage your readers to leave
comments, visit your store, and eventually, to make a purchase. Experiment with interactive posts: polls,
votes, contests, and other activities that will make followers interact in the ‘life’
of your page. Re-use existing content for social media Look at the pieces of content you already have and try turning them into something different. For example, you can turn a short article
into an infographic picture; product feature text – into simple videos, etc. This way, you will be able to post it on social
media that was not suitable for it before. Top free traffic sources for extroverted entrepreneurs If you do not mind interacting with people you do not personally know; there is a whole
world of collaborations open to you. For example, here is what you can do. Try cross promotion Find a blog or store that is built around a niche related to yours and contact the owner. Offer to mention each other in one another’s
social media posts to increase your audience coverage. For example, if you sell clothing for babies,
you can make partner posts with toy stores. This method is quite similar to the Instagram
shoutouts strategy – the only exception is that none of you is doing it for money. If you are interested in Instagram shoutouts,
check out this detailed video! Suggest guest posting Tell your business partner you want to draft an article for their blog for free. In exchange, ask them to mention the name
of your website or business. Lots of potential buyers will see your guest
article, and its quality will influence their buying decisions. You can also offer local entertaining websites
to provide them with articles like “10 best gifts for this holiday” or “for your grandpa”
and so on. Experiment with guest featuring When you are making a collaboration, there are lots of things you can do within this
partnership. For example, you can film an interview or
a product review to insert it into your partner’s video, provide a prize for a contest or giveaway
with multiple hosts, and so on. Just make sure that you are featured in the
list of sponsors or guest star of this particular promotion! As you can see, these methods of traffic generation
do not require any significant investment. All you need to do is choose the strategies
that meet your skills and personal interests and start working on them! I hope that this mix of promotional strategies
will be of use to you and, if you need any extra eCommerce advice, check out our Services
Page on the AliDropship website. If you would like any professional help with
your promotional strategy or more, we are here for you! Do not forget to subscribe to our channel
for more dropshipping tips and marketing secrets which are on their way. See you!

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