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In a Dockyard the size of a large airfield An army of Engineers is building a ship like no other This is with the most demanding job ever Longer than four football pitches and capable of carrying more than 18,000 containers It’s the world’s biggest ocean-going cargo vessel the triple e We have a major challenge to get a super stresses completed assignment they have just 38 weeks to build And trial this monster for feliforms offers up then I lose my job Safety is a disgrace. You have open gratings. You have poses cables or spotting the roots This is the exclusive inside story of the men and women Reason to build the world’s biggest ship Optimal South Korea Under the world’s second largest shipyard an enormous vessel is taking shape One that could change the shipping industry forever the Triple E 400 meters long the triple e will be the world’s biggest ship A steal of aia ‘then powered by two enormous engines each capable of delivering more than 40,000 horsepower enough power to carry 165 thousand tons of cargo at a steady 16 knots halfway around the world The man tasked with delivering this mega ship on time his site manager Sauron are bared Of course we hope he’ll go as smoothly as possible but We will have Challenger and sometimes maybe big challenge to do in the construction was to first versus Sauron leads a team of 20 for inspectors drawn from around the world We have a sound of the crack team, yes That hard shaft is to spin in church We’re getting somewhere we’re getting forward The vessels enormous hull is almost complete Next task install the ship’s vast engines and propellers that will power her through the ocean They’ve been conceived here at the headquarters of Danish shipping giants, Maersk Line my naval architect roles post Berg He’s designed hundreds of vessels in his 32 year career for the Triple E is a different beast Of course I’m getting him emotionally involved in these vessels because I’m part of their design and they apparently It matters a lot to me and not only to me again I think it matters a lot to everybody in this company that these ships perform The design of the propeller is of course important. We need to have an efficient propeller But Rosa’s plan for the ship’s propulsion system is highly unorthodox Is designed for the Triple Aim will not only make a bigger and heavier than our competitors But also more efficient Pouting the ship with a single engine would need a huge propeller Was a propeller this big would be the surface of the water making it ineffective and wasting energy So trolls is splitting the power between two ancients Driving to smaller propellers This design should maximize efficiency but is a first for a container ship this size One massive propeller would not provide you with the most optimal solution Troves has also opted for four-bladed propellers rather than the usual five or six blades I guess my reputation is on figuring in the design of this person. So we will see if they perform in the final in The first challenge facing trolls and his team is actually making the propellers themselves He’s on his way to var in in Germany whether being cast The casting process is so essential if if the carting goes wrong you’ll get delayed and you give will Have to catch up This vast foundry has the world’s biggest electric furnace making more than 200 ship propellers every year Crowe’s is meeting factory boss Manfred arpan Good morning, honey. Good tank oils good to see you. How much of is a very exciting day? How much load have you put on the mole here so keep it Solo Casting the triple E’s propellers presents a major challenge even for Manfred steel As molten metal pours into the propeller mode Tiny hydrogen bubbles form cavities as it goes These could spell disaster for the ship That’s because as a propeller spins extreme pressure is put on the blades Powerful enough to fracture any holes created by the bubbles forming cracks Which could wreck the entire propeller During operation We have to make sure that there’s no For cracks or whatever lasting is the most sensitive period in a lifetime of the propeller because all the Mistakes you do during the casting you cannot rectify and that’s very eager to get hydrogen Inside the alloy and we have to make sure that this hydrogen Is coming out before we cause to do this Manfred steam will use an ingenious chemical technique They will pump argon gas into the liquid metal to remove all of the hydrogen bubbles The Tsongas on its way from the button of the of the furnace To the surface whenever it will meet some hydrogen gas it will take it They don’t want to edit cabbages inside the the updates happen With the bubbles gone the team gets ready to pour a hundred and fifteen tons of liquid metal into the moon Yeah now we are ready We cannot interrupt the casting once we start we have to finish it. It’s now or never He’s really amazing this button I’m there been that close to a propeller perfect dramatic Who that dropped anchor soon as flower Oh, yeah, it takes 11 days to cool the propeller before achieved down to size by a team of robots After a final buff and polish the propeller worth 1 million dollars undergoes a crucial task We scan the surface of the propeller after the scan we can see it on the computer is to make sure that the shape is Perfect It takes eight hours to mop every last millimeter of the giant propeller surface Looking for the slightest defect It’s important to see what the conditions of propeller is you can see it on the screen all is fine for the moment There’s very good road