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(casual, jazzy music) – Yo, what’s goin’ on, everybody? Uh, hold on. I wanna show y’all this real quick. (increasingly loud electronic music) There’s like, this event goin’ on so it might be a little
noisy during this video. It’s like a mosh pit or
somethin’, a concert. I dunno. But instead of bein’ down
there on a Saturday night, I am inside and I am
creatin’ videos for you guys. So make sure you hit that
like, hit the subscribe button. You know, show me some love as a form of a thank you, I guess. And in this video, I really
wanna talk about Facebook ads. All the little psychological things that it takes for a Facebook
ad to convert, okay? So whole different dynamic, it’s not like a TV commercial or anything. In Facebook, we’re stopping people who are there to be social. They’re pretty much
there to scroll and be, you know, look at other
people’s social media posts and interact with friends,
you know, pictures, whatever. They’re not there with
the purpose to shop. So if we’re gonna be advertisin’ there, we have to make sure we do a damn good job at stopping them right in their tracks and gettin’ their attention, hittin’ all those little
psychological cues that’s gonna get them to
pull out their wallets and pay you, okay? So I’m gonna go ahead
and show you all of that. I’m gonna get behind the computer screen. But before that, in the last video, I did announce a giveaway, and I wanna announce
the winner right here, right before your eyes. So let’s go ahead and pick the random comment
selector right here. Random YouTube comment picker, so this is completely random, no bias. I’m gonna paste the
link of that last video. It’s gonna pull up the comments, and once we start the random generator, our winner is, Abdullah Hashimi. There you go. So Abdullah says, (speaks
foreign language), bro. And he says, your videos are
just like your name, so legit. Well, thank you so much. You are the winner. And just verify that by
shootin’ me over a DM so I can verify that that is yours, and I’ll send you that $100 cash. But without further ado,
let’s get into this video and talk about Facebook ads. All right, what’s goin’ on, everybody? I have an idea of a video or
product that I wanna test, so I did create a video for it. And before we actually
get into the details of how to create this ad
and make it come to life, I want you guys to take
away this one thing, because this is often misunderstood. The purpose of your video
ad has one objective only, and that objective is to get
the person to click, okay? The clickthrough rate
is all we care about. Link clickthrough rate,
to be more specific. And, you know, don’t put
an overwhelming amount of information on the ad because people are coming from, they’re on a social platform, they’re there to be social. They’re not there to be sold on products. So it’s a different dynamic. All you gotta do is get their interest and get them to click. That is the purpose of the ad. Everything that we do
goin’ forward, you know, while we keep this in
the back of our mind, we have to make sure that
we’re makin’ it easy to consume and just grabbing the viewer’s interest. And we’re gonna rely on a store to do the job of actually convertin’ ’em and turning them into a customer. So lemme talk about this
product that I did find. And I was browsin’ around,
I saw videos on Facebook, so I went and looked it up. This product is $1.27. It’s a face-slimming mask for women, so it falls in that beauty niche. You guys know how much I like that. The supplier has videos here. So the supplier has videos,
I also did a Facebook search. I just went to Facebook
and typed in face slimmer and I saw a bunch of videos here. So this, where is it? So this video right here
looks like it’s a winner. As you can see, 3.6 K likes,
747 comments, and 726 shares. So that’s a very good ratio. That means that this video’s
gettin’ a lot of engagement. And you can, if you wanna
download the video from here, all you gotta do is
right-click, copy video URL, do a simple Google search. So open another tab, do a Google search, and type in Facebook video downloader, and you’ll see 10 options pop up. Just pick any one. You can paste the video
link and then download. And then, you’ll have that
video down in your computer. We’re not gonna take the same exact video. We’re gonna edit it. Okay, that brings me to my next point, which is, be original. The reason why a lot
of people get low reach but they get very high CPMs is because they just take in
other people’s video content. But the thing is, Facebook will
actually punish you for that because they will,
Facebook has an algorithm that detects when the
same video is being used on their platform. So they’re not gonna wanna
put that video out there. They want fresh, unique pieces of content. You can use other clips from,
you know, of that product, but you gotta cut ’em up and shuffle ’em. And we’ll get into that when
we go into the editing aspect. But keep that in mind. We’re not here to just
take other people’s videos. And it’s not beneficial for
you in the long run anyways. Another thing, if you wanna get the video straight from the supplier, which they do offer in most cases, you can just hit the three dots over here and then hit download. And that’s how you able
