Ho intervistato i ragazzi di HTD (Horological Tools Department)

The Jungle Boy which is one of..
This is Renzo.. He wants to have lunch
This will be Cut. As we say in Rome “The time has come..”. He is hungry When I look it on my wrist
a question arises Acca Ti Di or Eich Tee Dee? (English spoken) How so you call it, which one do you prefer? Acca Ti Di (The italian way). Absolutely.
Yes the name is HTD Horological Tools Department English but..
We have always called it Acca Ti Di in Italian to recall even
The years from the past when english was always
italianized and so Acca Ti Di has an even
smoother sound It’s more fluent. And tell me, how was this project born.
How did you meet? When did you understand:
ok, let’s get together and design a watch? We met at University
We have a Product Design background We have always
Enjoyed hanging around both as friends but also as
partering up as designers and We were able to give clear directions to our common projects. Pulling a little on one side, a little on the other, pulling and pushing
as it happens when you design with someone else and the interesting thing was this,
of cultivating the part of a mechanical design again. But there is also a history
of watchmaking in Florence Now I wouldn’t like talk
about Panerai but It left a seed behind, a
background and watchmaking culture A lot of people that took part in a lot of
Panerai Projects and so we have partnered
with our friend: Renzo. You met him this morning. He is great he taught us
all about watchmaking the limits of what you can
do and all you have to know about the micromechanics.
How the watch works. What are its moving parts
a fantastic thing about watchmaking is every
part is useful in a space that is really small
also to imagine. Everything has a function
This is the best thing of watchmaking if you push on this, the mechanical side,
you could carry on a nice project Having it on my wrist
I can say to you, I feel the union between watchmaking and motors Was this your goal?
A Flavour you wanted to give to the watches? Absolutely Yes.
we talked about Renzo micromechanics and all about watchmaking. Next to Renzo
was Piero’s Garage and maybe before you have
noticed the pictures hanging on the wall Him on a motorcycle,
He was a motorcycling champion, He also won a lot back in the 60’s
and he inspired us we have always had a passion
for cars and engines for motor racing I believe he was the only one
to have the captain America helmet in the 50s here in Florence He was the only one He set this fire in us,
this feeling, this myth this beauty,
the soul that also engine have and so He took us in this
Vintage feel, that took us in a spiral wich led us in this mood of course we studied a lot that period,
we immersed ourselves in this world. Then old fashioned mechanics
and even more fundamental He taught us the true
use of a cronograph He really used it for racing.
When at the end of the race the Judge stops the
chronograph a decision was made the decision of who won and who lost. Exactly there wasn’t the Iphone, there wasn’t laser chronograph. He left us all the emotion
that gives to push on the pusher. This was the feeling that lead
us to design a Chronograph as first complication or as first type of watch.
And I prefer the chronograph. This is my favourite Complication.
So I share your view I’m really hooked on the vintage feel of the watches I have now the Jungle boy on my wrist
What do you have on yours, instead? You have two watches in your catalogue? We have four
One of which is a limited edition The Jungle Boy It was thought with
the 007 setting in mind world of spies cold war,
and these feelings indeed it has two sectors that you can see here in the minute subdial
counter they recall a little bit the defuse of a bomb,
you have to run there is something to do This is the great utility in settings like this I have to confess
I’m in love with the Panda Yes the Cannoli Hesagraph Everyone stop me and say “Is it a Paul Newman?”
