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You can automatically sell all your Shopify products or your drop shipping products on your Shopify store on the eBay marketplace and if you’re not already doing this and you’re potentially leaving a lot of money on the table so in this video I’m going to jump to my laptop right in front of me and show you how you can quickly and simply set up your entire Shopify store on the eBay marketplace so let’s get into it what is up Ursula’s I am going to start off this video with a few eBay statistics just to remind you just how big the eBay marketplace is so 370 million people have downloaded the eBay app now that’s not in total that’s not people using eBay desktop and the website itself this is people that have just downloaded the eBay application now that’s huge and of that lots 9 million dollars or might 9 billion actually I should say 9 billion dollars in revenue have been generated now comparing that to the shop via stores so Shopify has generated almost 48 billion USD in revenue so that’s a good combined figure from all the people who have Shopify stores that that’s a quarter of all Shopify stores eBay marketplace is huge so that’s a bloody big marketplace out there that you know you’re potentially missing out on and also when shopping online this is a very interesting strata final when shopping online almost half specifically 48 percent of people start off with looking at a marketplace so in other words they start off with eBay they potentially start off with Amazon they look at an online marketplace first before purchasing a product so that’s a really interesting note to take into consideration because that gives you insight into the buyer journey into the psychological elements that go into play when they’re part doing a product so it’s very important that you consider eBay and integrating that into the Shopify store so you know with all these stats you’re like hearing all these stats eBay is money it’s money yo so you know very important insight for you to look into as well if you’re already getting if you’re already in drop shipping even you’ve got your niche that’s fine just push it onto eBay now if you haven’t gotten into drop shipping yet this is an interesting insight for you so according to eBay here are the top top 10 or top eight niches that sell the best on eBay or sell the most volume on eBay so signing off for the top men’s and women’s fashion now that’s no surprises there right wrist watches that goes into fashion I guess athletic shoes that’s an interesting one men’s coats find jewelry especially rings women’s dresses handbags boots and collectibles for collectibles being knick knacks such as fidget spinners so yeah if you’re selling these products already and you’re in these niches then that’s money you’re in the money game so make sure that you’re pushing these products onto eBay because these are the hottest niches on eBay at the moment so if you’re planning to sell on eBay and you’re just staying with Shopify then you know start hustling get into these niches so the best thing about all of this let’s jump up to my laptop now and get onto the backend of my Shopify store the best thing about this is it’s all completely free you can set up eBay completely free as long as you have Shopify so let’s get into it shall we first thing you need to do is and I’m on my shelf I test or love this a good old test or let’s visit the App Store once it loads what you want to do is search up eBay now there are quite a few there are quite a few apps as you can see here where you can sell on eBay and multiple marketplaces but the best results that I’ve found and I haven’t used the other apps but I have used the official apps it works a treat it just works whereas with other apps there potentially paid and secondly from the reviews that I read the integration doesn’t work really well so let’s just stick with the let’s just stick with the apps that work so if you’re in Australia and you outside the States then you want to go with eBay link now this works perfectly for eBay Australia but what I’ve used actually is the literally the official app which is eBay eBay and I know that most of you that watch this channel and get all these tips and advices you’re American so this is probably going to apply to most of you so click into this get this specific app it is developed by eBay specifically so once you’ve got that up let’s go back into my shop fire it back end and you will install the app essentially and you get a pop-up right here on the left hand side of your store with an additional sales channel this is exciting once you click onto that you will need to set up your eBay business account now this is very important because this is completely different to your personal eBay account because your personal account no that’s for buying that’s what’s up