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and for good cause because we have a super exciting guest today Jamie Willie
hey Jamie how are you hey I’m good I’m so grateful and thankful to be on so
thanks guys Oh super excited to have you and so a
little bit more about Jamie she’s a top female wholesaler in the u.s. oh she is
the CEO of W streets LLC founder of Hills iron heels and co-founder of
next-level flippin she was on the cover of thing Realty magazine featured in
Amazon best-selling book winning deals and heels hosted propel iou’s iron heels
show guest on top podcast motivational speaker wife and mother and she’s also
deeply passionate about empowering women in business with her motivational
high-energy style jamie has built a seven-figure real estate business that
we’re going to dive into today and as a Billy to empower a female audience
motivational inspiration are always approachable Jamie’s tell it like it is
add to his also refreshing approach allows her to authentically connect with
people everywhere so Jamie super excited to have you on we’ve known you for some
time but for people who haven’t known about Jamie Willie where did it first
start what was the first thing that got you jumping in or thinking about jumping
in the real estate right so it first started I always wanted to be an
entrepreneur of some sorts or fashion in the beginning I thought I wanted to be
maybe a doctor and then I realized so much math and science was involved and
it was like no there’s no way I can do this you know and so I did a couple
things when I was younger and my daughter young it’s a clothing company
in a golf marketing company no skill set behind any of it just like I knew I
didn’t want the status quo of you know kind of what everybody else was doing it
just didn’t fit and so I ended up actually working for my dad in an office
for about eight years he said just come here you know for a
year or so figure out what you want to do I ended up staying for you know eight
years and it definitely wasn’t what I wanted to do but because it was my dad’s
business I felt you know the need to stay there and so finally one day I
literally just woke up and said I can’t do this anymore like I’m so unhappy this
isn’t me this isn’t what I was meant to be and
just kind of took a turn and so that day I literally told my dad I was like I’m
gonna get into real estate I’m giving you a four month notice I will hire and
train you know my replacement and I’m gonna go flip houses and he’s like what
time he goes are you serious so what I did was I didn’t know again
anything so like I started doing my real estate classes online at night and
nobody even knew about that I was just doing them I’d be other computer and
example 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and so we went to my parents house I like
steak my real-estate sign and I was like I’m an agent and I’m gonna flip houses
and so it’s kind of just very random what led me to want to do real estate
was of course watching HGTV every night that’s all I did was go home and like
I’d watch HGTV you know and our very first home we were broke and young and
married and you know had a little baby and so we got our house and we renovated
all of our home are ourselves the very first house so we lived with his parents
and we did all of that sweat equity so I knew I liked it I just didn’t think of
it as a business you know years before that and so I just kind of rolled into
it to be honest with you told everybody about it and a guy that was working at
my father’s company had inherited it was twin brothers they inherited a house and
could not pay the taxes it was like four years they had not paid taxes so I
locked up that deal I flipped my first deal from a contractor who was actually
going b2b to my dad’s work place you happen to leave a card didn’t know him
from Adam I mean it was you know lots of mistakes made but I made $30,000 on my
very first flip and I was like huh like oh my gosh this is awesome
you know how it all got started when did you start thinking it because you said
something that i koude into there when did you start thinking of flipping and
wholesaling as an actual business and not just a hobby you saw at HGTV right
so as soon as I did my first deal I thought oh my gosh like I can duplicate
this you know I’ve never seen anything like that before I’ve never seen that
amount of money sum of money in one transaction before and I thought this
can be duplicated like you can you can do this and so my second the second or
third that I got to that I got to flip actually somebody
found out I purchased the home and offered me $40,000 over what I bought it
for I bought it at 90 they offered me 130 and that’s why haven’t flipped it
yet I haven’t done any work no I don’t I don’t want you to do anyway I want it
I’m like okay and that really is what is this this is it’s called wholesaling I
learned what that was called and I’m like wow like okay so I have to say I
was very fortunate in the beginning to pop a couple large deals call it luck
call it Grande whatever you want to call it it happened and so after that I was
like wow you know two transactions that’s $30,000 like I can I can do
something with this so that’s that’s kind of what spurred me to think of it
as a business and from there I went on and tried to learn from some of the best
the best in the industry and just copy what they’re doing yeah and people can
call it luck but it’s the preparation taking action right of you going out
there the deal isn’t going after it was your family really always
