Family of a Fallen Sailor React to the Discovery of his Ship

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8 Responses

  1. Ela Moonsamy says:

    Child: Mom I need a new phone mine cracked

    Mom: How?

    Child: I smashed the like button

  2. Gary Tesla says:

    The cost of a war is very high.

  3. StopListenThink says:

    I feel very sad for the lady because the parents never spoke of the death leaving the hope that he was alive and she never had closure….. this affected her tremendously you can tell even now

  4. Aaron Brall says:

    Shame that there are many casesblike this of people fromball countries, cant be laid to rest until 70 years after they passed

  5. Ann Anderson says:

    Thank you Mr. Cunningham for you service!! You are my hero!! Sorry to his family for having to lose a loved one especially one so young. 😭

  6. PDogB says:

    This is a sad, but interesting story. Not much detail on this and some other topics. Please allow your subscribers more content to this channel. Thank you.

  7. Missy Marie says:

    That was it? Talk about being left hanging. I TOO want to know what happened to him and his ship.😡
    Sidenote: he rocked that suit, which means it’s easy to see the pride he had in wearing it.
    I’m going to say a prayer right now that they find him.🙏✝️❤️✌️

  8. Militans Deo says:

    This story is to good to be this short, it's almost as if this story telling is some kind of bate and switch. Bad video editing.

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