effects found Propeller number one passes the test a Final once-over from trolls and he can sign it off the first Privilege, that’s the first PV Looks very nice We are planning to dispatches propellants next week to Hamburg. Yeah port and then it’s on the way to Coriana Yeah very much Aqua South Korea with the first of the triple East twin propellers cast workers and EU Shipbuilding and marine engineering Are preparing the vessels engine bay for the arrival of our giant power plants? that the engine they’re supposed to spear a big barge Street talking machinery master Steven Moog dog will oversee the installation of the engines The engine is like the internal organs of a human being everything’s better Functioned together since switching from sealing ships to building them. He’s constructed more than 40 vessels 26 years of unity okay, I am very experienced He has a keen eye for detail and he’s worried. The engine bay is far from ready This defect tag for the misalignment was put on at the beginning of December nothing’s been done This is a little bit more of a challenge compared to a single Single engine vessel. We’ve got two engines. So basically we end up doubling up on the majority of the equipment Each engine costs five million dollars and is the size of a house Built from more than 60,000 components they are the most complex parts of the ship And before being installed they’re getting fired up for the first time We want to make sure that that that we get the highest quality engine from the maker we don’t want any problems The man Stephen is banking on to deliver the perfect engine is yen’s Auto mum We call this job test It is a complete test of the Indian Hopefully we will have no problem. It will go smoothly Yes, his team uses a unique piece of kit to max out the machine At sea what are pushing against the propellers blades puts the engine under remain stress To simulate these forces in the factory Technicians connect the triple e’s engine-turned ingenious invention the water break It’s a giant rotor blade which takes the place of the propeller and Is sealed inside a huge steel drum containing water Workers adjust the level of the water to push the engine Lord to the limit You notice was that the 25% load and then load up so hundred and ten percent No is the first time and the last time we will have a hundred and ten percent load on the Indian It will not happen again Engine is ready for that This long and good at the moment we are here 90 percent row But just as the kind cup of poverty there’s a problem At the very top of the engine a technician has spotted something that could spell disaster An oil leak We can make the big problem that the pile acting explosion Yen squashed the test on hold while the technicians locate the source of the leak We are looking for which point is linkage such as a fuel pump four inches on back They trace the leak and seal it up After solve this problem we will run this engine The team fired up the engine for a second time Increasing the power I’m pushing the brand-new engine to its limits and Beyond how Indian Lord have been raised 210 percent which is a whole load test The tension is visible 18-point two number two number one two, eight three general number 2 a 2 a 2 pi Everything going smoothly Thank you very much so finish your test The performed one mixed up with the DSME They will send us a full report of the shop test It’s a little bit exciting then we can get on with installation of the engines on both the ship one. Sahajiya Back in dock to as the Corrine crew prepares the engine bay site manager Sauron has some safety concerns Jane have cables and host is blocking the route Then properly you have its it accident We have a cross in the cult part that we have to stop the world Get on the workers out until we have clear What we are pointed out incorrectly Then I love to work again While he’s reluctant to pull the plug in the build Sauron has to make sure things improve people’s our flock by welding cables and hoses You’ll need to clean up the rotten base so we can find a way around Meanwhile in Germany, a specialist crew is getting ready to transport the fuzz propeller to Korea Costing a cool 1 million dollars and the machined with mind-boggling precision Hauling this precious load almost 300 kilometers to the port Will be no mean feat a great day for the propeller a great day for us after we work so many weeks For to finish this propeller Vodka history today we have to say goodbye On one side but on the other side we can expect to get the money soon. That is also very important Let’s go It’s a tight squeeze through this treeline trail This is the riskiest part of the journey the slightest lapse in concentration Could lead to a big repair bill for truck driver, New York, Emil Haas Lekha x5 the iron It’s gonna help your Devon After a grueling six-hour trek yurga Rives at the port of Hamburg Lowering the propeller into the ship’s hold needs a delicate touch We could have a sudden wind that could blow blow the throw the hook away and it could Hammer at the side that could damage the propeller people could get hurt which is quite dangerous The 70-ton monster hangs precariously in the balance Huge money Touchdown Finally the propeller can leave for Korea The next time it sets sail it will be powering the triple e on her maiden voyage thumbs up Next stop Korea In octo South Korea what continues on the 60,000 ton ultra large container vessel The chapel With the first of our giant propellers on rich from jammer Sauron on Berk and his team are preparing to install the engines that will turn