entrepreneurial in spirit as well or were you you know it sounds like your
dad had his own business was this always something that you felt that you know
I’m not gonna just do that Apple you know falls from the tree and just go
that straight path of you know just clicking a clock and sitting in the
cubicle it’s not gonna be me somewhere in the line I’m gonna fall into
something that fits me has that always been the case so actually it really
wasn’t my mother was a teacher she had two master’s degrees so she was also a
special ed counselor after she was done teaching art and my dad actually worked
for a very large company I’m head of HR made really really good money and then
when he turned it was 39 or 40 that company went bankrupt and laid everyone
off so he went to school got the good job worked there for you know years and
it just all was taken away in a moment’s notice and so then he decided you know
look I’ve got you know the business mindset so he partnered up with someone
who had more of the skill set and they partnered and brought that together and
started his own business at 40 and so he I guess maybe saw the hardships of being
an entrepreneur which we all know you know we say we do this for freedom and
like all of that but it’s not easy being an entrepreneur you know and also the
just the the way that’s on your shoulders to provide for everyone
that works for you and things like that it’s a lot to later had done at night so
I was never enticed at all to do anything entrepreneurial it was actually
I was kind of the black sheep like listen we went to school we want you to
go to school we want you to get a good job we want you to you know that was the
way that I was phrased it was very Square and clean cut and dry and
actually I kept saying I remember being 18 I’m like I don’t know what I want to
do like I don’t am I supposed to know you know it’s almost like the family I
grew up in like yeah you’re supposed to have a plan and you’re supposed to
execute that plan and you know I didn’t know you know it took me until my 30s to
figure out what I wanted to do so ya know that was just always ingrained in
me like I always kind of wanted to go the other way that everyone else was
going left I wanted to go right I think it was more of a rebellious thing my
whole life and so that’s what kind of happened there well you say it so well
right because people think well I just want to jump out and start my own
business and you know cuz it’s gonna be all the freedom but then you know
sometimes it quickly backfires on people because they go from a job where you
know it’s oh yeah I work eight hours a day I get a half-hour for lunch I get
two 15-minute breaks and I go home and I can shut my brain off to a business
where it’s your business is your passion you work 20 hours a day and you forget
about lunch because you’ll even remember to eat lunch because you’re so into what
you’re doing and it can be an eye-opener for people when they’re not prepared and
they haven’t thought about systems but when you did is so interesting that you
said after the first one you know as P mentioned you’d of into two systems
which takes people usually whether they can never do it in their business but
usually really far down the line talk about how your business is set up and
what are some of the key components you’ve built into this to really
transform this into an actual business and you also mentioned you also learned
from some of the top people in the industry so let us know a little bit
about how they taught you everything that you do today most definitely so you
know I realized in the beginning I mean I had no training on any of this didn’t
know what I was doing but I did know that it was I couldn’t do it all myself
I mean I realized that very quickly now over the years and I started in February
of 16 so I guess it’s been you know over three years at this point things
have evolved massively right and usually the best changes that we’ve made come
from a terrible mistake so we all know you make many many of those I kind of
have to be slapped in the face to learn something and so I think that’s just my
way of learning anyhow but right now like what what we look like to date is
basically you know we have a couple acquisitions we have a lead intake which
we’re actually bringing another one on on Monday we have a transaction
coordinator a dispositions manager a full-time crew of four and we have for
the ACE and then my CEO Oh ashlynn so a pretty pretty full robust team is kind
of what we’ve got going on right now but what led me kind of learn about how I
needed to bring on a team and what they would do in those processes and things
like that I basically joined a wholesaling program
in the very beginning just to learn the basics of wholesaling right I didn’t
know that so I kind of learned the basics kind of your crash course like
here’s your course on wholesaling then I joined a mastermind I’ve now been a part
of two masterminds total have one of our own but I think you know there is a lot
of free content on YouTube and on Google propely oh here in my hometown just
gives massive amounts of value and I will not take anything away from that
it’s beautiful but there comes a point in time – where do you want to keep
making a lot of mistakes do you want to figure all this out on your own for free
or do you want to pay someone who has been there and will teach you and hold
your hand step by step along the way so I mean I’ve paid hundreds of thousands
of dollars in education and coaching and mentorship I would never change that