to get this video content onto your laptop or your desktop. Now, once it’s there, you wanna use a video editing software called Camtasia. It does cost money, okay? So, I think it’s like $200 or something, but if you don’t have it,
iMovie can work just fine, but I do recommend this. It’s definitely worth the investment. Also, if you’re not big on
payin’ that big of a price, you can try another
software called Animoto. And that’s, this one is
pretty much made for, like, slideshow kinda videos. It’s very easy to use, but
the customizability, I feel, is a little bit limited
compared to what you can do with Camtasia. But it is a monthly pricing, so you know, whichever is best fit for you. Like, you could do the
personal for $5 a month to start off with, and
edit your videos there. But lemme show you the concept of how we’re gonna
actually get these videos. And lemme, before we do
that, lemme just show you an exact video. So this is an example of a product. It has music, I just muted it
’cause it’s gonna be too loud. But as you can see, this
is the type of format that we’re looking for. And you can create, you can add all of these inside Camtasia. And this is a sushi roller,
so we’re pretty much just educating on the product. You know, talkin’ about
some of the benefits, talkin’ about how to use it ’cause this is not a common product. So you wanna be able to
do that in that instance. But for this product, I
actually spent last night makin’ this video. And lemme just turn the
volume down a little bit and play it for you guys so we can go over what kind of things you wanna include in this. So this one, obviously, has less text than that last video of the sushi roller. So I took a bunch of clips, both from Facebook and from AliExpress, and I cut them up inside Camtasia. The way you do that is,
when you to Camtasia, you actually wanna import the videos. So I’m just gonna select
a random video real quick. And as you can see, this is
one of the videos, right? And once you drag that down here, you’ll be able to just use the scrubber to see where the video changes. And I would stop it right here, and then you could click this little area to split the video. Now, once you do that and
you have different scenes, you pick whatever scenes
apart that you like, you can cut the video up. You know, you get the gist of it. Chop it up however you want and you can move these in
any order that you do want. Okay, so that is how you pretty much take a video and make it your own, okay? But after that, you wanna make sure that it’s a square format. So the way you do that is,
go to project settings, and make sure it’s 1080
by 1080, which it is, which is this black border right here. And that is the actual video. So you wanna make sure this, you drag this out to fit inside that. And then, from that point, from that point you can
basically do a bunch of things like add annotations, which is the white bar
that you see on top. So you go to the annotations section. You can add that up here. Again, I don’t want this
video to be super, super long, because we’ll be sittin’ here for days and it will actually get quite boring, but you get the gist of it. This is how I set it up. You drag that annotation up here, and then you can just
create that white bar. And then you can add any text you want. If we go back to that video, as you can see, we can, I added a bar up top and on the bottom, and I also added some text. So the top stays the
same, it stays constant throughout the whole thing,
naming what the product is. Some emojis to kinda give it
that viral video kinda look. And then down here is just
two or three words max on what the product is doing
and what you’re actually, you know, answering people’s questions. So, how long do you use it? You wait 30 minutes. Instant results, people
love instant gratification. So as long as you can prove that it works, 20000 happy customers. You know, that’s goin’ based
off of the AliExpress reviews, this mornin’, 20000 happy customers. Very good rating, so
you wanna include that. Add some social proof in there. Talk about shipping,
because people do wonder whether products ship
to their country or not, especially if you’re doin’ worldwide. And then finally, a call to action. This is very important. Make sure you’re givin’ a call to action to let them know, this
is not just a video, this is, you can go and get
this product here, okay? So that is the elements of this video. And one more thing I do wanna outline is, there’s a transformational
phase here, okay? So the first three seconds is
very important for your video. Pay attention to the content, because this is gonna grab
somebody’s attention to say, what is she puttin’ on her face, right? It gives that influencer kinda look of somebody tryin’ to review the product. But then once you play the video, there’s a transformational
phase right here. At about 10 to 15 seconds, I
want you to have your video display what the product
is doing for the customer. So right here, you can see there’s this big transformational phase. All right? And you can also make the music match up with it. If you’re wondering where to get music, you can get it from epidemicsound.com. And that is a website that
offers royalty-free music. They’ll have a bunch of
soundtracks, and like, videos. All you gotta do is literally
you can just type in, for this video, for example,
