Dropshipping From Overstock: The 9 Facts That Makes It A Huge Opportunity (Full Overview)

Dropshipping from Overstock became very popular and a lot of drop shippers started to work with this supplier as their main dropshipping supplier. In this video, I want to show you 9 interesting facts and reasons Why this supplier became so attractive and so interesting opportunity for any drop shipper. Hello everybody! So, in this video I will show you really everything that you need to know to start working with this amazing dropshipping supplier Overstock. You will know everything from products finding, shipping methods shipping speed, prices of shipping special programs of overstocks, special policies how do the returns their works which type of products can you sell from there and how it works the customer’s support of overstocks. So let’s go! The first thing that I want to talk about is that for sure this is an American supplier so we have up to 5 shipping days to any location in the United States. The second interesting thing here is that the shipping is actually free so we can send all of the products of Overstock with one condition that I will talk about soon. To any place for free and this is something really amazing for us and gives us the opportunity to be much more competitive. The third thing here is their amazing customer support. So if I go to the bottom of the page contact customer care, I will see here on this page the option for chat so we can see the chat is open for most of the time in the day which allows us to communicate easily with Overstock and gives our customer the best customer support that we can give because they give us a live chat in Overstock so it’s much easier. They actually have great customer support compared to any other American supplier that you already tried. Now I want to talk about, about the fourth interesting thing and this is the Paypal that they allow to pay. If I go here I click “check out” because I already have some products in the cart. One second let me go back and add the product to the cart. Okay so I will just take any product here and click “add to cart” And here I can see that they actually support PayPal which is great for us we don’t need to have a headache about how to transfer money to our credit card and about cash flow, we just get money by Paypal and we can pay using this PayPal directly to Overstock. This is something very interesting and very amazing, I think many people really prefer a supplier that works with PayPal over any other supplier. Let’s jump into thing number five. The thing is that Overstock doesn’t have a lot of the warehouse which is good for us! Because the shipping time is fine and we don’t have taxes to most of the states in the United States. So actually, it means that when we work with Overstock, we will save in many cases, money for taxes because we don’t need to pay taxes when we send to other states And because they don’t have warehouses in all of all the states, So in many cases, we will not need to pay these taxes and the amount of taxes is really really low when we work with this supplier. Now let’s go to the really interesting thing the club O program. The club O program is a program of Overstock that actually their loyalty program where you can first try it for 30 days for free and then it’s just $20 for full-year. it’s nothing if you compare it to Amazon prime or to any other site, you can see that this is really really low price and really worth it. Using this program, We will really have the free shipping for all of the products we will get 5% cashback for any our order this is amazing and I really like this thing because this thing gives us the opportunity to get even more profit per sale. Let’s jump into the last 3 things. The first one is the price match guarantee we can see here that actually Overstock promises us that we will get the lowest prices of the market. So if we find the product cheaper in any other supplier we can just contact Overstock and get money back for the price difference. This is amazing for us because we know that we will be able to be always the cheapest for any specific product because if we find it at a cheaper price with any other supplier we can just compete with them. Now let’s see what we have here more if I go to their return policy, I will find something more really interesting. Their return policy says that they have 30 days returns but you can see here that after 30 days they still offer you a partial refund. Now this is actually the decision that you should take but eBay promotes much more product with 60 days returns. so if you compete with someones else who do drop shipping from Overstock, you can put higher return policy returns time And then you will be ranked over and much higher than they are in the search algorithm of eBay. I check this, you can also check this for sure it depends on many other criteria like the level of the account but this something that will really help you. And I recommended you to put for overstocks 60 days returns even if it means that sometimes you will lose money because you will not lose all of the money and all of the price of the product, because they offer a partial refund. Let’s jump into the last thing that I really like with Overstock and this is their sales and deals. This category in Overstock sorted in very organized and a very interesting and very easy working method. You can see here products with discounts and I can just go to gift under $100 find here a lot of interesting products and I can even sort it by on sale. Now, look at how many different products we have now on sale on Overstock because not alot of people are working with this supplier we will be much more competitive than any other of your competitors because if you go to this category every day and find products that are right now with good discounts you can just list it using the monitor using AutoDS and you will be sure that when the price will be increased, your price will be also increased because you are covered by the monitoring system other people may be not covered or not working with this supplier. So you can list products with this category start selling them immediately because you will be much cheaper than the competitors and then you will make a lot of profits. I really like this supplier, I really recommended you to at least try and work with them, you can see that you also have coupons for them using price blink and many many interesting things with this supplier. Just jump into the water don’t afraid, take the risk may be in the beginning it will be hard but I promise you that’s for the long term it will worth it and it will really make profits. See you in the next videos. For any questions about this supplier or any other drop shipping related questions, just ask me under this video. Subscribe to this youtube channel Share the video with your friends like this video and see you the next time. bye-bye.

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13 Responses

  1. Gregory Lions says:

    Sounds like a winner; my only question is how are they about items in stock? but otherwise I am so there!

  2. Heri Lugo says:

    How do I set up the eBay shipping policy to work with overstock?

  3. Old-Fart Gardening says:

    Would you mind bringing back the Closed Captioning to your videos? I am having a difficult time understanding about 1/2 of what you are saying. Tanks, Brother.

  4. Jrocket 72 says:

    I heard that Overstock dropships there products on ebay.

  5. ekah india says:

    Hi, Can purchase the items from outside US?

  6. Kevin Ferguson says:

    Overstock charges taxes for every state.

  7. שרית פונט says:

    Is it ok to use their images, do they support drop shipping?

  8. Matt Fuller says:

    It's great that you are finally adding more suppliers to the small list you already have but when are you going to correct the problems with your current suppliers? As you know, AutoDS should perfect its current supplier integrations before introducing others. Your customers post these questions time and time again on your Facebook page but you guys just erase those questions instead of answering them.

  9. Jamal alabbood says:

    What is the address we put in AutoDS for overstock

  10. Vendel Knap says:

    How to hide price in the package?

  11. Kripta Converter says:

    Could you tell what we (dropshippers) should do about tracking numbers from Overstock ? Bluecare express? Or smth other solution ?

  12. Kripta Converter says:

    And do they accept international PayPal ?

  13. Partha Mitra says:

    If anybody from outside of the US with a non-US credit card/PayPal is dropshipping via Overstock, please let me know.

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