you could potentially sell as well on the eBay platform but when you connect it up the shop fight you need to create a business account a business account it requires your business PayPal so make sure that you’ve got a PayPal business account secondly you need a valid phone number to identify yourself and thirdly you need a physical business address I believe you need a social security number now I don’t live in the state so I’m not 100% sure what that is but you need a social security number I believe it’s sort of like a tax file number it’s the same thing here in Australia sir make sure you’ve got all that entering all the details so once you’ve got all that set up let’s go click into the backend of the store let it load up it’s kind of slow anytime now cool so you want to hit publish on the left hand side and you and you’ll be here on this page now by the way it’s very interesting note this is not an affiliate Porsche I’m not affiliated to ebay it’s not a paper motion but at the moment they do have a free three month premium store trial now Premium store gives you a whole bunch of perks on what night so you might want to claim your free trial if you’re watching this video recently make sure you get onto this and claim your free for trial because they’ll be pretty useful especially in a three month trial so anyway this is the fun part of it guys and this is actually very simple you just need to click one button and it will list all your products onto eBay now I’ve already done this as a test and now so I can’t show you exactly how to do it but once you come on to the publish side of things all you need to do is click one button and it will publish all your products you call your Shopify products onto eBay now be wary that’s of course it is a different platform so if you’ve done Shopify sorry if you’ve done Amazon FBA before then you know exactly what I’m talking about you need to make sure that your description that your titles that your images apply to I guess the platform’s SEO so you need to make sure that it suits the platform’s algorithms otherwise you’re not gonna really rank well and another thing to consider on top of that is the fact that there are listing fees okay it’s completely free to put all your products onto eBay but it is well worth it in my opinion especially if you’ve got a winning product that suits a eBay as well because you need to tap into this big big marketplace that has so many users millions of users and has ten billion dollars worth of revenue they’re sitting there for you to take advantage of so I think it’s well worth it because you’re probably gonna be paying anyway pay traffic to get people into your Shopify store in the first place so you know this is a very automatic and passive way to set up an additional revenue stream on eBay so I’m going to quickly jump into this and fix up my product listing just to show you what it looks like and how you can set it up so once you pull in all your products you’re going to have to spend time just as you do when you pull in folks from below or any other automation app into your Shopify store you’re gonna have to make sure that it is suitable for eBay now I’m going to quickly show you this isn’t gonna make video about how to optimize your store for eBay but I will make a quick note on how you should set up your products on eBay it’s ensure that I see some sort of success now let’s click onto this product just don’t mind that this is a test store so you will see this failed reason warning sign here basically what that means is that I haven’t set up a profile PayPal profile for this account so I can’t publish the offer now anyway as you can see here edit the listing it’s kind of similar to any product that you set up on the back end and the most important thing is the eBay title and I’m gonna show you how you should set this up now you should add in the first few characters the literal product name so whatever it is have in the eBay title moon lamp and then the next few characters will be your extension your extension being like a little description I guess you could say of the product itself or any now this is sort of optional what’s more important though is the keywords that you want to tag on to the product you want to make sure that you use all characters that are available to you it’s ensure that you’ve got more chance of ranking this sort of like tags you can see it as like tags primary category now that’s straightforward item conditions I’m assuming it’s all going to be new because you drop shipping this from Aliexpress and that’s a beauty of all of this you know you can set this all up and it’s just an additional sales channel that comes on to your Shopify store so super easy anyway brand is undisclosed style basic T now most of this is gonna matter CLE set outs for you guys and automatically fill in I should say but you