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  1. Malik Mufasa says:

    Send me a question on IG: @themalikmufasa
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  2. samuel o'sesin says:


  3. twitch ynwrios says:

    Im on the how to get traffic to your shopify store in 2020 with instagram ads part of the group until im successful

  4. iaaniceboywat says:

    The difference between me and your favoritee shopify guru….lol.

  5. AKRAM A.B says:

    I love you bro from algeria thank you so much

  6. DarkSagan says:

    Nice. Thanks

  7. Natalia Al-Jamal says:

    hello im 15 years old I've been trying so hard to make a dropshipping eCommerce business and I keep failing and I have like a 20$ budget can anyone help me?

  8. Roxne Nicoline says:

    This is good. I will try it and let you know the outcome

  9. Premiredeals says:

    Those are some weird countries, I’ll test them tho 👍

  10. Rosey Cosmos says:

    Hey do you recommend having a currency converter on our Shopify websites because of all the different countries targeted

  11. gigireagan says:

    wow those are some crazy numbers! 🤯

  12. db godx says:

    thank you for revealing this strategy, you dropping ACTUAL heat unlike these other youtubers 🔥

  13. kerenbanget says:

    THIS video worths a million dollars. Thank for the video. Can you cover a video about the payment processor other than Paypal? It gave me headache if I use paypal

  14. Bond says:

    Good video 🙌

  15. Tashluvsu1 says:

    Do you need currency converter?

  16. Daily Striver says:

    I’m from the UK, appreciate the valuable knowledge you’re sharing. With the countries you listed in this case study, some aren’t in the e packet country listing so is that fine? Wouldn’t that cause issues with shipping

  17. Vasilis Sillivridis says:

    Hey Malik, great value right here but I have a question. Isn’t some of these countries the ones most people (gurus) recommend to avoid selling products to?

  18. AISSATA BELLE says:

    Help me 😢 can you make a video about selling third party Apple chargers headphones etc pls

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