How To Choose A Niche For Shopify | Top 3 Dropshipping Niches In 2019

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hit that like subscribe button, if you down with The Money Team, man, but in this video, I
really wanted to touch on this one topic that’s, it
can get annoying at times, you know, coming from,
especially from beginners, because I feel like you’re
worried about the wrong thing when you think of niches. Okay, so when somebody ask me, “Hey what niche should I choose?” I usually can tell ’em,
“Don’t worry about the niche, “just go for a product, okay.” It’s all gonna come down to a product. As a complete beginner,
the first 80% of your time, so I would say like the
first 30 days of you know, starting your dropshipping journey, you’re really gonna be focused
on 80% being the product. Okay, 20% running ads, 80% product. 20% running more ads, 80%
product research again. And then 20% more ads. The reason I say this is
don’t get too caught up on trying to find a niche,
because there’s winning products in every single niche, and
if you just open your mind to how many products are out there, that are doing millions of dollars a day, and it doesn’t matter what niche it is, rather than going for the niche, go for what qualities do
each of these products have that are triggering people to buy. Really hone in on what
the product is doing, get a product that’s solving
the person’s problem, and I can best explain it
in this analogy, right? So let’s think of it in car terms. So, there’s plenty of
brands out there, right? There’s BMW, there’s Mercedes,
there’s Aston Martins, there’s Nissans, but for this example, let’s say every single
car costs the same amount. So each car is $20,000
no matter what it is. It could be a i8 or it
could be a 4 Series. It could be a Nissan GT-R, or
it could be a Nissan Sentra. As dropshippers, we’re
always looking to find the best car in each, for each brand. If I’m looking for a McLaren, I’m gonna go for the
McLaren P1, not the 720, even though they both cost
the same in this example. Go for that sports car, go for the luxury, the top, top car in each niche. So, what happens is, if
you was to ask me, “Hey, “what Niche should I go in?” And I say, “Go with Nissan.” And then you go and get a Nissan Sentra, and expecting it to
drive just like a GT-R, you’re gonna be highly upset. But if you asked me, “What
products should I go with?” And I say, “Hey, you can
either go with a McLaren P1, “you could go with the GT-R, or the i8.” You know what I’m saying,
so I’m gonna tell you to go for the best product, no matter what niche it should be in. I don’t even know how to
say it, it neesh or nitch? I don’t know. So once you find that winning, that potential winning product, you wanna zoom out,
and take a broader look at what niche it falls under, right? And once you do that,
you’ll be able to see what language and terms
does that niche use to get those customers to convert. Because each one is gonna have
a different type of language that they use to get
prospects to customers. So make sure that you still
take into consideration what niche it falls in, but don’t make that the sole
point of your product research. I did title this video
“Best Dropshipping Niche”, so I’m gonna go ahead,
and from my experience, share with you my top three niches. I keep switching the words,
and it’s bothering me. But from my experience, I’m gonna go ahead and share with you the top three niches that are profitable. And you can find,
there’s a high likelihood of finding a winning
product in those niches. So the first one is the
beauty niche, right. So because you know, people
are, most of the times, often insecure when you’re
looking for beauty products, you know, it’s either
to clear up some acne, or something that’s gonna
enhance the way that you look, this is tapping into their insecurities. And that’s gonna be a
great reason for them to shop with you, rather than anyone else, especially if you can
hone in on that message. So the next best niche I
like is the pets niche. And it’s one of those few niches
that in the past 50 years, it’s constantly
year-over-year been growing. So it’s never had a year
when it’s went down, so that’s, it’s kinda like
a almost evergreen market. So try out the pet niche, there’s, it’s pretty saturated honestly, but it’s saturated because
it’s very profitable, so you’re gonna find a lotta cool products for dogs and cats, and
most often you’ll find that people are passionate
about their pets than other human beings
and family members, and shit like that. The last niche that I do
like is the gadget niche, because there’s usually cool
and you know, unusual products that give people the futuristic feel. And again, we’re tapping
into people’s emotions when we’re selling to them, so if you can tap into their imagination, and show them something that possibly could’ve
been created in the future, so they can imagine themselves, you’re tapping into their
emotions in a sense. And if it solves a problem,
that’s even better. Like that’s a plus. Before you leave this video,
there’s gonna be a link down in the description, and I’m gonna attach my
winning product checklist. All that’s gonna have is
seven pieces of criteria that I’ve noticed in the past
two years of me dropshipping, of what it takes for a product
to be a six figure winner. So go ahead and download
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