them We have the erection Romanian tent taken place in this week. In fact, we will also have the shafts in this next week So we’ll be quite busy week Before what begins bleed machinery superintendent Stephen Murdoch carries out a surprise inspection There are huge number of architecture And he’s not happy The protection of the part has been broken with preventing ingress of dirt and foreign materials into the pot This is a defect tag. They were sorted out and we’ll follow up and check it has been sorted out With more than 100 kilometers of pipe work throughout the Triple E Steven knows that there’s very little chance of discovering blockages at elite are deemed This is a good example of what we do surprise inspections but we find something like this with pipe has been used as a The storage facility while if if this equipment if it was left in here It will go through the system. It could either cause damage to valves, of course cause damage to pipe or could cause blockages It could be a disaster I will now remove it then clean the fuck Before installing the engines Soren is keen to discuss his safety concerns with the yard. I Would say your safety House on keeping is a disgrace on board four to five zero We have open creating should have hoses cables and everything of sorts in the routes So if you’re not seeing improvement lays by Monday we will stop your work Then you have a holiday no, but we need to improve this book It’s very important yes, it is very dangerous After saurons ultimatum the installation of the propulsion system hangs in the balance More than two years of research have gone into designing the triple-s propellers And testing all aspects of the design Trolls has been keen to avoid one problem but is blighted propellers for over a hundred years eros of cavitation You can easily design a propeller that is very efficient, but it might then also have a very bad cavitation error As a propeller blade slices through the water it creates an area of extremely low pressure This causes the water to vaporize forming tiny bubbles as The bubbles burst they create powerful shock waves tiny pinpricks of energy capable of damaging even the hardest of metals Over time this effect called cavitation eats away at the propellers blades rendering them useless And that’s of course trivial if we don’t want to lose the popular because of the Roseanne decapitation and So several months ago Troz booked a crucial taste at this twenty million dollar facility Home to a state-of-the-art cavitation tunnel Run by Martin Gooch It’s like a ring tunnel, but from our interesting We increase the water speed inside the tunnel and test the capitation behavior of the propellers On trial trolls his unorthodox four bladed propeller design First Keihin Martin tested a five bladed design for comparison Are we up to People issue it sounds noisy a little bit concerned to put on the stop line We hear the cavitation and always tears We feel those vibrations in the chip Because this could be very impressive the propeller will melt cannot completely avoid bubbles what contagious unacceptable Trolls is four-bladed design had to perform better Yeah, this will be the moment of truth We have an expectation, but we don’t know before the test This is very different what we saw with the five days propeller The amount of cavitation is smaller and that’s a good result Unlike the five blade propeller before it causes for Blade II design passed the test Much to his relief Same we have found their rightful relative Giavotella Morris $1,000,000 We been working for this designer in two years, I think his has really paid off Today back in Korea The triple ease engines are finally ready to be lured into the bees But for Stephen and his team Installing a machine the size of a two-story house Is a Herculean task? the main engines have been completely built up at the factory and they’ve been tested there then for Transportation and for fitting into the vessel. They’ve been disassembled Weighing in at around 1,300 tons apiece the engines are too heavy to load into the hull in one go So the team will install them in three parts Loading each piece down through an opening in the engine room Barely wider than the engine parts themselves The stakes are high if one of the sections collides with the ship on the way down The damage to the vessel and engine could be catastrophic The engine will be lifted in in a number of sections and will be built up The complete rebuild of the engine will be will be closely monitored. All the sections will have to be very carefully aligned With so much at stake Stephen and Trust the job to one of the yards most extraordinary machines The mighty Goliath cream Standing 100 meters tall, it’s 96 wheels rule down steel tracks running the length of the dog It’s the king of cranes and can lift up to 900 tons But it’s controls is Kim Seung Hoon Tamenund Okinawan endure mercy on each other ‘mo. Nica CEO Jang Hana Robert aa Single man : dharamdas indecency Margaux. I see no cigar you’re goin over to the wall today actually entertaining a concept or Harrogate Children told you so here we are sitting in jail Peter and John and Susanna, I don’t – it’s unclear geometry create. Myhnegon. Jigida mentally. She knew better and do some kitchen 100 metres below workers connect the Goliath cables to the first engine block Known as the bed plate Is getting arrested they’re setting us return Tessa today, it’s a miracle It’s a miracle Matthews wasn’t The key under guru claim will goron request test haramein be taken and good Hang it at sake of human urine there in the coup de