Earn $1000 Per Day Online FAST Dropshipping Fitness Products on Shopify (2020)

in this video I want to show you guys
how you can go out there and make money on Shopify and not just Shopify but drop
shipping in particular and start drop shipping products from China so that you
can make a living online without having to be tied down to a nine-to-five or you
can just use this as side cash or extra money to just hustle man because I love
to hustle and I’ll tell you guys right now drop shipping is the best best
business model to get into in 2020 because ecommerce is continually growing
every single day ok you guys heard it here first and I’m gonna show you guys
exactly how you can go and start your own very own Shopify store right now
selling two products all right in this video I’m gonna be showing you guys two
products which is the portable blender and I’m gonna be showing you guys how
you can sell waist trainers now these two particular products are in the
fitness niche and fitness niche is definitely one of the biggest niches on
you know online as far as you see everywhere in Instagram you see it on
Twitter YouTube everyone wants to look good everyone wants to be fit alright
you know you want to be in shape so that you can look good on that first date man
that’s the the only way you’re gonna close that deal at the end of the night
but anyways guys make sure you smash the like button it only takes one second out
of your day and that’ll be greatly appreciated if you did that if you have
any comments you know throughout the video make sure you comment down below
and I’ll get back to you guys as soon as possible now here’s the thing guys the
portable blender right this product in particular has about you know a lot of
orders ok there’s different types of portable blenders as you can see and
there’s one that has 1,700 orders on Aliexpress which is insane and there are
older portable blenders you know I’ve seen in the past but this particular one
is a new one and here’s the whole key guys to to really be you know the person
that’s gonna be on top of the market if you want to sell this product you got to
sell a different type of portable blender now everyone is gonna go out
there and sell this particular one you’re gonna see a lot of Facebook
advertising promoting the same blenders what you need to do is come up with a
better blender okay now as you can see they have the four blades six blades
before whenever I was selling this product they only had the the four blade
now they come up with the six blades so now you know if you’re selling this
product you could have went to the market and said hey I got two options
six blades and you can start making more money now in and my idea I would
honestly go with a new specific blender a new advanced one it might cost a
little bit more but the the quality of it and just you know being different
from your competition is gonna be so much easier to sell that particular
product it has a lot of reviews reviews don’t lie guys if good people are saying
good things about the product you know that that’s a good thing okay look at
look how beautiful this portable blender looks okay what the box came from the
United States or it shipped to the United States so you know it’s it’s cool
right pretty good reviews as you can see so you know that’s the first that find
you know a product that’s gonna be distinguished from all your other
competitors and add it to your own online store now how are you going to
get traffic to your website you built up the product page and everything is good
to go how do you get traffic well in this particular instance guys I would go
with Instagram influencers now if you’re gonna sell this portable blender on
Instagram guys you need to go out there and find similar pages related to that
specific product now a portable blender who is your ideal person that’s gonna
use it well it’s gonna be probably a person that likes to work out likes to
you know mix their drinks as far as smoothies
maybe milkshakes and things like that pretty active maybe they like to go run
or they go for a hike or they like go biking you know maybe a body builder you
know somebody in that particular field that’s really active that’s gonna be
your ideal customer you’re not gonna target you know a person that plays
video games all day that wouldn’t be a really good targeting
method for this portable blender so you want to find pages on Instagram so that
you can do Instagram shoutouts and to me that’s going to be the
quickest way to see if your product is gonna gain traction yes you can go on
Facebook and you know put up an ad but one thing you got to realize is that you
don’t have no data you know you might be targeting the wrong audience and you got
to take some time to really you know do some market research and build up a
really good ad to follow Facebook’s guidelines but with Instagram
influencers you come up with an ad you know a picture ad or a video ad you know
you know you can look up videos on YouTube on the actual portable blender
if they do have one cut it up edit it make it your own as some music add some
Flair add some benefits inside of the video and then start you know using that
specific video for an Instagram shout-out so in this particular case I
found a page that has about 16 point 1000 followers and the question I get a
lot is you know should you know should you go for smaller influencers or should
you go for a bigger influencers like this page that has 1 million followers
well the thing is you know I like to do things in different types of strategies
with bigger pages I like to I’m looking to get sales okay here if you’re not
getting sales on a page that has 1 million followers something is wrong
with your ad and something is wrong with your product okay you definitely need to
be looking for sales now with the smaller influencers you might not get as
much sales as you know somebody that has a bigger influencer but I use that for
