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in the name of research I’ve done a
little fabric shopping welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
Moore helping you discover your love of sewing it as you can see I’ve got this
amount of fabric all from an online fabric store called Fashion Fabrics and I originally found out about this site from my friend Emily
Hallman designs she would often get quite a few of her fabrics from fashion
fabrics club and they were gorgeous so this is gonna be a bit of a fabric haul
and a review all wrapped into one so what I’ve done is I’ve taken screenshots
of all of the products I ordered from fashion fabrics club comm and I’m gonna
be comparing it to what I actually got right here to see if what I was seeing
on the website kind of matches up with my perceptions and what I actually got
so let’s get started of course I waited until there was a really good sale this
particular sale was on silk fabric and I think there was still a sale on wool
fabrics this is actually a remnant and so one thing I noticed about fashion
fabrics is they’re always having sales so if something’s not on
sale one week just wait also another thing to keep in
mind is not all of the fabrics are reorder Abal so some of what you see
once it’s gone it really is gone and there’s no coming back from that other
fabrics they can keep stocking so if it says reorder a bowl on the item that
means it you can actually keep on getting it and you don’t have to worry
about it running out but I noticed there was a discount section and they sold
fabric remnants this is one of the remnants I got this is a navy blue
suiting and it’s I believe 75% cotton 25% polyester and that was appealing to
me because it wasn’t wool so it still hopefully was breathable it does have
some poly in it and it’s machine washable which was very important to me
I tend to mostly go for machine washable fabrics and this is a three-yard remnant
piece and I paid 13548 1350 for this whole big piece I believe it’s 60 inches
wide and I would have to say this feels like a pretty quality fabric I like it
in does look like something you would get
in like a men’s or a woman’s suit and the quality seems pretty decent there’s
a couple like little gnarly bits every once in a while but for the most part I
think for 1350 this is a pretty good deal the color is a little bit darker
than what I thought it looked like on the website but I’m not real bummed out
about that so I am pretty happy with this piece the next item is this dark
blush pink stretch poplin so it’s mostly cotton and it’s got a little bit of
lycra in it and this is the type of fabric that my friend Emily orders quite
often and she makes really cool stuff with it so I thought I would give it a
try and it does have a little bit of stretch in it and this is also a remnant
piece this is four and a half yards this piece also has a wider width and I
noticed pretty much all of the fabrics on fashion fabrics did have
that wider width so I like that and this piece was 1750 I am actually pretty
happy with the quality of this I’m gonna try to pre wash it and maybe I’ll try to
make a shirt out of it and this fun lemony yellow piece is a four yard cut
of sort of a rayon polyester I would say it’s like a boucle suiting type fabric I
had my eye on it for a while I thought the color just looked really fun I got
four yards of it and it was 525 yard and it said on the description that it was
imported from Italy I think this is super cute although the print I don’t
know why somehow it looks slightly different on the website than it does in
person but I would say I’m still pretty happy with it and I’m really excited
there is one thing though that I have to mention for some of the fabrics you can
have the option of adding a matching spool of thread to it so I was like oh
how cool you know I’ll do it for this fabric because I don’t really have any
yellow thread like this so I thought I was going to get a spool of thread that
matched the yellow print so I paid a dollar eighty for the spool of thread
only to get this fashion fabrics Club really this is white thread I have tons
of white thread at home I think if you’re gonna bill it as a matching
thread it should at least match the color of the print I don’t know
was a little bit disappointed by this but it was a dollar eighty just know
going in if you have fabric with white in it you may just get white thread all
right all right I may have gone a little overboard with the pink I got this hot
pink cotton lawn fabric it was on sale for 248 so I got four yards of it I
figure I can always use a cotton lawn for something whether it be a lining or
maybe like a lightweight blouse or you know something I don’t know I just
figured I needed it so I got it and I felt like the color depiction was fairly
accurate for this it did say it was a very lightweight weave and it’s it is
very lightweight so again I wouldn’t use this as like a standalone garment you
would need to use this as a line so I might use this as a lining fabric
probably most likely this last fabric I was really taking a chance in this I’ve
never bought silk before this is 100% silk hydrangea pink suiting it looked
very pretty on line I will say that in person it looks quite a bit different
I’m really not disappointed in the fabric but it just looks different than
how I imagined maybe I’m just really bad at this sort of thing I don’t know I’m
but again I’ll keep it and this was definitely a bit of a wild card and I
think it’s a really cool fabric I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it I really
hope you could hand wash it because I don’t really do dry clean only fabrics
it was on a week where silk was insanely on sale so it was $5 a yard I got four
yards yeah I seem to have a four yard theme here so I just thought you know
what I’ll take a chance and see what happens
so this is what I got I have no idea what to do with this we’ll have to see
so that’s my fashion fabrics Club haul and review and I hope it helps because I
wanted to screenshot all of the items just so you can see sometimes it’s hard
to buy fabric online because you don’t know exactly what you’re getting so this
is my impression of fashion fabrics on a scale of one to ten I’d
probably rate fashion fabrics club maybe with
7.5 to an eight I thought the prices were great and I thought they had some
really unique cool fabrics as far as the impression on what you see on the
website to what you get in person yeah some of it was more accurate than others
and I will say the websites not the most user-friendly website so you do have to
navigate quite a bit to find deals in to find what you’re really looking for
but overall I’m fairly happy with this order and I would definitely order from
fashion fabrics club again there is a fairly high minimum order amount to get
free shipping I noticed usually it was like 79 or 69
dollars to get free shipping and other sites have a lower threshold to get that
free shipping but I thought their price is definitely more than made up for and
I found a lot of really cool stuff that I probably wouldn’t have gone for so if
you ordered from fashion fabric club let me know what you think would you try out
this site would you not I don’t know anyways I’ll see you guys next time for
another video and keep on sewing

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