Dropship WITHOUT Aliexpress – 4 DAY Shipping | Alternatives to AliExpress | Dropshipping With Agent

I will share with you how to get four to seven days shipping, and the cheapest price possible in the market for your Dropshipping business. Hey, my name is Sagar, in this video, I’ll show you guys how to get faster shipping times and what to look for when you get your own Dropshipping agent and how to find them. I’m making this video so you guys can copy my tips and tricks in your own business, and star generating thousands, if not millions of dollars every single day. And finally, willing to quit your job and see how beautiful this life you have, so let’s just not waste any more time and get to the video. So Aliexpress alternatives for faster shipping, so let’s just get to the key points. When you are just testing, stick to Aliexpress. At this point in the year, Dropshipping business, you should only focus on optimizing and scaling your store. Make sure your product page looks nice, make sure you learn Facebook Ads, make sure you add the upsell process, abandoned guard, retargeting all that stuff rather than focusing on getting a Dropshipping. And if you’re just testing just stick to AliExpress, that’s the best way to test through Aliexpress. Still to this day, I still test with Aliexpress, and once you start getting 20 plus orders, then you want to focus on reducing cost and getting faster shipping time, and all the tips and tricks I’m going to show you in this video. Alright, so very first one, oh yes, before I forget winner for the last giveaway is this guy @husainoazada I’ll hit you up on Instagram, and we’ll do a free review session for this call or whatever you want me to do. Alright, so let’s just imagine you are getting 20 plus orders, these are the steps you wanted to take to start getting faster shipping time and reduce your cost and get the best possible solution to your store. Alright, so first you want to understand this, Aliexpress is not bad. All this Youtubers telling you that it’s a terrible marketplace, this is full of scammers, you’re going to get scammed they all are incorrect. Aliexpress is still the best thing possible out there, it made this Dropshipping business possible, so I’m still so grateful for Aliexpress, and it’s the best thing. I hate all this Youtubers talking less about Aliexpress, that’s my boy, Aliexpress is my boy, so don’t talk about that. So remember, you can get faster shipping times on Aliexpress. Just first, the easiest option is shipping out of U.S. all you have to do for that is go on Aliexpress.com. You just search whatever product you want to search. Let’s say you search posture corrector, and all you have to do is as you can see right here there’s ship from U.S. boom, and you can literally find people who are shipping this product straight out of the U.S. Of course, it’s only for some products, some products doesn’t get shipped out of U.S, but if it’s a trending product, they’re going to be suppliers that ship that products straight out of U.S. What that means is the product is getting shipped out of a warehouse that’s in the U.S. that means you can get faster shipping time, which is between four to eight days. Usually, it takes six days, but you always remember it can take up to four and ten days. The second thing is you can do is message all your suppliers or whoever’s fulfilling your order exactly this copy. Dear friend, why this because that’s their slang, you know how they say what’s up my man out there they say what’s up friend. So you just want to say, dear friend, my name is Sagar Miller, I run an international Dropshipping store with your website domain, and source products from a lot of Aliexpress sellers. I’ve been selling whatever your product links give them that, and sales have been doing extremely well, so I want to work with you to help you grow my business and give you more sales so you can easily hit your sales targets. Please confirm me that you will ship all the orders same day, so you can do long term business. You want to capital letters this; otherwise I have to find a different supplier. Please respond quickly because I already have whatever orders you have left, and tell them how much you’re getting. I always inflate this number, so if you’re getting 20 orders per day, I’ll tell them I’m getting 40 orders each day, and just do. I’ll look forward to your reply and give them a screenshot of your Shopify. Asking my boy what he used to do, he would just go to Google find a fake screenshot and send them there. But again, if you’re doing sales, just give them the real screenshot, this works great, and this is the secret right here. If you can confirm that you will ship all the orders on the same day. What that means if they ship all the orders on the same day when they’re getting processed, this can cut it literally by 6 to 7 days. So all the people who are living in the USA who rather getting their product in 20 days, they can get their product within 12 to 15 days, and most of the time they get their product on the 14th day if they live in the middle of the U.S. So that’s really great, just by using Aliexpress to send your supplier this, you can faster shipping time. People complaining that all the Aliexpress people are resellers, well they are resellers, they’re there to make a profit. While they are there, but what they are doing is they go to big companies, they buy in bulk and the store the product, and then they sell one by one. So, of course, they’re going to mark up their price because they want to make profit. First, they are taking the risk for keeping all the products in their warehouse or house wherever they’re keeping