specific content because sometimes you can get free shadows okay and these
smaller pages you know they’re probably looking for a shadow for shout-out or
you know they’re just looking for you know ways to grow their own page since
this page has 16 point 1000 followers and we’re looking for sales guys we’re
gonna go with this page 1 million followers they have a nice looking bio
they offer workout tips meal plans and recipes and they do have ways to contact
them through kick or email now it doesn’t stop there guys remember we’re
promoting the portable blender we need to find a page that’s legit ok the key
word is legit all right they got to be real they can’t have no BOTS they can’t
have no fakes on there it can’t be boosting likes and buying
likes and things like that that’s going to be your worst mistake alright you’re
just gonna be blowing money every single day or ever
the other day where the case may be guys if you’re not doing the excellent
research and that’s what I’m actually gonna show you guys on how you can
actually find a really good page to promote this portable blender now here’s
the thing you got to go to every single post
okay now list let’s start from the ground up now you need to see how many
likes and views on average are they getting on every single post before you
actually look at the post see if it’s worth it see if the ratio is worth it
they got 1 million followers ok cool so they get 1,700 likes alright that’s
fishy cuz I get I see a lot of personal pages get more than that 16-point 1000
views alright that’s okay but you know I’d like to have more 3900 V likes
35,000 views 1800 25,000 views 31,000 views 800 views okay okay we’re
we’re losing some traction here 1,300 alright so you get the point guys you
want to look at how many likes and views they’re getting on a single page now you
know right off the bat you know this page going in okay we’re not done here
going in you know that the page doesn’t have a really good you know follower to
like ratio okay with 1 million followers I should expect to get like 300 thousand
views or you know like a hundred thousand likes maybe even at least
10,000 likes you feel me like it should have a lot more than that okay I don’t
know if this page is just text out because it has sixteen point six
thousand nine hundred post which probably makes sense okay okay so that’s
that’s the first step but we’re gonna go even deeper than that alright so one
thing I like to do since I’m on my personal account I like to see if you
know any of my friends are following the page you know once you see that you know
you have a lot of you know your friends following the page most chances are you
know you have a lot of real followers following that specific page and that’s
a key that a lot of people don’t really talk about so if you did you know love
that key guys make sure you smash the like button on this video now the next
thing what you need to do is look at the actual post okay you want to see if they
have real comments and if they have real
engagement so once you look into the comments you know this person said why
no broccoli you know I thought broccoli is healthy why not broccoli you know
everyone’s like literally saying the same thing such a good list exactly
bananas and cucumbers okay cool looks like they’re real engagement they look
like real people that are actually commenting and they’re just not regular
BOTS commenting emojis which is a no-go okay now what you want to do is you want
to open up a couple of tabs with these you know followers that commenting on
these posts to see if they’re actually real right just because they’re
commenting some real things you know regarding the post you want to see if
they’re actually real okay this person is on private they look like they’re
legit here’s this page right here 192 followers you know he looks like he’s
legit and then we got one more she looks like she’s legit as well so cool so
that’s one post now let’s look at the next post okay
the next post you know they posted in February 15th the other post they put
posted February 19th they haven’t posted in a pretty good while you know today’s
March 3rd so that just tells me that maybe they were posting a couple of
times it didn’t do that good and they just deleted them or you know since the
page is slowing down a little bit you know the post isn’t as consistent and
that is a red flag guys if they’re slowing down on the post it means that
something is going on a really good page should be posting consistently every
single day or at least every other day even celebrities big celebrities do it
all the time guys they post every single day so that they can update their fan
base and their followers regarding what’s going on in their inside world
guys so keep that in mind don’t go for big pages that have you know they don’t
post that much so rather the bad guys I personally wouldn’t go for this page
okay what I would do you know you want to find other pages you want to go here
okay this little triangle this is the Mufasa tip guys make sure you smash the
like button to get more tips like this you want to go into the triangle now
you’re going to see a lot of related followers okay so now you can open up
new tabs so you’re gonna find related pages this is called I help skinny guys
put on their ten pounds of muscle they have six hundred thousand followers
which is cool and now you want to do the same thing guys six hundred thousand you
know likes is the ratio good two thousand likes two thousand likes you
know three thousand likes two thousand likes two thousand likes it’s pretty
consistent I would like to have more likes you know in that ten thousand
range seven thousand range it would be a lot more better if they did have the
eight thousand five thousand okay it’s pretty average it’s simple alright let’s
see what the comments looking like and it looks like they posted a lot of good
