Flooring Retailer Reality 2019 | On The Floor With John Weller

(electronic music) – Today is the very best
day there has ever been to be in the floor-covering business. – [Announcer] On The Floor with John Weller. – [Cameraman] Rolling, rolling, all right. Take one. – Hey everybody, this is John Weller with the podcast. Today I wanna talk to
you guys about reality. Okay, so we talked to dealer
after dealer after dealer, and a lot of you say things like, hey you guys handle all my digital stuff, because I’m just gonna
run my retail store. And then there’s another
group of you that say, hey talk to Jimmy, talk to Sally, or our marketing consultants, because I don’t really get involved in that digital stuff, and they handle all that for my business. So a lot of you guys aren’t gonna like what I’m gettin’ ready to say. Whatever it is that you’re
doing at your store, whether that’s loading up the trucks, whether that’s selling Mrs Jones another piece of carpet, whether it’s talking to one of your manufacturing reps, and bringing in another rack that the products look marginally like the 55 other racks that you
already have in the store, I can guarantee you, whatever it is, it’s not more important than you fully understanding
and being involved in your digital marketing strategy. If you are not completely
understanding and involved in your digital marketing strategy for your company, let me be clear, you are not running your company. If you are not running and planning the digital marketing for your company, and fully understand it, you are not running your company. ‘Cause I totally understand
where you guys are coming from, and I understand you
didn’t grow up with this, well guess what, neither did I. Okay, I run a digital marketing company, for thousands of retailers, I learned it. Why did I learn it? Because we live in a time when it’s not an option. Okay? This technology thing, this revolution that we’re living in, has just begun, right. It’s not, it has not peaked and plateaued, it has just begun. So if you don’t understand the basics and everything that’s going on with digital marketing today, what’s gonna happen to you next year, and the year after, and the year after. And the disconnect between
you and your customer is gonna continue to grow, and you’re gonna have Jimmy and Sally making decisions on your behalf. So guys this is a very important and very serious conversation. You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into this company that you have, that’s your asset. That’s everything you’ve got. And if we don’t start communicating and learning how to leverage technology, and communicate the way consumers want us to communicate with them, that asset is invisible to the world, and the people who are communicating on the platforms like
Facebook and Instagram, and communicating through instant message with your customers, they’re the only ones
actually in the conversation, and you lose out. So guys I know a lot of you, this is an uncomfortable conversation, but if you’ll put in the time, work with a digital marketing company, and really get to understand what they’re trying to do, and make sure that your best foot is forward and the asset that you’ve
built up over all these years, is being displayed
properly using technology, the world right now, you’re in a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity, this is a land grab. As I said, technology just began. Right, we didn’t have
this thing 15 years ago, so think about that. Facebook wasn’t here 15 years ago. All of these things that have happened are brand new and just beginning and continuing to evolve. You’ve got this giant asset, you’ve got your story, learn about it, learn how to tell your story, and it’s a land grab and the possibilities are endless. (electronic music)

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