How much money needed to start a print on demand store (how to start for free!) – J.R. Fisher

how much money is needed to start a
print-on-demand store or how to do it for free
in this video guys I’m gonna show you how you can start a print-on-demand
store we all want to do it people are selling t-shirts and mugs and towels and
shower curtains oh my god everything and guess what they don’t have to print it
they don’t have to package it they don’t have to ship it because these
print-on-demand companies will do it all for you I’m going to show you how to do
that in this video and how you can do it for free hey I’m J.R. Fisher welcome to my
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comments down there guys and I will be happy to answer any questions you may
have so let’s go ahead and get started let’s figure out how to do this
print-on-demand thing it’s pretty cool now in this video the best ways to do
the print-on-demand I’m gonna tell you are the paid ways however there are also
free ways and you can make money doing it the freeways first and then once
you’ve made a little bit of money you can invest it in the paid services that
help you do this a little bit easier so let’s go ahead and jump right into this
first off number one the freeway is gonna be teespring
they actually pay you a commission so let’s go over to teespring real quick
and check it out okay I’m here at teespring right now and you can see they
are actually pushing this particular thing right here it’s pickle the
dinosaur plush but here’s how to spring works basically we’re gonna go up here
person look at apparel and what do I want here I want lower we’re all animal
lovers in this household and you can kind of see what people are
doing now this particular one here is rough patch rescue mascot okay so you
can see this t-shirt right here and it’s a classic tee and they have the price on
it right here and then if you pick the different ways they can print this
whether it’s a v-neck or pullover those are the different prices for it now if
you want to design your own t-shirt you go over here to start designing and then
you’re going to go ahead and login right here and you can actually design whatever you
want you can design a parallel go with women’s t-shirts right here I’ll click
on start designing now here’s what you can do you can buy it by designing and
buying for myself now you can create branded team products that type thing
where you can sell you can list my design online for free and make money
and add existing listing ok so all you do is you pull it up here I
get my t-shirt here and then what I’m going to do is I would grab any image
that I had on my computer and we’ll plug up an image here I’ve got a sad dog I’m
gonna pull him up and boom the sad dog is on here now if you notice it’s not
filling us out so I’ve got to kind of stretch this around and you can actually
add text now I can put text right here we’re gonna put this down here and we’ll
put a sad dog right here and as you can see I’m gonna go ahead and preview it
real quick and I didn’t Center this up I should have centers up but basically
I’ve just designed a t-shirt literally that quick now here’s how it works what
you do is you put a price on the products to be fulfilled from the US ok
and whatever price I put on there it’s going to show me my profits so if I put
$30 here for this t-shirt it’s gonna change my profits of 1768 okay so you
can easily do that on teespring and get started for free and get a commission on
these shirts and immediately start making money and you don’t have to do
anything I mean just upload a design you can actually do text t-shirts too you
don’t even have to do a design or a picture you can just do it with a text
some people like that well you can do the front you can do the back of the
t-shirt whatever you want to do you can do it on teespring and sell your
products and it doesn’t have to be t-shirts it can be mugs it can be you
know shower curtains it can be towels it can be whatever you want it to be let me
go back here real quick fine I was in women’s t-shirts here but let me go
then you can see there’s socks there’s leggings there’s pillows it’s all there
now I also want to say about the other free way to do this and that would be
merged by Amazon merge by Amazon’s awesome let’s go over there real quick
and I’ll show it to you it works a lot like teespring okay here we are in ad
merge by Amazon and basically it’s the same thing here you’re gonna upload your
artwork you’re gonna set a listing price they print what it sold to a shipping
with prime annual earn monthly royalties now you’re not gonna get paid as much
here you’re probably gonna get paid maybe 20% something along those lines
but once again you know you’re not advertising through these people you’re
not trying to get people all you’re doing is uploading a design and sticking
it there and you get paid when they buy and there’s no cost for you to do that
so if you want free ways of doing this you’re gonna give up a little bit of
commission but you do have a free way of selling your products online number two
you can actually open a free print-on-demand store on ebay they’re
gonna give you fifty free listings a month which is pretty generous and then
you can integrate they don’t actually do print on demand on email I want you to
think that but they do have a ability to let you enlist 50 free products a month
so since you can do that you can actually integrate that with printe Phi
and let’s check that out real quick okay so I’m gonna take you over to printful
which is another print-on-demand company and show you how you can integrate it
with ebay and actually sell your products on ebay okay so here I am at
printful right here and it says right here with over 180 million monthly
visitors ebay is one of the few industry leaders with years of experience in
e-commerce principles integration makes it easy to become a seller on one of the
most popular marketplaces so all you got to do is go down here connect your store
and they tell you how it works there’s a little video that plays that you connect
your story you design everything on principle and you can be up and selling
on eBay in just no time whatsoever you create your printful account you add and
sync your products to your store and you set up your shipping it’s really that
simple now some other things they tell you
right down here you may want to read it’s free to create account on eBay they
don’t charge subscription fees but they do charge 10% on every single sale made