content so you know that’s a good thing a lot of people are saying love this
great advice you know people are tagging people let’s go to the next post alright
so this person are people are commenting you know people are agreeing with the
post let’s go with one more you guys people are tagging okay cool this this
page has at least some decent engagement and one good thing is that they’re
posting you know every four hours or so one hour ago five hours ago nine hours
ago 12 hours ago twenty two hours ago you see the difference guys you don’t
want to go for a page that literally haven’t posted since February 19th like
I would have a page that’s you know continually being engaging with their
followers that’s the biggest thing I do some see some similar you know people
that are following you know the followers that I have that are following
this page which is great so you know this page looks good it looks promising
I would definitely go for it depending on the price that they’re offering you
want to contact them say hey you know I’d like to do a shout out on your page
I have this cool product that you know your audience would you know probably be
resonated with and you know you just go from there okay now you do want to ask
for their prices and see if you can negotiate it do you know the ways that
you can negotiate that works the best is if they’re offering a 24-hour shout out
make sure you drop it down to maybe twelve hours and get half the price so
that you can save a little bit of money because all you’re doing is
to get data all you’re trying to do is get sales guys you want to get sales the
first three hours five hours so 24 hours ideally isn’t you know it is not gonna
really do much just get a 12 hour shout out half the price and you can save a
lot more money then click the triangle find more influencers and that’s just
ways that you can promote this portable blender same thing with this waist
trainer guys the waist trainer is another million dollar industry probably
a billion dollar industry I don’t know the specific number but this but you
know this niche right here is growing every single day guys I see it on
YouTube all the time you know every girl wants to have the curves they want to
look thick or you know they’re trying to look for that particular body whether if
they’re trying to look like their celebrity this is a really really good
product now with this product I would go edit different angle guys I wouldn’t do
the whole you know memes as far as shout outs and things like that I would
actually go for a personal influencer to promote your product okay so let’s say
for instance you know let’s let’s try to find a bigger influence okay a bigger a
bigger Fitness influencer that has a lot of followers they look fit you know and
they’re actually posting content every single day you know updating their
audience let’s see if we can find something like this so here’s one okay
here’s one with nineteen point three thousand followers now you can go and
order this particular product okay you can order it you know for about four or
five dollars or so and send it to these influencer guys this is this is the key
you want to send it to the influencer and make them you know make a video for
you okay real simple and you I trust you guys you can use that specific video and
you can use it on your own page and get sales all right and you’re gonna
continually do this okay now you don’t even have to pay anything I would rather
send a four dollar product than pay $100 to do a shout out okay and you’re
getting free a free shout out in part two because you’re giving them a free
product they’re gonna probably think that you know since you’re selling it
for about $29.99 you know that product cost $29.99 they
don’t know that you’re getting it for $4 alright so you’re going to order the
product send it to the influencer and let them do a free shoutout for you and
in turn you can use their video their photos and start you know building up
your pace from the ground up and you’re gonna start seeing some traction you’re
gonna get organic sales and I currently sell this particular product and it’s
doing a really really nice amount of revenue as far as you know the amount of
money that I that that you know I’m happy with so you know those are just
the two products in just two ways you can sell this to products guys I don’t
want to go too deep into this I’m hearing you guys with a lot of
information because I did want to you know show you guys in particular how to
sell these two products and how you can go out there and make money doing
dropshipping guys so if you didn’t love this video make sure you smash the like
button make sure you subscribe and if you like this type of style of video I
do have even more ways to you know make money doing drop shipping and I do have
step-by-step lessons in my program and a link in the description as you can see
on the screen right now guys I have a whole bunch of testimonials as far as
people making their first sale people you know making a hundred dollar days
500 ‘allah days you know people are making money doing this stuff and I want
you guys to be on board and you know not miss that ship because that ship is
gonna still sail alright whether you’re on it or you’re not it’s gonna still go
on until 2020 2021 2022 you don’t want to have that type of regrets and people
are literally making money right now and there’s no better way to have somebody
guides you especially if they’ve went through it they’ve went through the
whole process as far as losing money you know they’ve tested out a couple of
things they’ve tested strategies that don’t work and literally everything is
in one place okay and there’s no better you know way to learn drop shipping in
that specific way so if you do want to learn more about that guys make sure you
check the link in the description I will see you guys on the next video peace

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