want to make sure again that everything is a neat and tidy okay especially the images now I would argue that images are more important eBay then your Shopify store because with the Shopify so you’ve got your entire experience that you’ve got your brand you’ve got reliability and a brand presence whereas on ebay you’ve just got the product page so make sure that you’re using as many images as possible now here’s how I do it for shipping cost with shipping costs I always make it free now unless you’re doing a high-tech items and like huge huge products like kayaks for example now that’s completely different probably can’t absorb the shipping cost but with with everything else with knickknacks and small items I always absorb the cost because it makes things much easier on my end it makes it’s very convenient for me to absorb the cost into the final product cost and on top of that it also favored it’s also favorable on eBay’s algorithm because free shipping is a big big thing on eBay and people naturally are inclined to look for items with free shipping first so something to take into consideration now let’s go onto eBay and I will show you what I mean and Aliexpress and I’ll show you what I mean and how you can do all of this ok so and I also show you like the eBay titles that some people use or most people use so let’s think about a product here again something really random smart backpacks okay let’s take a look at this okay so smart backpacks scroll through some of these check it all out you know this is all quite interesting it’s selling at roughly you know thirty-nine forty dollars so you know the this is obviously from China it’s sold to now there are quite a few I believe there is it was obviously more popular backpacks out there but just for the sake of this example I’m gonna show you this one here so I am sure you can find this on I’ll express it looks like an Aliexpress product and it is shipping from China now again like I said postage is free and take a look at the title guys take note this is what I mean camping smart travel backpack now that is that is the title okay that is the product name and that is the description now the rest of it is simply tags they’re just sort of keyword stuff the title so it’s more relevant and it’s more friendly with the eBay algorithm USB laptop shoulder bags man canvas rucksack new doesn’t make any sense in a sentence but hey it works and it is basically keyword stuffing so that’s what you want to do when you set up your eBay listings now let’s take a look so it’s selling for your dollars Australian and let’s go in and type in you know smart backpack so similar similar thing so straight out the back guys almost basically the same thing it is selling for 15 USD okay 15 USD 7 USD there’s quite a few orders 166 orders 22 USD it is essentially the same thing so let’s take a look at is this one and you know I’m assuming you don’t really you’d already be selling this on your Shopify store pushing pay traffic onto it and whatnot this is I guess this is just an example of eBay the eBay marketplace and selling Aliexpress products on eBay because eBay dropshipping is a thing it actually is a thing as is amazon drop shipping like I mentioned in my previous videos it works it simply works ok so that just goes to show you that 15 USD selling at you know 40 Australian is this profitable market out there now the beauty of this is that once you’ve got this eBay plug-in in place okay and you set it all up it’s all passive it’s all passive income from there onwards it’s win-win scenario here because once you like the only effort they have to put up up front is pulling all the products on eBay making sure that it starts ranking making sure that the tags are there making sure that the title the eBay title is relevant to make sure that the photos are up to date etc but you know once the orders start coming through and if you’ve got decent products that have a decent profit margin such as this one where it’s roughly it could be roughly you know 1520 Australian dollars my camera just died but that’s okay let’s continue so let’s just check out my screen right here that’s where this always happened but anyway like I was saying and yeah so you can still have a very profitable product where it’s like literally twenty dollars right twin dollars profit and all you need to do is make sure that you’ve put in all your products from this app so there we have it a bit of another secret and knowledge bump for you guys shared with you tonight hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have any questions leave the comments down below let me know are you going to be eBay dropshipping from now on are you going to be downloading this app and if you do let me know how it works for you so let me know down in the comments below and as always guys thanks for watching and keep on hustling