from the platform as well as a 35 cent listing free now eBay will give you 50
free listings so keep that in mind eBay does not support live shipping rates
flat rates only so you’re gonna have to nil upfront what these things are gonna
cost you’re gonna have to kind of guess at that you can only use fixed price
listing format is supported you can do auctions and new users have a limit of
ten variants and a total of five hundred dollars in retail value okay and then
they show you here all the reasons for it it’s easy to set up get notice free
sell right from your phone automatic fulfillment reach millions and you can
white label everything and then they got some examples down here so it’s super
super easy to do now the next place you can actually sell is Etsy Etsy was
originally known for original artwork type items and handcrafted items but
they’ve gotten to the print demand business also so you can actually
integrate your crippled store with Etsy on there and if you notice the store but
it seems real quick and check it out you’re gonna see that a lot of people
are already doing that okay here I am over at Etsy right now and we can look
at some of the shirts but let’s type in a subject we’ll put in there chef okay
buddy’s into cooking nowadays and get all these cooking shows and all that
good stuff and you can see they’ve got aprons they’ve got hats they’ve got all
kinds of different things in it will put chef funny and let’s see what people
have come up with and all these people are doing guys is
they are actually integrating their principle store with Etsy that’s all
they’re doing on here and you can see a couple examples right here sexy tennis
man sexy football man and you can see these look very similar sold by the same
person here you can check that out the other cool thing on here is when you go
to list something and you’re not sure what you want to do you could look at
the number of sales because they actually give the sales right here
there’s 1300 all this and I can cook so you know that’s not a really hard thing
to do you can grab a couple fonts and do this
and upload that to your printful store that’s integrated with MC and you can
sell from here now number four is to use your own Shopify store instead of a
third party so you make more money and you don’t give up sold to other people’s
products understand if you’re putting your products on Amazon merch something
like that or you’re putting your products on eBay you’re not going to be
able to upsell these people you’re not gonna be able to sell them more products
at the checkout time if you build this out on Shopify which you can also
integrate with printful then of course when they go to the checkout if you have
an upsell you know you’re selling an apron and you want to sell them a jacket
or a hoodie or whatever it is you can offer them your products and you’re
gonna make those customers more profitable to you if you’re putting on
on something like Amazon yeah it’s easier to do but you’re going to get a
much lower profit and you don’t have control over the customer you’re not
gonna be building a mailing list none of that on something like Amazon but the
ease-of-use is there so it’s really dependent upon how much work you want to
put into it and how much money you want to get back now if you use something
like Shopify you’re gonna need your own domain name I highly recommend Bluehost
I will put a link in the description below where you can get a Bluehost
account and actually if you buy your hosting
them you can actually get the domain for free if you use my link down there so
that is our affiliate link but make sure you use that because that will save you
some money all right so let’s run over to Shopify right now and what I want to
do is show you some of the plans now we started off this video with the free
ways of doing it now we’re showing you a few ways that cost a little bit of money
not a lot of money but a little bit of money so if you can afford that fine if
not start off with the free plans and then work your way up to these
understand the plans that you pay for you’re gonna end up making more money
because you’re gonna have more control you can do more with the customer so
let’s go over to Shopify okay here we are at Shopify right now and it’s trying
to grab my email there we go weird Shopify right now and it says you
can try Shopify free for 14 days and no credit card required so you can actually
get in here and kind of you know kick your way around look around see what’s
going on but the basic Shopify store is all you’re going to need in the
beginning is $29 you can have two staff accounts in here and you’re gonna get
the online store unlimited products 24/7 support and they really do have good
support guys sales channels in here manual order creation discount codes
free SSL Certificates abandoned cart recovery you get a lot the only thing
you don’t get is a gift cards professional reports advanced builder
and all this other stuff down here now you’re gonna have shipping discounts up
to 64 percent which is not bad guys on USPS UPS or DHL Express you can also
print your shipping labels here you can’t do the priority Kubik pricing in
the basic one but that doesn’t really matter
fraud analysis and then they have your credit card fees here which really for
the same across the board doesn’t matter what plan you have
and then you’re gonna have an additional feed on all payment providers that other
than Shopify payments okay but it drops down here they’re very small fees and
then you’re gonna have the Shopify point-of-sale app the only thing you
don’t get is register shifts it looks like hardware peripherals you don’t need
any of this you just don’t need it okay then you’re gonna have third party POS
apps and then only one store location but you know for the 29 bucks that’s
exactly what you need to get started now number five how much does it cost to
create these print-on-demand items basically it can cost you free one up to
whatever you want now I say free because you could go to canva you can use a free
accounting can but they have all types of templates they have images they have
fonts in there if you don’t know how to use canva go on over to YouTube watch
some videos on YouTube learn how to use canva once you’ve done that you can go
back to canva and you can create all these you want but keep in mind keep it
basic don’t try to do a bunch of fancy designs the best selling shirts are
usually with some simple words on there they’re funnier that way you know some