ever and I think that that is really the key that got me where I wanted to be at
such a quick you know time frame is definitely being in you know masterminds
and really the mindset – it’s so crazy because when you wholesale your first
deal or you flip your first house you realize what it really looks like you
hear it you see it but when you do it you’re like wow this can be achieved you
know it’s like what the format smile when somebody finally did it’s
like oh we’re going you know so I surrounded myself around some of the
best people in the industry and just listen to them learn from them
so I’m gonna I’m going to touch on the like the amount that you’ve paid you
said hundreds of thousands of dollars and for all my listeners out there yes
like Jamie said there is free content that you can you can go and listen if
you and if you listen to this this is free content yeah but and some of you
might be talking be like oh my goodness that’s so much money why did she pay
that much money but Jamie talk about the return on investment I mean as we as we
talked to Jamie you’ll hear from her how she’s grown and how that investment has
propelled her into the business that she has today in to the successful business
and being the top female wholesaler in the US I mean that’s that’s phenomenal
it’s phenomenal the way that I look at it it is definitely an investment but
our average assignment fee is around 22,000 so if you think about that let’s
say I paid $100,000 in mentoring and education and programs which by the way
all of these courses I now have you know the ones that are
actually courses or videos I have in a file which my team gets to learn from so
it just keeps giving but the investment of that that’s five deals so you’re
telling me over a course of three years I didn’t get an extra five deals from
something I learned from these amazing people that’s the way that I always look
at something like if I look at do I want to go to this training or do I want to
let my CEO oh go to this three-day training you know a seminar for these
things I think about it if it’s a $5,000 seminar can we get you know two deals
can we up them $2,500 each on our assignments like I just look at money
very differently now you know and so the investment to me it’s like that was
nothing like of course we’ve gotten five more deals because of you know that
mentorship and training in the beginning it is hard I mean I literally started
with a $5,000 loan like I didn’t have any money saved up and so you know my
husband is an entrepreneur and he does own thing and so I literally went to my
dad I said can I have $5,000 now I could have also put that on a credit card but
I didn’t really use a lot of credit cards at the time that I was always
scared again my dad is very frugal and like don’t get your credit bad and all
that so I had like no credit so either way I mean you can it all started from
$5,000 whether it be a loan from a friend or your parents or people you
know or a credit card all of this stems from five grand like it’s you know
didn’t start at a hundred and you also fast track your success right and you’re
betting on yourself so if you want to do this now you it’s not like you’re
putting this money out there to buy something you know you you’re buying a
boat or a jetski you’re putting this money into yourself to see really what
you can return on what you learn from it where you see people falters you know
maybe you can figure out by yourself but are you willing to spend that three four
or five years of struggling through and making mistakes to get to the point or
fast-track it and get there in nine twelve fifteen months and it comes down
to people spent Audi are they ready for it because you know you get these great
groups you see all these other people around you and it brings you up that
level right if you if you’re surrounding yourself just with everybody you’re with
you know it’s the power of who you’re around that you start putting yourself
with people are doing it successfully it becomes real to you it becomes tangible
and then you get to that point so tell us now your business how it looks we’ve
talked about the format you know where’s your core focus you know what state are
you in like where are you operating and what does your business look like fully
transformed today yeah so transform today we are in the dallas-fort Worth
Metroplex which is in Texas and also all the surrounding rural areas so we have a
lot of surrounding rural areas where people are commuting 30 or 40 minutes to
come in to Dallas or Fort Worth and they’re actually very good to do you
know invest in as well so we do probably 90 percent of our deals are wholesale to
kind of keep that cash flow going and that machine running and then the other
ten would be you know buy and hold and six and flip or owner finance things
like that so I try to be very creative and like anything that comes across our
path how can we monetize that you know so we do some retail listings as well
not in-house I’ve partnered with another agent and you know we split that so
anything that comes across the table we you know try to monetize and that that’s
kind of our business we had before gone into other markets and although we
didn’t lose money it was it something that I wanted to continue so we kind of
brought it back back home basically and right now I guess my business that’s the
focus of the business but I’m very focused on the residual and some things
that I’m gonna do as far as you know some new builds it’s owner finance it’s
some community stuff on land so that’s kind of where my focus is while this
