DropShipping in 2020 – How to Make £3000 in your first month!

How can you start a business with no
money ? I’m going to show you that in this video.
one word DROP-SHIPPING ! you want I DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE !!! HI guys and welcome back to my channel. Most
people these days are making money online in their sleep that’s very clever
and I can show you how because a lot of these people are making money from zero
so how can you start a business with no money I’m going to show you that in this
video very simply one word drop shipping so
let me explain the word drop shipping to you drop shipping is very simple you put
products online you market them people purchase them the money comes into your
account you buy it from the supplier are you getting to ship it directly to your
buyers address just comes as it’s coming from you from the manufacturer
very very simple six steps but this is why you can start drop shipping without
a single penny and there’s a little trick to this obviously there are
different payment options but if you turn off all the other payment options
but only leave on PayPal and that’s what I do
PayPal will still take payments like anything else you’ll take any credit
card payments it’ll take any normal payments the one thing you get from
PayPal is the fact that PayPal will give you the money straight away the money
will be in your bank account the moment someone pays this allows you to then pay
for it directly from your manufacturer that’s why drop shipping is a no-brainer
and this is why you don’t need money to start it yes you need I think it’s about
twenty dollars or so on a monthly recurring cost for your drop shipping
website but with the solutions and the tools in which I’m recommending and I’m
explaining you should really be able to be making money from your first month
right which means that technically you don’t have any cost associated but you
might need to commit to paying $29 and the
of the month very straightforward you know so this is why I say that you can
start a business with no money today and this is how a lot of people are making
money so once you’ve got that all sorted out it’s very straightforward and I’ll
do a video next if you guys want me to when you’re interested in this from this
video other video on the actual process of drop shipping so actually show in the
backend of Shopify and how that plugs into everything else showing the tools
by Cabello which is very crucial so you need probably about four tools or bellow
the Shopify platform you need something called campaign monitor that’s what I
recommend it’s a online system that allows you to
send emails to all your customers and also allows you to do a lot of these
automation I was talking about Omni send as well as one it’s a new one has come
up I’m still reviewing it but so far it’s great for the live view once anyone
goes onto my website it tells me who they are
know who they are but it gives them a unique identification number and it
allows me to see how that person’s been on my site irrespective of having their
details so if I don’t have their email or their number I have a unique number
that say this is the same person that came last time and they came from this
place and this is what they did this is what they did so I can still understand
people’s journeys and that’s really important because when I was mentioning
about conversion rate optimization conversion rate optimisation is really
all about being able to ensure that when people come they buy more basically
thank you very much let me know how you get on with your drop shipping websites
and let me know if you have any questions for me personally I’ll be more
than happy to help please leave your comments below and don’t forget to hit
the subscribe button boom see you later you won’t I Bonnie and Clyde mine on
Bower may be my reading lamp

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