Coptic Salazar who claim you’re going to go in the unit was harmed illustrated le traigo crucial especially new mobile in go okay with our concerns are intoxicated Daniela a Virgin daiquiri. Is it home to swastika terrorism? There’s a real Some Queens eyes on the ground is Foreman recently to in Santa Marta Syrian Center in that to me Since ooh, so me your two kids out. There cos apparently are using Cancel the in the little chummy move Johnny will conserve here Parker the vet played slowly begins its descent down through the hole in the engine I’m talking to With the bed plate dangling just above the drop zone. They hit a major snag The hole through which the giant engine must fit is to Naru Zhang his team must act fast on the phone Shaquille as a walk The main engineering The pyramid as harem King honoree again with some negligence woman on TV two communiques Anita as you division dagger could be Big too baned and cut away at the obstructing steel Until the engine blocks eases food Okay, we’ve just lifted in port main engine bed flat and you’re starting to get a Scale of the actual size of the engine room, which is very big on this vessel Everything coming together. It’s always amazing But the struggle to install the engine has come at a cost Cutting space for the bed plate has made a mess of the engine room floor Throwing up even more safety issues Found out that their safety is no it’s no good Can see you here is a big opening It is there this will help you. Nothing will need to steal various right-hand ring like the handrails Going along this. I’m sure nothing there pipe all the way around. Yeah Mindful of saurons threat to stop production the workers rushed here ate the handrail No responsibilities What thank you After five weeks at sea, the first of the triple is $1,000,000 propellers finally arrives in Korea Before it can be installed our superintendent Peter Bertelsen carries out a critical inspection of the ship If safety hasn’t improved Peters boss Sauron will have to halt production No way we go around the engine room. Have a good is this? This is a working place, there’s not a desk where people are sitting shoplift paper around people are welding people are cutting There it is a danger workplace One hour later Peter delivers his verdict Doing a very good job Safety’s confidant Paul got off. It was very cluttered and very Dirty and there was materials all over and they were bad at fitting handrails. So, but they are getting better And look good, no problem Because she had she had to chew it in the safety it looked very clean now everything is nicely oiled up in this clean The team is given the green light to lower the last inch of lock into place And fit the 280 tons sharks that will connect the engines to the propellers Giving them a good greasing It’s no the propellers tongue The crane will be attached to the top of the propeller by an eye bolts because of the design of the propeller there So any way that we can lift it? Being on a single-point lift if it does start to swing in any way then it’s more difficult to control Damage can happen if it’s if something goes wrong It’s down to crane operator Kim sung-hoon to thread the propeller on to the end of its shaft The lift disorder The propeller Chavo very pure Hanauma, Chavo Agata Munna Button pelota reporter take a moment. We have a variable – Johanna by picture Sorry Oh bingo Multimedia and Amanda are you know properly okay immediately Suddenly sunghoon’s worst fears are realized as the propeller begins to swing Seung-hoon must regain control fast Or the propeller could smash into the shaft To the top At last the team brings the propeller under control And with a reassuring bar here call it comes to rest on the shaft But not everyone is happy This is not fun, what is going on, yeah Big it turns out someone forgot to tell Stephen of the lift. I Was told Thursday we put in the propeller on Thursday yeah, but the our schedule was changed Because of the crazy schedule I haven’t watched you put in the propeller onto the card I do not know if you’ve damaged the current while you’ve been putting it on With Stephen insistent unchecking that it’s been properly attached the build team has little option but to remove the propeller and Start all over again Not very happy at the moment Whoa check that Wanna check inside the propeller. I want to see you fit in a Problem with the propeller the propeller four workers have been I lose my job. We lose We lose all our terms This is an important inspection because it’s only the contact the friction between the shore And the propeller hub that is holding the propeller on The propeller is removed Enabling Steven to carry out his chains It’s looking good. Yes, you all have Pierre gun With Stephen, no satisfied The crew can fit the propeller for the second time They are all gonna be the biggest container vessels in the in the world. Then we want to make sure that the vessel is delivered satisfactory without any problems With both its engines and propellers in place The first of Maersk lines new breed of mega container ships the triple e takes another giant leap towards completion The main engines been put in we’ve reached a major milestone The heart of the ship is in place now, I will just got to get it started But the mission is far from over Had to be fer perfect. We not even up before as perfectly as The team battle to install the ship’s towering superstructure This will be one of the most important rooms under shipping and the reefs to build the world’s biggest ship continues

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