Getting Started with SAP Digital for Customer Engagement

Congratulations! By choosing SAP
Digital for Customer Engagement, you’ve taken the first step to manage
all of your business activities easily. The solution can be extended to meet
your needs with its powerful analytics and intuitive UI available anywhere, any time, and from
any device. This is your Home page. You’ll see this every time you log on.
Here you see the information you need at a glance. Anything from your upcoming business
appointments and important calls to your sales pipeline, and even the
deals that you’ve already won this year … all powered by SAP HANA. You can quickly change the way the Home
page appears and arrange the tiles in order of importance to you. It’s easy to hide the Home page any time.
Drill down to the information you need by clicking any of the tabs above. The
tabs that appear depend on how you scope your solution, whether for sales, service, retail, or all of them! Similar to the Home page, you can drag and drop tabs to reorganize
them. From the Import page, under Settings, you can import
data from Gmail or CSV files. Then you’ll be able to access
imported contacts’ information under Customers. Here you
can also add new contacts. You can also create a new contact from the quick create toolbar.
You can access this toolbar any time to view notifications,
search for items of interest, or create new objects. Use the Dashboard to analyze
key performance indicators at a glance. Collaborate with your team and share important updates on your feed.
Upgrade to buy the product any time within 30 days by simply clicking the Buy Now button.
For more information about the features you’ve just seen and other product features, access our
guided tours. So what are you waiting for? Make customer engagement simple.

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