no It’s not a PN it’s mine. However with the bracelet
it can remember it at least as you wear it now It’s my little boy A pity that on the bracelet
we don’t have the logo, yet but on the Leather strap we have made it
on th Deployant This one is
the Hesagraph X-RA and the story wee tried to tell with this is one of escape
from the city, in fact if you look at 6 o clock there’ s this little “radioactive”mark
to match the color of the minute subdial at 3 o’clock. We took inspiration from the seamaster soccertime the strong part of this watch was
the 45 minutes under the right subdial Yes we had fallen in love a lot with
the Omega Seamaster Soccer Time Colors are reminiscent of the 70s and then
we reinterpretated the X-RA in a fresh perspective You know, when something is given by fate We just finished designing this one. We fell in love with
the Seamaster Soccer time at the end we had seen it
in every way on the internet It’s a little bit inspired,
but we tried to put our own cues. In conclusion we were returning from Sant’Ambrogio,
where we designed this Watch we went to a jewelry store,
that we passed everyday and this time we saw the Seamaster
a Seamaster Soccer from the 79 The Seamaster Soccer time was designed
for the World cup, The Mexico World Cup 1970 After this thing we said
“ok The X-RA will go into production” It was a sign of fate to find
the Seamaster Soccer timer in front of us and we took it like a sign
and behind the idea of the X-RA and this 45 put outside it’s to state to go out
from the daily routine take time for yourself to have that time
in the day that you take for your passions Go out also from this 30 minutes
and take you time for something else As to say: Start the Chrono and
this 45 minutes, until I get to the 45 I don’t return to home, I take the car
I go inside, and this one is the only to sport a tachymeter on the dial And there is nothing in the car like
vintage cars, maybe a race car with nothing not even the tachymeter Then naturally we designed
the classic one Because is a real homage to the vintage
with this one the people may say
” ah but this one take inspiration from the Heuer?” Yes Like Jack Heuer designed it It has given us important stimuli look also the case, this case was
a case that fit similarly not only the Carrera in the 50s, there was
other watch company that mount this case but only with
the Carrera it became famous Now I reconnect to what
you were talking before, about the product Why the choice of a mechanical chrono? The Seagull was the mechanism
that best suited us and How we do things You talked about mechanics naturally We have done many studies
on the mechanism The seagull has always fascinated us
especially for history It is a product dating back to the 50s
The Venus 175 then sold to Chinese State
because they had to build 1400 chronographs
for the Chinese Air Force From the 60s ’till today it has been improved
2 rubies have been added Thanks to these improvements
and to our overhaul it remains a vintage
but reliable mechanism A perfect choice, indeed All this reminescence of the mechanic
you couldn’ t mount a Quartz movement.. Sure For me it’s a choice that fits perfectly,
by the way I can’t stop looking at it I fell in love with the Jungle When I look for so long
upon a watch I love it. So after all this chat,
when could we enthusiast finally get our hands on it
when will them be available? Now it works like this We opened pre-orders
for a few months. We have received
some interesting feedback. They were offered a lower price
because believing in a project when there is still nothing,
there is not for everyone Soon or rather the end of February
we will start the real ordination phase So, we collect orders. With a slightly higher price
for those who joined a little later but still not at sticker price
I want to be clear on this. I find that the important thing
when a person buys a watch regardless of the price
he/she pays is also the communication
he has with the manufacturers, or the retailer We have the workshop and the laboratory,
for those who want to come and visit us but not everyone can come to Florence
to visit us So also for this reason
we will turn to retailers. We have had direct contact
with them but this will be at a later stage Now we wanted to give customers priority,
we have a lower price for them They have the opportunity
to be pampered directly by ourselves. The waiting is a bit longer I personally am used to:
when someone makes a purchase typically in the week or two weeks
after it arrives. For us there is a little more to wait but precisely for this wait timing
we manage to have a lower price. And then you have the opportunity
to follow step by step what are all stages of production,
and get even more passionate about the project. We, for example, are almost the only ones
who have the opportunity to open a workshop
where customers can come visit us. On this price range there is nothing. Even this contact with with the reality,
with the developers. They are all added values,
amond other things regardless of how much one spends on the watch
or on an object in general he always wants to
fell a little pampered. It’s the details that make the difference. We started from our experience When you make a purchase of
any kind the experience you gather with the purchase
is very important It gives you a deeper connection,
an extra story. Having a contact with us
maybe can also make sure to bring even
those people who where a littlee hesitant to this world of microbrands. Nice, very nice project Mattè I can’t take my eyes off it Now you take it with you
and now we go to the Brindellone to eat. There is Renzo
He called us because he is hungry.

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