it. Second, they’re doing the work to ship all the products; they’re bringing the shipping label start sending the right addresses, of course, they’re inflating the price, so stop crying about that oh Aliexpress people charge [inaudible], but on Alibaba, you have to order in bulk. So if you want to go that route that’s just go even spending more money just to save one or two dollars on each item, which is I think it’s stupid, especially if you’re just starting out. This is the main problem with Aliexpress; will you need two to four virtual assistants just to fulfill your orders with overload when you add scale. So let’s say you scale your store do eight to ten thousand per a day, and I would imagine you are selling a twenty-five dollar item. So that means you’re doing four hundred orders each day, four hundred times 25 which is about ten thousand. I think I’m doing the math right. And then four hundred orders when you fulfill them through over low each order takes about a minute, so that would be four hundred minutes. So you will need two to three wheels just to fulfill that, that’s one problem with AliExpress. Another problem is Aliexpress that’s for them, Aliexpress charged seven to eight percent to sellers, that’s what I’ve been told about by my Aliexpress seller, that Aleiexpress charges seven percent so that’s why we cannot provide you cheap rates, so that’s why you cannot get the cheapest rate. And of course, processing the list, it takes six to seven days to process here all that stuff, but like I said, you can just send them a message, let them know you are a Dropshipper, and then boom that’s your problem is solved. Next, this is how you get faster shipping times another way. So Aliexpress way by sending them a message that I send you, and don’t worry, you can download this slide the link in the description, and then you can get the exact copy right here. Alright, so now finding a Dropshipping agent. So there are three different kinds of Dropshipping agent, and there’s a Dropshipping agent that’s based in China. What it is kind of not connected to Aliexpress at all, you just send the CSV files, which we’ll cover in a minute. CSV files are like Excel files of all your orders, and you send them that any it fulfills all those orders within 8 to 15 days. And usually, like I said, it takes about 12 days till people get their product, which is really good, and he can keep track of your inventory, a lot of stuff, and even tell you the trending products that are coming up. The second type of agent is agents in the USA; what these people are these are people in the USA that literally your product is getting shipped out of the USA. And the best thing about this is you get faster, really faster shipping which is about four to ten days. Usually most of the product will get shipped on the sixth or seven days, but on some days it can take up to 10 days, so keep that in your mind. Next one is, this is the one I personally use agent in the USA in China. What this basically is, it’s usually like a company which have their stores in China, warehouses in China and they have their warehouse in the USA. And they can literally source products, so let’s say you need a product they can get their products delivered from China warehouse to USA warehouse. The best thing about these are you can save a lot of money, why? So, of course, they have the same shipping time 4 to 10 days, but what happens with this is let’s say you are selling your product worldwide, right? And then if all your [Inaudible 00:08:36.15] will have orders that get shipped in the USA, let’s say to Australia what these people do, they filter out your excel file and all the products that are supposed to go to the USA. They’ll put down a different file and put that through the USA, and then they’ll ship all the other international orders from China, which helps you save money. Because every time an order gets ship out of the USA, it usually costs you about three to five extra dollars, of course, because you’re getting faster shipping rate. So this is the perfect mixture, you just send them the excel file, my agent at least, figure out the excel file on his own, and he fulfills the order in the USA, and he fulfills all the international orders through his friend in China. And the best thing is I don’t keep contact with two different people; I just keep contact with my supplier in the USA. My [inaudible] keeps contacts with the supplier in the USA, and the USA supplier keeps contact with China. So it’s a perfect system, I don’t have to talk to more people, and my [inaudible] keeps everything in check. Why you need them? First, they provide faster shipping times, get tracking numbers faster. What happens when they do this? They will ship your orders the same day; they get the tracking number the same day. So you can literally, I use mass fulfill I’ll show you that a minute too, by that all the tracking number get pushed to your store, and all your customers get a notification the same night, or within 24 hours hey, your orders has been shipped, here’s the tracking number. Best thing ever to avoid disputes, because they get the tracking number the same day. It’s really easy to fulfill orders like I told you if you go through Aliexpress [inaudible], you’ll need two to three wears every single day when you’re at the scale. But with this one it’s literally an excel file, it doesn’t matter if the excel file has 20 orders or 200 orders or 2000 orders, it literally takes the same amount of work, and it’s really easy to fulfill order. You just throw your excel file with tracking numbers into the app, which I’m going to show you, and all your tracking numbers are