of the images can actually distract if you want to do that on down the road you
certainly can but you know words that are more targeted towards a group work
better than anything else so you know really Miche down on that and those
people will notice those shirts they probably want have access to them so
that’s something you can do now if you want another free way you could use
photoshop and you’re gonna go wait junior Photoshop that’s that’s $10 a
month I can’t spend $10 a month that’s way out of my budget okay well if you
don’t want to paint at $10 a month sign up for a free trial you can get a 7-day
free trial but if you get the seven day free trial guess what you can do a lot
of work in seven days if you just sit down and get to it number seven would be
you could go over to Fiverr and you could actually hire a designer let’s go
run over to fiber real quick and I’ll show you what I’m talking about okay
here I am at fiber right now and I’m gonna put in t-shirt design
well we get what we get there we go there’s a bunch of t-shirt dividers
designers on here lo and behold there’s a bunch of them and look at this this
one here starts at ten bucks guys ten dollars so if you don’t want design that
looks pretty fancy I don’t know if that’s a ten dollar one but for ten
bucks you get the source file initial concept high resolution double-sided
marketing tools enhanced detailing and you can use it for commercial use now
they’ve got other packages here they’ve got a standard and then they got a
premium I mean the most expensive one they got is thirty bucks so if you don’t
want to create your own you can certainly use something like Fiverr
there’s a lot of great designers there and that’s just this one person there’s
thousands of people out there that will design these things for you so you’ve
got a way to design your t-shirt you can’t use that for an excuse number
eight how much money do you need for marketing well you know that’s entirely
up to you you know if you use some of these sites that are a destination
platform like eBay or Amazon you really don’t need to market at all if you want
to drive your own traffic I would suggest using Facebook ads for t-shirts
they work great you want to be careful though you want to read all the terms
and conditions on Facebook believe me I know I’ve been a victim of this but you
want to make sure you know what you should and shouldn’t put on Facebook on
ads because if you violate one of those things they will just shut down your
account they will not communicate with you they will not tell you what you did
wrong so you know don’t know I’m gonna try to scare you or anything like that
but if that’s the route you want to go to Facebook ads are really good
especially if it’s a niche item like you know pets or sewing or teaching or
whatever it is it’s a really nice item where they can’t find shirts that match
what they like I would highly recommend you doing Facebook guys how much I would
never spend more than five dollars a day to test things out five dollars a day
I’ll do it but what you want to do is you don’t want to test one item you want
to test ten items okay or 15 items and five dollars a day now you say oh my
gosh you know ten items if I that’s $50 it is $50 but if you’re gonna market
you’re going to have to spend some money you you can you can go to one of these
others to make a lesser amount or you can spin
some money and you know you can make a larger amount either way you’re really
paying for marketing you’re either gonna be paying Amazon and eBay or you’re
gonna be paying you know Facebook for ads but either way you’re paying now if
you don’t want to pay at all then you want to use these platforms you can
certainly do so you could use Twitter you could use Facebook and create a
group or create a page you can use YouTube and create videos there are free
ways of going about this too without having to buy ads Instagram you could do
that and post you know information there about whatever your niche is and then
how and then post a t-shirt people can see that t-shirt once you built your
following so there are free ways of doing this too
okay a couple things I want to tell you when people get started
maybe they run ads and maybe they do well then maybe they get a lot of sales
but you got to remember you’re not getting your money immediately okay
you’re not getting your money immediately you know something like
PayPal can take up to three weeks before you see your money so if you need money
and you’re running these ads and you can’t afford to pay for your product
it’s gonna shut you out of business okay you’ve got to pay for these shirts than
you sell when you sell them okay they’re not gonna let you pay them at the end of
the month or anything like that now the flip side to that is if you’ve got a
credit card if you do happen to have a credit card generally you’re gonna have
about a 30 day lag before you actually have to pay that bill so you could
actually use your credit card to pay for your t-shirts in your ads and then once
you get that money rolling in then you can pay off the credit card and keep the
difference but keep in mind there is that lag a lot of people get caught up
they go oh my god I’m running this ad and I just sold thousand dollars for the
shirts or twenty thousand dollars of the shirts and then they realize they got to
pay for all that stuff they don’t have the money to do it because they spin it
on the ads so make sure you’ve got some type of backup to pay for this product
because you may be using that wouldn’t pray hard you got just on your ads and
if you use up all of the available credit on it you don’t have anything to
pay for the t-shirts so make sure you factor that in now of course in the
beginning I told you about the commission based sites like teespring
and Amazon those particular sites are gonna pay you
a commission on the shirts you sell there so you don’t actually have to pay
for the shirt they’re going to give you the leftover money so if you don’t have
a credit card you don’t have that extra money that’s the best route to go okay
guys that’s pretty much an overview of how you can sell these t-shirts online
I’ve give me a lot of ways to do it I want to hear your comments please put
your comments below let me know what you thought of the video give me a thumbs up
right if you have questions about this or maybe you’ve tried some of this and
you’ve got some good results and you want to share that with the rest of us I
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