Future Farm Maine_October Harvest

(gentle music) – [Derek] This morning, I thought
I’d be the first one here, but I ended up getting
here right at sunup, and the real farmers were already here with their machines running. (truck engine roars)
Oh, great. Got the tractor running already. Boys are ready and geared up. – My name’s Nathan Gray, and I’m the manager here at the field. So, I’ve been here at the hemp field for going on five months now. We’ve been camping out the whole time. Getting to see these
plants from two inches tall to this big flowering plant. And now, today, we take them down with the combine. Today is a rewarding day. – [Derek] In my business, we call this Croptober. If you’re fortunate enough to make it to Croptober, it’s a win in itself. It becomes the most labor-intensive part of the year, but it’s a fun time
because you’ve made it. We’ve got about 60,000
plants in the ground, 35 to 40 acres. We’ve got a late start this season, but the plants were vigorous. They grew well. Future Farms is one of
the largest hemp farms in New England. All of our infrastructure and groundwork has been laid down. And next year, we’re looking to double
if not triple production. Just walking by them, just driving down the street, you can smell them. These are specifically for CBD production. – We got feminized seed. – [Derek] Oh, beautiful. (exhales loudly) That’s good stuff. I feel good about the quality of the product. After we do the extraction process, we should be able to get big yields out of these plants. (lively music) (tractor engine roars) – The tractors and the
new harvest technique, after some customization, we were harvesting, and it was working, and we’re excited. Bill said I could jump up there and give it a whirl. There was a lot of moving parts. You have to keep every one of them in line to cut perfectly straight and harvest the most hemp you can at one pass. Future Farms brought a
lot of strategic value to this project, specifically with their plant genetics, their scientists who study plants and have the ability to breed in different traits. We were looking to develop a strain that would flourish
here in Northern Maine. But at the same time, test under 0.3% THC and test as high as possible in the CBD range. It also had to be an early finisher and produce as much CBD as possible the fastest. And, it turned out to
be really successful. When the Department of
Agriculture came here to take a look at our field, they immediately told us that we were in the top three best farms in the entire state, which was rewarding, knowing that we could do it so much better next year. That first dump truck
filled up pretty quick. We weren’t sure how many
passes we were gonna get before we had to swap
the dump trailers out and transport them to
the processing facility. But, it went pretty quick. And, we got it hooked up, and we dragged it over to the processing plant. There, they’re gonna keep it in a controlled environment. They’re gonna get the percentage of moisture down below 10%, and then, they’re gonna pelletize it and get it ready for order to go to the labs for extraction. (exhales) – Been a long day. Day one of harvest went smooth. – [Derek] Sun’s going down. I think we’re down here at least until the sun comes up tomorrow. These farmers, sunup, sundown, that’s their work hours, and we’re just trying to keep up with them. (lively music)

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  1. highdra says:

    glad i invested in this keep up the great work!

  2. Dustin French says:

    Hope the new Farm Bill subsidies for hemp is in clear vision of fft. Would greatly help expand the amount of acreage. Curious what happened to the rest of the 80 acres of this farm. Feminized cbd seeds?

  3. David M says:

    Get your dump truck's filler tube a little closer. I see lots of waste

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  5. Ditch The Itch says:

    When will we see financials? Glad your farming, but financials drive stock price.

  6. Hemp Press says:

    have you considered dewatering to speed up your drying time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-0g6NANyhs

  7. twinzturbo says:

    I manage a large farm out here in nevada, we did around 100k plants on a few properties. We used a corn chopper to harvest after we took our premium smokable buds by hand. I like that little chopper you guys use, what is that? Looks like it picks up less dirt. Im curious to know how all that dried withought molding, we put all our stuff in wet bails in plastic with a wet bailer, where it sits not ready to go through our wheat dryer from china then in a hammer mill. How does the pellatizing work? Hit me up if you can I would like to chat. Thanks…great vid

  8. Mr Chuntaro says:

    How do I get a harvester like that! Great setup.

  9. Carlos Torres says:

    Wau 👍🙊 saludos de puerto rico 😎

  10. Dan says:

    2000 shares. Great to have you all as partners. 👍🏻

  11. Andrey Ivanov says:

    Эх я ведь тоже могу на тракторе работать.

  12. BioPac'r by YCC says:

    what was the final CBD value?

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    This ain’t farming

  16. jordan bacurnay says:

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  17. khasi dish 3108 says:

    I love its 😘😘

  18. David Wilson says:

    hello America anyone can grow cbd.its very easy.but cbd does nothing for chronic pain.

  19. Ryan Emery says:

    This is awesome! My family was originally dairy farmers for 4 generations in Maine and many of my close friends are going to inherit agricultural property (mostly from former dairy farms). There’s definitely a lot of cleared, underutilized agricultural average in Maine that I think hemp farming would be great for.

  20. Eduardo Torres says:

    Amo la marihuana😍 ojala pudiera trabar en ello algun dia. Ese seria mi trabajo perfecto.

  21. Scandalous Type says:

    So much is being wasted into the air as it’s shot into the trailer 👎🏽 wasteful

  22. David M says:

    Invest in this company $FFT $FFRMF

  23. J Plaxin says:

    this company just got licensed to grow 50,000 sq ft of out door cannabis… CANT WAIT FOR THAT VIDEO

  24. Gary Babulal says:

    Hey can I get a job

  25. joshua mchugh says:

    Great video, it's time for another video and news guys

  26. Brandon Codling says:

    Do you fokes need any help allways looking for outdoor work

  27. MR. FUCR says:

    Great work sirs,but ,how many farmers try to sneak some kind bud into those rows, i mean really?

  28. khanawut sorn says:

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  31. julle huu says:

    0:24 ed gein looking motherfuker

  32. Lk Gamer says:

    Eu quero trabalhar com vocês kkk

  33. daop prikitiw says:

    When indonesia have free farming like that soo cool

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  35. Tuen Tien says:

    Make a male tree. Is there any way to recognize when you were little? I plant stars all the trees have flowers

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    Eu queria trabalhar aí😁

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    Nice. 👍👍👍

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  51. Aaron Wright says:

    This is how you DONT want to obtain medical marijuana….. maybe GMO corn…

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  57. John Goguen says:

    What a shame half of that should go for consumption years ago i found a gov research farm in Vermont they had little signs on the rows telling what kind of weed it was thank you it was good i was deer hunting when i found it

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    Nice video

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  68. Alberto Rodrigez says:

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  69. TheQueenSpider says:

    I love how the background music is from the game Hempire! It’s from the breeding trailer part of the game

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  72. I_Say_Things_that_are Obvious ! says:

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  77. joseph losicco says:

    Hello my name is joe interested in your harvesting machine hoping to plant 70 acres next year , can I call the farm mentioned in the video also two thumbs up in the beautiful grow thank in advance

  78. Uncle Quack says:

    So you can't smoke this at all?

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