Get tips on dropshipping clothes [FOR BEGINNERS]

Dropshipping clothes can be a challenge considering
the fierce competition in this niche. But fear not! Today, I will teach you how to dropship apparel
and get your share of customers. Hello, guys! I’m Olesia from AliDropship. Our company started with a number of dropshipping
stores that successfully function to this day. So all our tips are based on this experience. To make dropshipping easier, we have created
AliDropship plugin, which we use in all our stores. If you’re interested in the dropshipping
business, you can use it too! In this video, I will show you how to run
a successful clothing store. You will also learn about our solutions that
inspire customers to make impulse purchases. They work great for clothing or any other
niche. Let’s begin! Think of your store concept. Ok, you’ve decided to start dropshipping
clothes. But… what kind of clothes? If you have to face serious competition, it’s
a good idea to narrow your offer to a specific niche. Such stores are easier to promote and monetize. You can choose a clothing category according
to the materials it’s made of. For example, you can focus on denim wear;
or dropship apparel made of silk, etc. Another option is to concentrate on a certain
pattern, color, or decoration type. How about making a store with polka-dotted
clothes only? Style is a common choice for clothing stores. For instance, one can narrow down to vintage
dresses. Lastly, you can stick to clothes designed
for certain activities such as sports, parties, swimwear, and so on. Another important thing is to understand your
potential buyers. What kind of people want to purchase your
products? How old are they? What message do they want to hear from you? What motivates them? For example, gothic music fans and Japanese
Harajuku style fans need different products and specific promotional strategies. You can start analyzing your target audience
by going to forums and social media groups devoted to the niche of your choice. Pricing policy is important too. If you can beat the prices your competitors
ask, you’ll attract more clients. Learn more about pricing from the article
in our blog. SEO optimization and advertising
To ensure your dropshipping store is easy to find, you must properly optimize it for
search engines. You can find the links to the materials you
need in the description. However, keep in mind that if the competition
in your niche is too strong, you might find SEO useless. In this case, you will have to rely heavily
on advertising. Some people in e-commerce give up SEO entirely
and promote their business on social media only. That might be your case as well. Trigger impulse purchases
An impulse purchase is when a customer didn’t plan to buy anything but suddenly decided
to do it out of emotion. Creating conditions for impulse purchases
can substantially improve your sales. But before that, you need to make sure your
product pages look perfect, and nothing distracts your potential buyers. To do that, you need to provide enough photos
of your product, so that visitors can be sure the apparel will suit them. Product details are another important part
of this page. When dropshipping clothes, provide customers
with a true-to-fact size chart and other valuable information. Lastly, provide feedback from real customers
by importing their reviews from AliExpress. Someone else’s real experience can hugely
motivate new buyers. Now that you’ve got your product pages ready,
it’s time to inspire your customers for impulse purchases. Here are some tricks to do it. First, provide social proof for your customers. As I mentioned above, customer reviews work
really well. If you dropship apparel, it’s a good idea
to show how your goods look on your customers. If your site is powered by AliDropship, you
can use our free Customer Gallery Add-on to gather all the pictures taken by your clients
on one page. Another efficient way to stimulate your site
visitors is to create a sense of urgency. Make your customers think that if they don’t
buy now, they’ll miss the opportunity. To do that, you can use countdown timers. For AliDropship users, we have Countdown Timer
Add-on as well. It tells site visitors that the products are
running out. Or make use of Recent Sales Pop-up plugin
for AliDropship. It tells visitors what product has been purchased
by another customer just now to fire up their curiosity. You might find similar solutions on other
platforms. Another tool compatible with AliDropship plugin
is Upsell Add-on. It offers your clients related products in
the shopping cart and on the Thank You page to motivate them to purchase additional items. Promote your business creatively. Finally, you have an advantage over people
selling devices or tech accessories. Apparel is a bright, vivid, and appealing
type of product, and you can make use of it by creating unique content. Besides, clothes go well with visual content,
which is great for promoting on Instagram or Facebook. Moreover, if you can use product videos, it’ll
be super great. And don’t forget that you’re not the only
one working in this industry. When dropshipping clothes, you can cooperate
with bloggers, influencers, photographers, makeup and hair artists, or accessory manufacturers. Together, you can try doing Instagram giveaways,
guest posting, featuring guests, and all sorts of collaborations you can imagine! If you want to dropship apparel, but you’re
still not sure what kind of clothes to sell, use our Niche Research service. This tool will help you understand what type
of products suit you best. Find the link in the description of this video. And be sure to download our AliDropship plugin
if you’re going to build your dropshipping store on WordPress. You might think I’m saying this because
I work here. But seriously, it’s a really powerful solution
for WordPress sites, and it’s a one-time payment! Buy now, use forever. If you have no idea how to turn a WordPress
site into an online shop, leave it to us. We’ll build a custom store for you, fully
ready to operate right away. You will find the links to these products
and articles in the description. As always, don’t forget to subscribe to
our channel and leave comments. Ask questions and offer topics for new videos. See you soon! Bye!

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