Dropshipping: Sell the best fashion brands without warehouse risks!

Hi everyone! I’m Marianna from Brandsdistribution
and today I’m here to explain you what’s the dropshipping and how to start it with us. If you sell online through your site, marketplaces
or social media and you want to embellish your range, we have the solution for you! Our catalog offers more than 100 original
fashion brands ready for delivery. The dropshipping service in fact is one of
the easiest way to make business online How does it work? Basically:
you import our catalog and publish it on your e-shop,
you set the prices and boost sales with our advertising material.
As soon as you receive an order on your website you will place than it on our platform. Than, we will ship the items to your final customer without any storage risk. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s see how to purchase it and how it
does work: Go in the dropshipping section of our site, choose your plan between basic and full: the basic one gives you access to 100 products and the full one gives you access to our entire catalog. Now you can proceed with the payment. Once the payment is done, you will receive
a confirmation email with the useful links to start working with us: catalog export,
photo download, and so on. After that, you will start selecting the files: CSV, XLS or XML with all the infos you need to resell our products on your e-shop: products and EAN code, prices, high definition pictures, description in the chosen language, and updated quantities.
Our stock is updated from 4 to 15 minutes According to the campaigns you would like
to promote on your store you can also download the editorial images we provide you in the
photo download section so you can start selling and advertising the products wherever you
want. And that’s it! Once you receive a paid order on your e-shop, you just need to go on Brandsdistribution platform create it in return, pay for it and than we will ship it to your final customer. Check the “shipping fees” link to see
which countries we ship to. Don’t worry, the customer won’t know who’s
the provider as we ship in anonymous boxes. If you already have a website created on one of the most famous platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce or Prestashop is even easier for you! Our IT partners in fact have created the plugins
that allow you to automatically import our catalogue, synchronize the product quantities
and prices, create the orders directly on Brandsdistribution. If you have other kind of platforms and an IT team that can help you we do provide the API documentation if needed to customize the integration with our platform. We really want you to feel safe in reselling our
brands, that’s why, upon request, we can provide you a certificate of authenticity and the right to resell our brands on your store. I bet you couldn’t wait for the video to
be finished that you are already one of our dropshippers! If so? Welcome on board! Thanks for watching and see you soon! Are you still here? Come on, go and buy our dropshipping plan!

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4 Responses

  1. 80casino says:

    How come u guys have no phone number and adres saw people saying they try to contact u guys but u never replay back what about returns?? No info 🤔

  2. Mike Mun says:

    this is company hundred percent scam

  3. Mike Mun says:

    check on the Google

  4. Wiktor Liszkiewicz says:

    I think that not long time ago they changed their prices from 690 € to about 1200 € / year (and it will probably grow in future).
    Then you also need to pay for a plugin 200€ / year + 199€ install fee.
    So if you don't sell a lot u still need to pay around 1600€ in first year. They would probably do better business doing the provision from sale but …
    Then you need to play for your advertisement (Google Ads and Facebook) and pray to get return from the investment 😀 This is not an easy task to do.
    Not to mention that they never replied to my emails so the customer support is basically dead, and for that reason alone I would not recommend them to anyone.
    I am also concerned about Mike Mun comment accusing them to be a scam. Not sure they are, but they are too expensive to check them out on my own skin for sure.

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