well-oiled machine continues to bring me great creative deals and cash flow at
the same time that’s awesome how are you competing today verse maybe what you
were doing you first started out or even a year ago just with how hot the market
is right now how are you how you continuing to stand out amongst so many
different people entering into this space well that’s a good question
because that is actually I mean we felt it you know people say you have an
abundant mentality and there’s no competition and as as I agree there is
still an influx of new wholesalers I think more today than there was when I
even first started three years ago I remember when I first started they’re
like how is this girl coming in here doing a hundred dollars a year like in
this competitive market and you know I thought I was that’s all I knew you know
like oh it’s competitive but you know I don’t know and they’re like oh five
years ago we get 2% return on our direct mail and now you’re getting half a
percent and now it’s like we’re getting like a point zero one percent you know
so I guess really is just the systems and processes are so key holding your
team to those expectations and then really just taking the time to get to
know these sellers and find out what their problem is and really build that
good rapport we have had to pull the curtain back and go to the drawing board
and recreate our entire marketing plan so we’ve had to do that twice now within
the three years and we’re just having the test thing you know like sometimes
this marketing works better than this one we had to pull out completely of
marketing channels so I think again staying with like-minded people within
the industry I hear what’s going on I know it’s
changing I know the new technology I know the new marketing
channels we can jump in and test them really quickly and if it’s good we can
throw some money at it it’s not we can pull up pull out of it but getting a
good temperature read on what’s going on throughout the nation helps us with what
we do here at home it may not be affecting us today and now
but if it’s affecting someone else it could be coming down the road or it
could be something we already passed and I can help them with so again just
keeping that network really close-knit and being very open and honest with one
another about what’s going on in our businesses has helped us you know push
through some of those times that it’s like what’s going on everything’s
changing you know I love everything that you just said there and it’s just it’s
amazing what you said about about competition you’re like oh I didn’t know
there was competition it’s like it’s almost like I love Grant Cardone says he
doesn’t compete he dominates and that’s exactly what you do Jamie you dominate
you dot you hundred deals a year in a competitive market is dallas-fort worth
that’s crazy and you do it by being completely open
with the people that you work with and you surround yourself with and you learn
from everybody in your network people who are listening to this today I mean
take this from Jamie take everything that she says don’t compete dominate but
also collaborate with the people that you’re around and with find out what
take the temperature of of your state of your community of the nation to really
dive in and figure out how to do your business better you know it’s actually
it just made me think it there’s lots of times where people are so worried about
the competition and their mind is so focused on them that they lose track of
being on the offensive and actually going after it and most of the times
that competition that you’re so focused on doesn’t even they’re not focused on
you because they’re focused on dominating it’s all a sudden now
everybody’s focusing on focusing on is something that’s not really in their
best interest and you lose track of where you’re going and that competition
is just crushing you why are they crushing me well they’re focused on
crushing it not worried about trying to play defense against you so yeah so well
said that that’s actually just really it was a good thought I just jumped in my
mind there from you saying that so now looking at where you’re
going you talked about doing some new construction you know change in the mold
what else is in your business over the next 2-3 years where’s your focus going
definitely so it will be buying land and you know parceling that out subdividing
that land so we’ve already done done it a couple times on a smaller scale just
to learn the process so buying land and so I went to 25 to 50 new builds to you
know rent out and keep and then 25 to 50 manufactured homes to owner financed and
so that’ll kind of tie the bow on that residual who knows what that will look
like after that’s completed where I’ll want to go or be or whatever else but
you know again I think wholesaling is never gonna stop I love it like I get in
here and I’m like you know listening and looking at the deals and you know it’s
nice I love it it’s like an Easter egg hunt every day you’re looking for that
you know one dollar bill except for it’s like you’re looking for the twenty
thousand dollar bills you know or the great long-term potential in this
property that you know is in a growth area so I think us as wholesaling as
long as we can sustain and you know keep changing and being creative with our
marketing I think that that will you know never change I like that conveyor
belt of deals now what type of deals we may change that to multifamily may
change it more to land we may change it to more rural we may go more city-like