all I typed in was beauty. And then it said, a
bunch of options came up, like beauty commercials. And then you just pick
whatever track you think fits. And then you can also import
that inside Camtasia here. You can select, you know, import that and then drag that under here, and you’ll be able to match
the music up however you want. But this is the gist of it, okay? We was able to turn this
simple video right here, which is, like, you know, it’s all over
the place, pretty much. Cut it up, chopped it up, and
it end up looking like this. So this is how I want you guys
to aim for your ads to look. And remember to speak the
language of the niche, okay? Answer their questions through your video. The only purpose is to
get them to click, okay? Don’t, you don’t have to
mention price in here. Don’t do none of that, okay? Just get the click, add some social proof, show that it works using
other videos, okay? You don’t have to come up
with these videos on your own. Also, make sure the
volume is not too high. Another thing I realize
is that, a lot of people, when you scroll down
your social media feed, so videos usually auto-play
without the sound. If the volume is too loud when
the person actually plays it, so they’re not even
gonna consider your video because the volume is way too loud. So that’s one way to, you know,
decrease your clickthroughs is by havin’ way too loud volume. So remember not to do that, okay? Make sure, I’d rather you
have a lower volume than usual than a volume that’s too high. If you’re ever in doubt,
go with a lower volume. But this is the essence of it, okay? You can play around with the colors. If you wanna edit the colors of anything, you can come into the properties section and just select, you
know, so like, right here, you can select, you see
that color of the text? You can change it by
picking a color over here from the selector. But that pretty much covers
the video aspect of things. Another thing is, if
you aren’t comfortable making your own video and
it sounds too overwhelming, you can also go to fiverr.com. I’ll leave a link on the bottom. I like Fiverr because you can hire people to create videos for you. So if you come to fiverr.com
and do a simple search of dropshipping videos, you’ll see a lot of options pop up for people who can create video
a dropshipping-style video. Now, make sure it’s that
specific style, ‘kay, with the white bar on top and on bottom with just a few words. So this guy right here does it. They charge $40. There’s different prices, honestly, but if you wanna save
money in the long term, I recommend going with
Camtasia, doin’ it on your own. And once you start seein’ the returns and you have free time, then you wanna just pay
people to make videos for you so that it can, you know, you can be efficient with your time. That is the essence of the video ad. Now, let’s talk about
the actual description. So when we creatin’, I made
this little description here. And there’s actually a
method to this, okay? So you’re not just mentioning, or you’re not just blabbin’
on about the product. You have to talk about what
the product is doing for them. What problem is the product
solving for the customer? So right here I said, no
painful procedures needed. That’s the angle I’m coming with. It’s an attention-grabber, right? Just one standalone line that says, no painful procedures needed. This emoji right here is
attention-grabbing on newsfeed. And then you mention what the
product does for them, okay? This face slimmer is an all-new way to look 10 years younger. It makes the face slimmer,
smoother, and firmer without any need for painful or expensive medical procedures. Okay, so a quick tip for any beginners. If you’re learning, if you wanna
learn how to sell anything, all you gotta do is use
this one sentence format. And it goes like this. Learn how to do one, two,
and three without this. Okay, so that is a very
simple way to sell anything, even as a complete beginner. So as you can see, we said,
slimmer, smoother, and firmer without expensive medical procedures. And that’s what you want the next line after that headline to be. Then we get into the link, okay? So call to action. Get your one month supply here. So make sure you identify
a quantity amount. So depending on your product, you wanna tailor this to the
quantity of that product. And then add the link of
your product right here. Make sure it’s a short link, okay? Or else it’s gonna look
unprofessional on the newsfeed. And once you add that link, then you wanna get into
how the product works, so answer any of the
customer’s common questions that you use from the product research, which is why that’s so important, again. So check those comments,
see what people have to say, see what questions they’re asking, and make sure you answer those right here, in this, usin’ this second line. So one of the common questions I saw was, how long do I have to wear it? How soon can I see results? So I try to include that all
in one sentence right here by saying, use for 30 minutes per day in the first three weeks. It works by reducing the fine lines on the lower chin and neck area with all-natural ingredients. All right? And then, the next sentence is going to be a social proof sentence, okay? And deliverability. So with over 20000 happy women worldwide, we are extending our sale
