How Swiss Emmentaler Cheese Is Made | Regional Eats

Ju Shardlow: My name’s
Ju, and today I’m at the Emmentaler Schaukäserei to show you how traditional
Emmentaler cheese is made. Now, I’m actually in the village
of Affoltern in Emmental, which is in a region just east of Bern. Eighty percent of all
Emmentaler production comes from this region,
with 150 producers. And its name comes from here. There’s the nearby river, Emme, and tal, meaning valley in German. In the US, it’s known as Swiss cheese. Emmentaler has iconic holes in it, and it’s also the world’s largest cheese. Emmentaler AOP can only be produced in these regions in Switzerland. It was granted AOP protection
from the EU in 2002, meaning that these areas are the “protected designation of origin.” But there are a few
qualifications for this: The milk has to be from
dairy farms no fewer than 20 kilometers away, and it must be produced using raw milk. 17,700 tons of Emmentaler
are produced each year in this region by 150 family dairies. Cheese production started in
this area over 200 years ago. It’s a hilly region, so
good for cattle grazing. The Emmentaler Schaukäserei show dairy was opened in 1989. Cesare Mimo Caci: The
process of cheese starts at the farmer, so we need
high-quality raw milk. Then we heat up the milk to 32 degrees. We put inside the bacteria, the rennet. We have to wait because the
rennet make a relationship between the fat and the protein. You are cutting the
curds down to a size of 4 up to 6 millimeters. And then you heating up
over time to 53 degrees and pumping up to the forms, and then you are pressing
that for 12 hours. Ju: The cheese is pressed
under hydraulic pressure for up to 12 hours. It then spends eight weeks in
the warm fermentation cellar at 22 degrees Celsius. It then goes into a storage
cellar for up to two months before it’s collected by the wholesaler. This makes the famous sweet taste and smooth texture of the cheese. The world-famous holes? They’re created by a
reaction in the bacteria. After one month of storage,
a strain of bacteria, Propionibacterium shermanii,
consumes lactic acid and releases carbon dioxide. These bubbles become
trapped in the cheese rind and form holes, also known as eyes. But why are the cheeses so large? The size of Emmentaler
wheels is heavily regulated, as most have a diameter
of 80 to 100 centimeters. They need to be a minimum of 75 kilograms. For cheese produced here, a kilogram costs 19 Swiss francs, or $19, so one wheel could cost over $1,900. Cesare: We have to pay
taxes also in Switzerland, and 200 years ago, they
have the recommendation that you have to pay the taxes on a piece and not on a kilogram, so they make a big cheese wheel and they have to pay only once the taxes, and still 200 years we producing this minimum
75-kilogram wheels. Ju: The cheese is matured into a four-month Classic, eight-month Réserve, 12-month AOP Extra, and the 24-month Le Roi d’Emmental. Cesare: The taste of the
Emmentaler AOP, it’s unique. And we compare to copies, and it’s comparing if you take a red wine and a good red wine. Ju: We visited the Schaukäserei restaurant to try the cheese. I’m gonna go for classic,
it’s four-month aged. What you can see is the springy, kind of rubbery texture to it. Let’s give this a try. It’s so much more flavorsome
than other Emmentaler that I’ve had. It has a really full flavor to it because it’s made with raw milk, not pasteurized milk that
you might get in the States. It’s just a very, very, kind
of full, rich, milky flavor. It’s very tasty. But how does this differ
to the 12-month aged? It’s a lot less kind of springy
and bouncy to the touch. But that rich, nutty
flavor is really starting to come through. This room, downstairs, where
we went into here in the dairy, was the room where,
the minute you walk in, there’s a beautiful nutty
aroma that hits you, and that is exactly what you
can get in the cheese now. It’s gone from sort of,
like, a fruity, mild cheese to something which has this texture to it and is very nutty. To be an authentic Emmentaler cheese, it needs to have the Emmentaler logo and a bespoke cheese number. Cesare: On the rinds, we
put our brand on top before we press the cheese, and it’s something like a tea bag, and this is growing
directly into the rind, so if you are cutting the
cheese wheel into pieces, on each rind you should find a part of this Emmentaler Switzerland logo and you find also a number on top. And with this number,
our customers can go on our website,, and give this number inside,
and Google Maps shows you where this product was
produced and which dairy. Ju: And the dairies need
to have this protection. Emmentaler is the world’s
most copied cheese. Cesare: So, 95% of that, what is sold as a Swiss cheese or a cheese with holes called Emmental, are fake Emmentaler, so
the Emmentaler Switzerland, the brand, is protected by the AOP label, and we have also a
bacteria inside our cheese. We are the only brand, cheese
brand, who are using this one, and so we can not only
look on the package, if it’s original Emmentaler AOP, we can also analyze this product. These are our activities
and the brand itself we have people who are working only for searching the original
between the copies. So it’s a big work behind it.

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