but either way if we have the systems in process we can have that conveyor belt
still spit out whatever we’re wanting to play with in the moment so you said 25
new builds to to build and rents talk to us about that why why build them in rent
why not just find something that’s already built and find it as a rental
where are you going that approach so I could do that I mean that that
definitely is an option right now the multifamily space is getting you know
pretty competitive I mean there’s a lot of things going on with that the way
that I look at it honestly is like what is everyone talking about you know
everybody’s talking about how to wholesale and how to get into
multifamily because wholesalers that have been in in a while are kind of like
okay I’ve been doing it and now there’s all
these new people coming in and and this is I can only speak for the three years
up in it so I don’t know what’s happened the past 20 or any of that but I mean
from other people but I feel like the three years like just about every year
and a half it’s like this new multi-family course new multi-family
course so I think wholesalers are kind of pushing into multifamily and so
there’s some competition going in the single-family multifamily but there’s
not a lot of people that are doing creative things you know at least
there’s a little uncor sazon it that’s that’s what matters to me because that’s
where you know more people come in and play on you know obtaining land and
building and keeping those as rentals and also you know the capex expenditures
so yes I could probably pull 20 you know single families for my inventory but I
have found now the management of those and the drive time between here and
there and everywhere because our marketing is very spread out so you’re
talking there can be two and three hours between properties which I don’t like
that at all so I want a controlled you know environment subdivision style where
I know the quality of materials I know what that capex is probably gonna look
like it’s all right there I just I feel more comfortable with that that to me
makes more sense and there is less people trying to do that and in Texas
there’s always a need for affordable housing always in the areas that we’re
looking at and there’s a ton of land and so it’s like to me it just makes perfect
sense it doesn’t make sense I want to dive in a little bit so you’re gonna
build these these properties you’re gonna rent them out do you have an exit
strategy on these properties I mean honestly I want to pass down something
to my daughter and so for me the owner finance side of it would give me kind of
that residual and then I can do that you know every three or four years you know
do 20 or 25 of those get the land you know subdivide it out with
manufactured homes it’s super super simple and quick to do that so you know
do that over a course of a time and just have that kind of systematize for every
three years or so but I do want something to be left to her and for now
in my mind now things change all the time so year from now I may say
something completely different but I would like that to you know kind of stay
with us you know I guess so I don’t really want to sell those I want
to just you know refi out of all of them get you know get the monthly you know
small cash flow from it and then just have those assets to own that’s great
good and so thanks so much I want to transition a little bit before before we
let you go and talk a little bit about next level flipping you know we’ve
talked a little bit offline about it we know about it tell some listeners what
the group’s about and how you’re bringing this to really help others get
to where they want to be with their real estate business
most definitely so as we mentioned earlier I have been in many you know
masterminds coaching programs and mentor ships and all of them I love like with a
passion deeply and I had so much respect for everyone involved that has been a
part of my journey and helping me get to where I am today as a mother of a
teenage daughter we kind of had some things go on with with her and this this
past year and I just realized that although I love my masterminds and I’m
still in a mastermind if there ever comes a point in time to where something
happens you know I’m also a daughter parent you know one day they may need me
to step in and help them with some things with care and I don’t know you
know I just family is everything to me and so being in a mastermind that you
have to travel to and you know that costs I mean these masterminds and I’m
in you know 25 50 grand a year plus travel plus time away from family
it just becomes a lot and it’s a beautiful thing but in my life right now
I wanted an opportunity to give other people that that you know traveling may
not work for their family or that price tag may not be something they want to
spin but I wanted to give them the same value but yet you get it every day and
every minute and every hour if you wanted it’s right there
so with next level flipping we have to we have next level flipping rising stars
which are basically people that are just learning about real estate and they want
to get in the real estate and it’s all done online through your Facebook flat
platform there is a zoom call so there’s two monthly zoom calls and we always ask
the group like what topics do you want you know I’ll throw out four or five and
I’m like add any others and we basically the the two that are voted the
most is what people want to talk about that month so we’ll get on there for an