this week only, okay? So there’s some urgency in there too. This week only. We offer fast, worldwide
shipping to all countries. That is another common
question I started seein’ in the description is, can you deliver this to Sri
Lanka or whatever country people were seein’ this from. And you wanna be able to
answer that off the bat. Then we finally have our offer. So whatever coupon you
decide to do on your product, or whatever special, which
I do highly recommend. It’s gonna help people take advantage of buying with you right now. So the offer is very important. Make sure that you’re offerin’
some kind of discount, at least like a 10%
off your first purchase or somethin’ like that, because people love to feel like they’re takin’ advantage of the company. So make them feel like
they’re getting a steal, like they’re getting a really
good deal that’s irresistible. And that’s even more reason
for them to shop with you than anyone else. And then, some urgency. So, ends this week. Don’t use ends today, because if people see the
ad on a returning basis and they see it says ends today, they’ll know that it’s
not actually endin’ today. But ends this week is more
of a broader term, okay? So you use that, and then finally you have a last call to action. So two call to actions here,
where you include your link. But that is the method to it. Okay, so it’s the
attention-grabbing headline, then what the product will do for them. The transformation, this,
this, and this, without this. Then call to action. Then how to use it or what the
common questions were, right? You can be a little flexible on this line. After that, you wanna go
with the social proof, and some, a little bit of urgency. Then you wanna talk
about the offer, urgency, and then finally a call to action again. So that is the setup of how these look. Two more things that I do wanna point out. Guys, again, lot of
value on this right now, but two more things I wanna point out is, if you’re doin’ beauty
products especially, make sure you avoid the use of your, like calling out someone specifically, because Facebook doesn’t like that. It don’t like if you make
people feel uncomfortable, especially towards insecurities. They wanna have people, their experience on the
platform be very welcoming. Make sure, you know, notice
that I didn’t use the word your, or else you might your ads disapproved, or even get your ads account banned. So make sure you’re very careful with the words that you’re usin’ and you’re not callin’
anyone out directly. All we do is say, it makes
the face slimmer, you know. It reduces the lines on lower chin. We’re not saying your lower chin. So be careful with that. Also, the emojis. Don’t overdo it. Don’t overdo it, like only one. This is even too much, okay? I would take one or two of these out, only put ’em where they’re relevant, and if the emoji is relevant. I think this is kind of flashy. It’s relevant. I could remove this globe
one from right here. But yeah, this is nice. This gets the job done. And once you combine this
with a video like this, you know, on social media feed, you’re gonna get some engagement, you’re gonna get some shares. This video right here is gonna go viral, and that’s what you want. Because all those shares, when people see that other people are actually sharing it, other people are engaging
with it, asking questions, that social proof
already does have the job of selling for you. So in the next video, we’re gonna talk about
how to actually launch with a low-budget testing strategy that is going to allow you
to test a bunch of products very fast with a low budget. So I’m talkin’ like $20 a day, max. And of course, in three days, you’ll be able to read your data and tell if there is potential for it to be a winner and go and scale it, or you should move on to the next product. But as a beginner, this is where you’re gonna
spend most of your time. You’re gonna spend most of your time doin’ the product research, like I said in the previous video, and editing these ads, creating ads. Especially if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t wanna pay anybody
else on Fiverr to do it, go get Camtasia, go get a video editing
software for very cheap and implement these, this
type of layout on it. Okay? And that is about it. Make sure you have the call to actions at the end, of course, so people know that they can take action. But keep in mind the
elements of this video. There’s a strategy here, okay? The video has to make sense. Visually, it has to make sense. I hope you got a lot of value from this. I was kinda just rambling on. All right, that wraps up this video. Thank you so much for watchin’. And again, if you wanna see
the full, full breakdown of how I actually created
that video, step-by-step, it’s like a hour video in
the eCommerce Boot Camp, make sure you join. There’s videos like that and so much more that’s just gonna take your
results to the next level. Besides that, make sure you
hit a like, comment, subscribe if you got a lot of value out of this. And make sure you hit
that notification button so you can see every other video I drop right when it comes out. That is about it. If you wanna check out
some of my other videos, I’ll link ’em right here for you. And again, I’ll see you in the next one. Peace. (casual, jazzy music)

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