Grammar Practice – English Course Online 58 – Order of Adjectives

Welcome to grammar 58. Adjectives review and order of adjectives. Hello everyone, thanks for joining us for today’s grammar class number 58. I’ll pass you over to our host, Matthew Parkinson. Hello thank you Frederic for the introductions. I would now like to extend a warm welcome to our guests and our viewers. Hello students of Languages247. Good evening to you all, I’m excited to be here. Thank you for inviting me on your wonderful grammar show. Good evening everyone. Thanks for having me on the grammar show. Adjectives review from lesson 6 + what follows The general order of adjectives before a noun or noun group is the following : Determiner + observation + physical description (size, shape, age, colour) + origin + material + qualifier + NOUN Examples : A beautiful old red Italian racing car. An expensive big antique gold mirror. That delicious traditional Thai recipe. Several tall young American football players. DETERMINER Opinion – furthest to the noun=attitude, observations: lovely, nice, delicious, difficult… Size=size, height: huge, big, small, tiny, little… Shape=shape, weight, length: square, round, long, fat, oval, flat… Condition=condition, state: rich, hungry, clean, wet… Age=How old is it?: new, old, antique, young, modern… Colour=approximate colour, colour: purple, blue, reddish, golden, green, white… Pattern=design, pattern: flower, zigzag, checked, stripy… Material=What is it made of?: gold, wooden, plastic, synthetic, cotton, cardboard, paper… Purpose – closest to the noun=What is it used for?: riding, shopping, gardening, frying, dining, sleeping… NOUN Before adjectives we would also have a determiner, generally speaking: a, an, the, this, those, her, your, my, our, some… That’s all folks for this evening, good night! Good night. Good night.

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