hour and have two or three experts in their field whether they’re in our group
or not and talk about you know what they know so we’ve been you know cold calling
I mean anything you can think of that’s what we’re talking about marketing cold
calling door-knocking you know rental properties so we just really want to
give everybody that time to really talk in depth about things I know most
masterminds kind of have your hot seat presentations and stuff like that and we
all know the real gold nuggets or the conversations after or at lunch or at
dinner the hot seats are cool and you pull some
things out of it but you know it’s a time suck really for the the juicy value
so we just want to like can we just give all the juicy value in the group every
day and even though you’re in a mastermind you do have a question you
want answered or something like that and you’ve got to reach out to you know your
buddy in the mess around okay you have a minute later on this afternoon well no
longer do you have to do that just post your question and you’re gonna get 1015
high-level people answering these questions so our group the next little
flippin group is really compiled I would say almost 60 percent from people from
all of these high-level masterminds so it’s a way that we can all have our own
mastermind because I would be in every single one of them if I could I really
would I love all of them but I can’t you know I can’t afford it for one I mean I
would have enough time I wouldn’t want to afford it and in time I’m a mom you
know I want to be a mom I go to her practices I take her to school I want to
be a mom and a business owner and I can have both this way but I also want to
like you know network with these people in this restaurant and these people in
this one and I have friends in all of them and I want to network with them so
we have created this kind of first-of-its-kind
and it’s worked out really really well I mean we already have over 100 members
we’ve done no marketing anything like that
and so it’s kind of been an organic thing and we also have the next level
wise which is free with the membership which is so key in my opinion I think
you know as entrepreneurs you know I’m a female but you know a lot of the people
in our industry Armel let’s just be honest and I know
that they are traveling these masterminds or they are you know
networking and having these you know fun dinners and things like that and the
wife is at home usually taking care of the kiddos or whatever else thought that
she doesn’t work but it’s like you see them on the beach like they’re at the
beach or they really in a mastermind are they having fun you know like what’s
what’s really going on so it’s this a great group of women that all understand
what it’s like to have a husband that’s an entrepreneur supporting each other
and helping each other be a better support system for their husband which
in turn if your home is good like mom ain’t good nobody’s happy kind of thing
like if your home life is good your business is going to be even better and
excel and it gives these women you know oh an outlet and people to talk to and
oh yeah I’ve been through that before read this book or try this or do this
retreat so it’s really really cool we’re trying to make something that’s unlike
any other right now so that’s our objective that’s awesome yeah great
group we love it it’s really awesome I love being a part of this group both
next level flipping and next level wives and for any women out there that are
listening and you hear the term next-level wives and it sounds like it’s
it’s like a group of women like I don’t know giving each other recipes or
whatever and I think we have I think I think I posted like a cookie recipe it’s
also it’s just it’s a it’s a place for women to support each other and next
level women we’re not only wise we’re also women who have entrepreneur
husbands our entrepreneurs ourselves and I’ve gotten so much value from being in
this group I have like if I have a great day I posted if I’m having a really bad
day and I need that support and I need that another woman to tell me it’s okay
you’re doing it this is the place I go to and I go into this air into this
group like at least daily just to like get motivation from other like-minded
women it’s been amazing so talking about yourself and your life your business you
know just really the family atmosphere the business aspect of it what are two
or three points you can to listeners just to make be the most
productive in your day with so much going on right so for me I have a DD
severely ADHD severely so I will you know walk out of a room my husband’s
like the water still running like that’s how bad it is so I have to personally if
I need something done it is on my paper planner so old-school as it sounds like
it has to be on my paper planner and if I really really need something done it
has to be on a sticky like on my dashboard or something like that so I
try to tackle anything that is very very important in a priority the first thing
in the morning because if not I’m getting phone calls and texts and some
new deal and I’m chasing after this and so I think that the night before and I
teach my daughter this like lay your stuff out the night before have this
ready kind of the night before like see what does tomorrow looks like what do I
need to accomplish you know tomorrow and don’t look at ad you need your weekly
and your quarterly and your monthly goals you need your goals so set aside a
time to create those goals but then every day what our priority tasks that I
