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Jamf makes our success. Incorporating Jamf has really been life-changing, revolutionary for us! We do have a really unique history with Jamf. I really do love Jamf! Having Jamf, we fell in love. It was love at first sight and love ever since! I see Apple and Jamf as a partner, we all hold each other’s hands and without one or the other we fail. Working with Jamf has always been a pleasure for me and being in the IT industry for 10 years and utilizing Jamf for almost 8, I know that it’s a reliable tool. Integrating technology into the real world, is more challenging than integrating it just into a controlled setting. Jamf has helped us a lot in doing that, by bridging the gap between technology and the operational aspects of our business. The thing that I think impresses people, is when we can do things while interrupting their day as little as possible. One of the big things that we focus on, is building a trusting relationship and I think that the ability to have a reliable and solid product for them, in terms of the technology we provide, is very important. What I like about the iPad is that it’s controlled by Via, which is great! To be more lean and do more with less, is very important for any IT department. Using Jamf has made us way more efficient, for a very small IT team. If we were using Apple without Jamf, we would be manually opening up, setting up, and that’s way more man hours that it should be! I can’t imagine doing it that old way, it would just make me weep like a small child! We couldn’t do the depth of what we do, as well as the flexibility to give teachers and students the options that they have. This project is actually bringing people together and providing resources for adults and for children that we’ve never had before! Our end goal was to never be the big brother of tech support We want our users to be productive, we want them to have a good experience. Without having Jamf’s software on campus, I honestly don’t know how we would do it; Trying to maintain machines alone, with rudimentary tools is painful; it means that you’re not working on advancement, you’re working on maintenance. Now we have a real, strong, powerful, stable, flexible tool that lets us make that happen. That’s what Jamf does for us!

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