How to collect your site’s visitor emails (eCommerce) FOR BEGINNERS

In this video, I will share 5 tips that help
us to collect over 150 addresses every week with zero cost! Hi! My name is Olesia and I am happy to share
my knowledge with you on how to collect your store visitors’ emails! As part of a team of digital marketers and
developers who work on online business solutions, I’d like to review the tools that, in our
experience, work best for this purpose. We have a long history of running dropshipping
stores and helping others to benefit from this business, too. By the way, thanks to our solutions, you can
launch your own independent online store for only 147 dollars! And, to give your newborn store a boost, you
should certainly experiment with email marketing – especially as it requires little, to no,
startup costs. So, what strategies does our team recommend? I will focus on 5 tips that help us collect
over 150 addresses every week with zero costs! Let’s go! Put a subscription form on any page
This is probably the least aggressive way to collect the email addresses of the people
who visit your website. Just place a subscription form where required,
write an appealing call to action, and wait until somebody kindly inserts their email
there. Remember that the text around this form should
make it very clear what’s the reason for the visitor to leave their email. Otherwise, why would anyone make the extra
effort? Request emails during the purchase
If you don’t want to wait passively for emails, but don’t want to annoy your clients
either, here’s what you can do. Make writing an email a must-take step within
the ordering process. It’s a win for both sides! You get the desired address, and the buyers
feel much safer about the purchase. They know you can easily notify them about
the order status, tracking code, and other details. Surely, it’s a very natural way of communicating
with your actual buyers. But how can you collect the emails of those
who have left your store without making a purchase? Here’s a couple of extra ideas! Ask blog commenters to give their emails
In our experience, a built-in blog can greatly improve your store performance – check out
this article to learn why! And managing comments is an important part
of running your blog. Think about making it obligatory for readers
to write their email addresses if they want to leave comments. A great benefit of this strategy is that it
lets you identify and target a warm audience – the visitors who are already interested
in your offers. Now, as you have their emails, it’s just
a matter of several catchy letters to convert these fans into buyers! Offer discounts in exchange for an email
As a rule, a chance to get a financial reward makes people more willing to cooperate with
a company. Tease a discount system that works exclusively
for the users who have registered on your website. Seeing a benefit for themselves, they will
become more likely to leave their emails, and you will collect new addresses in your
database. Collect emails through pop-ups
In our experience, this is the most efficient way to collect store visitors’ emails. As a moving element, a pop-up catches the
viewers’ attention instantly. The trick here is to not make it really annoying
to your store visitors. So, think about how soon it will appear, what
it will look like and what exact value it will bring to your potential customers. For more detailed instructions on making fun
and efficient pop-ups, check out this article! And what should you do next, when your email
database starts growing? We have an answer for this, too! You will definitely like our experience-based
tips on writing emails that sell, and reaching your customers with follow-ups, or automatically
sent email sequences. Find the links in the description
Oh! I have one more thing to share with you – if
you are not sure that you’ll get your e-mails right at first, you can get help from the
experts. Check the services section on our site and
find an email setup service. What do you get by ordering an Email Marketing
Setup? Responsive follow-ups in MailChimp, time-saving
custom email templates, a detailed guide explaining how to create follow-ups in MailChimp service
and 4 effective lead generation schemes explained. I hope you now have a clearer image of your
future email marketing strategy. Put these tips into practice and enjoy their
effect! And if you want to keep receiving eCommerce
advice, just don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter – yes, we do have our own subscription
form on our site. And subscribe to our YouTube channel – I will
be excited to see you next time!

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