have to do today to meet you know my long-term goals and do those first thing
in the morning I think that’s super super important so I think that would
probably be number one because as entrepreneurs our minds are kind of all
very similar you know at least and visionary and so I think that a lot of
times will blow by a week and be like what did we really accomplish this week
you know I’ve definitely done that before so I think that’s really
important another thing I guess definitely
surround yourself with like-minded people to me that’s that’s a
game-changer definitely I think that’s super super important and I think I was
I think I might be getting the way what what was your question one more time it
was being most productive in your day okay
that’s productive in your day okay so but again though the like-minded people
kind of hold you accountable you know to that you know so I think I think that’s
really important and so just being prepared and the like-minded people um I
mean I think I think that’s about it you know to be be productive I mean you have
to take action like the only reason I’m here is because
I took action and I see so many people that you know it’s like they want it but
it’s just like me was working out like I haven’t worked out in like two years and
I used to work out all the time I want like that body that’s like hey
you know but do you see me in the gym no so I really don’t want it that bad I’m
not taking any action so it’s like you can’t just like really really want it
you have to like eat breathe and sleep it especially in this industry in the
beginning when you’re really getting started like yeah we all do this for
freedom and work-life balance and all of that but for me you know I love working
like my daughter is gone and her grandparents and I told Ashlyn I was
like I could just stay at the office longer like I get excited about working
more you know but it’s mine it’s mine and it’s my freedom and it’s my freedom
to do what I want when I want so it can look very different for other people but
yeah that’s I think that’s super super important as well amazing for so much
great content today if there’s someone listening who who’s just trying to get
started and trying to get out there and just make it happen what’s a good actual
step they should really take today to get off the couch get moving and get
going after their goals in real estate yeah so I think the the first actionable
step would be to you know get a piece of paper or a journal and write down what
your goals I believe strongly that if you you know write something down if you
visualize it if you say it to yourself every day like I’m going to do this so I
think that’s most important that they write down their goals so they can
really see that and then once they see what their goals are they need to decide
you know like what is my first action plan if it were me and I were starting
out today and I knew you know absolutely nothing
I would definitely join some type of group it wouldn’t be a mastermind if
you’re starting out that’s not what masterminds before but there’s many
different coaching programs and groups it just depends like do you want to flip
do you want a wholesale do you want to go into multifamily so I would decide
again that’s where your goals are like you need to know like what do you want
to do because that can lead you in many different directions and then go on
Facebook go on Google go on youtube start looking around
what your options are and then just reach out to people on Facebook people
are you know so honest if you’re if you’re kind and like hey listen I really
want to get started I’ve already done all my homework make sure that you kind
of say that up front I’ve done my homework I’m looking at these three
programs would you recommend one of them are could give me any advice she’ll be
surprised a lot of people would love to give you feedback but when you just come
with hey help me out it’s like okay like there’s a hundred things I could tell
you I don’t have time but if you go specifically and say I’ve done my
homework already help me between these choices I would definitely answer you
back and I’m sure you know you guys would too so I think that’s most
important you know is to find somebody to help you out well this has been an
awesome show Jamie thanks so much for coming on so before we let you go what
is the best way to get in contact with you connect with you and find out more
about what you do yeah so I’m not into social media too much so I just got
Instagram recently but you can like PM me or DM me on Facebook so it’s Jamie
Burleson Wooley and just send me a direct message or a private message my
my friends they’re full so like I can I try to clean it out every so often so
I’ll try to add you if I can and you can also go to next level flipping comm so
that’s gonna have information about Ryan and I and my business partner and about
the group and that’ll also be another way that you can get in contact with
Jamie thanks so much for come on the show great content super excited we had
Yan so really appreciate your time thank you all so much for having me and I’m so
so excited for the opportunity Thank You Jamie all right well you want to take us
out yeah the rest they take us out all right but this is the real estate
investing foundation podcast JSONP Lee thank you again Jamie and thank you
again to all of our listeners out there we are so grateful have a great day bye
now alpha funding solutions your capital partner backing real estate investors
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