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  1. Triple Teez says:

    Confirmed this works a treat, I've pushed my winning products onto eBay and it easily does an additional 4 digits just on that platform so it's kind of a no brainer. Thanks Ethan as always!

  2. Anas Zero says:

    BOOM! Keep it up! 🙂

  3. EverythingGizmo says:

    10/10 tip, BTW bro if someone were to watch all your videos and take notes, they'd get WAY more information and knowledge from an expert than courses that sell for $1,000+ … 😑

  4. Paul Anthony says:

    can you keep your personal eBay name and reviews when transferring to business

  5. Josh Chan says:

    Bruuuh, yet again video after video content fire 🔥🔥 your channel will blow up soon you deserve it man

  6. Angela Kournik says:

    Hmmm ebay or Amazon FBA?

  7. Star Asylum says:

    I've had an eBay store for a few years, just selling local products. Can't say I have much love for eBay, but the traffic makes it worth it so I'll definitely have a crack at expanding my drop ship side hustle to eBay when I get up and running. #HUSTLEFAM

  8. SirSone says:

    Hey bro can you tell me if you need to ship your own products to a warehouse or can you ship from China won't the shippin time of receiving the product be an issue?

  9. Kim Prestholt says:

    If I sign up with shopify do I get 15 days free or 30?

  10. Millennial Stoner says:

    Good vid homie thanks. Much appreciated

  11. John Goodwin says:

    Wont shipping times on ebay be an issue ?

  12. ひまりはると says:

    BOYYYY the knowledge bombs on your channel as of late Ethan ♨️🔥

  13. Adriano Parolin says:

    Don't forget to take into account the 10% Final Value Fee that E-bay gouges sellers with.

  14. Caesar Wang says:

    Yes ebay is a big market for dropshipping, we can be your supplier in ebay, 7-15 days to usa delivery time.

  15. Andy Panda says:

    thanks for the video bro! Are you doing Aus or US. How is the competitive pricing compared to dropship prices? Alibaba sellers would be a big advantage on lower pricing

  16. McKane says:

    Nice video!

  17. Steve Cooper says:

    Would this also work with Print on Demand products?

  18. jalabi99 says:

    6:00 If you are setting up your Business PayPal account and acting as a Sole Proprietor, you will use your Social Security Number (SS# e.g. your personal tax ID). If you have a limited liability company (LLC) or C Corp, you will use your LLC/C Corp's Employer Identification Number (EIN) e.g. your company's tax ID.

  19. jalabi99 says:

    Good info as always Ethan! My question: if you've connected your Shopify store and your eBay this way, and someone purchases from your eBay, how do you fulfill the order? Will you get a notification on your Shopify store and fulfill the order like you normally do, or is it something else? #HustleFam

  20. john jackson says:

    Bro do you do it for USA eBay?

  21. john jackson says:

    So let me understand this, ur basically pushing ur current products into eBay, but you are still selling on eBay, what I mean is when the customer clicks on the product they do not get directed to your shopify store, so the sales wouldn’t even be recorded on there, how does fulfilment work??
    Ur agreeing to the eBay laws and policies, how many days do you set the shipping time at, you see what ever you write for shopify as your policy and shipping times could change due to delivery circumstances blah blah it’s flexible. but not on eBay, if it passes the delivery time quoted than the customer is entitled to refund, specially with PayPal and how anal they are.

  22. MA AS says:

    broski, there are other sellers on ebay selling the item cheaper than aliexpress, wtf?

  23. Black Hole says:

    This doesn't work for UK drop shippers does it?

  24. ChristophクリストフMeidlマイデル says:

    the app is for Germany not working^^;

  25. MA AS says:

    i listed my 5 best selling products on ebay from shopify, in 1 week didn't get a single sale.. i think the killer is the shipping time, because you have to choose the shipping location, i chose china (because you dont want to give unrealistic delivery time) and surprisingly its very accurate its about 25 days it says (ebay calculates this automatically based on the shipping method and location) epacket china, i think its very accurate, but yeh i think thats why im not getting sales plus maybe some optimizing issues. zeng can you confirm that you actually have gotten sales from ebay by doing this?

  26. Abraham Rod says:

    As always, you're the best, Ethan. For you guys interested to start a dropshipping business on Ebay, i suggest you look up DSM Tools. It is an extension for google chrome, it makes everything so much easier and you can list way faster with it. Keep hustling y'all

  27. chocolate bar says:

    btw, Ethan, how do you dropship on US eBay from Australia without a social security number?

  28. MS Dhoni Enthusiasts says:

    Which app will work best for Indians dropshippers..

  29. Julia Gregory says:

    Hi just after some advice or recommendations please. I am in Australia and use Amazon Australia to eBay Australia. Which listing and repricing tool covers these platforms. The only one I can find is Skugrid. Thanks 😀

  30. Frederic Cook says:

    Just returning to Ebay after a long time lapse!….Good Stuff Ethan!…

  31. Maximum Renegade says:

    Very nice vid, bro! Very helpful and so informative! Thanks for sharing!

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