updated like this. And it’s really easy to scale, of course, they give competitive prices. What I always do is I will contact multiple people, and then I’ll share the screenshot. Hey, look at this supplier, he’s giving me $4.20, but you are giving me five dollars can you reduce the price or something like that. And they really give good pricing, especially when you start working for them on a longer period. So, in the beginning, they’ll probably not give you the best price, but as you work for the longer amount of time they’ll start lowering down their prices, which is a great thing. And they’re never out of stock; you just let them know hey, keep me updated on the stock, make sure you keep fulfilling especially if you are their good client and you are business with them every single day. They want to make sure you are happy, so just let them know this beforehand. Hey, anytime you’re low in inventory, make sure to stock up. I don’t want to run out of stock, and I don’t want to back lock all these orders. How do you find them? Of course, this is the question you have in your mind. Literally, you DM people on Aliexpress and Alibaba, well you DM them. Hey dear friend, my name is Sagar Miller we run an international Dropshipping website, this is my website domain right here, we source products from a lot of Aliexpress sellers. I’ve been selling this product and sales have been extremely low, so I want to work with you to help me grow my business and give you more sales, so you can hit your sales target easily. Would I be able to work with you and send you our Dropshipping orders by using CSV or Excel files? Make sure to include that. Because if you are working with agent, you want to make sure you work with CSV files because it’s the easiest thing ever once you learn them. Please let me know asap so we can start working together. Do you have WhatsApp? If you do, let me know because it’s easier to communicate on there, and I just give them my number. I shared my number here, my cameraman actually will blur it out, and so you give them the number they contact me on WhatsApp. And please respond quickly because I already have how many orders you have left and let them know all of it. Inflate the numbers, so if you’re getting 25 words, I just tell them I’m getting 50 orders every single day. I’m looking forward on doing long-term business with you, and then thank you that’s a screenshot of Shopify, simple as that. If you don’t know how to DM people, this is all I do. I go on there, so let’s say you are looking for a posture corrector, I’ll just open link in new tab, open link in new tab, open link in new tab, open link in new tab make sure to DM at least like 18 or 19 of them and then ask for prices. So what you want to do is you scroll down a little bit you’ll see this right here, it says contact. You see this blue button you click contact, and then you copy-paste that exact copy, boom, and then you just paste it right here. Xxxxx boom you send the handler, and you’ll have 20 people going back and forth with you. That’s the best thing, and you can price match at the same time, see who’s giving you the best price. And remember price is not always the solution here, just don’t look for the cheapest price, try to even look at their reviews, how many other products they are selling, and try to go with the person who have sold the most amount of orders because that’s going to be most reliable seller. And if you’re already getting 20 plus orders, I think you should be looking into hiring a [inaudible], because that’s a perfect time to hire them. And ask your [inaudible] if he’s experienced with Shopify, he’ll have some good contacts. And my best supplier that I got, my [inaudible], actually have me connected with that person. I think your [inaudible] does get a cut from it, but I’m not sure, but it doesn’t matter; it shouldn’t matter to you because you’re getting the best service possible. Dropshipping agent, so this is the qualities you want to look in a Dropshipping agent, make sure he speaks good English. Of course, they’re going to have an accent because they’re from China, but you want to make sure he understands good English, get on the call. You’re like alright; I would love to talk more and just get on the call and see what he talks is asking question you want to ask him. Tell them to really call, even better tell them to show the factory, because they’re a lot of people trying to scam you or resell you all that stuff. So just get on the call, get on a video call even better. Tell you [inaudible] to send CSV files every single day, and tell your supplier and your Dropshipping agent to ship them every single day. What that helps you do is helps you get your orders tracking number within 24 to 48 hours, which is the best thing, and your customers get a notification. And they’re happy, you are happy, and you can keep track. Let’s just do it; I’m going to teach you how to generate CSV files. So you go to your store page, and then you click on orders. You go-to orders, you see the export button, you click the export button, and then you do orders by date. And then let’s say you have ordered this and this so you select those two days 22 and 23, and you click export orders. When you click that, they’ll send you an email to whatever account that’s linked to you, and then you’ll have the file, and then this is the file that sent me right there order export one. And usually, I use OneDrive because OneDrive is like having excel online, which is free, but if you want to download excel on your computer, I think they charge you. I don’t really like paying for anything that I can get for free, so I just go on OneDrive.live.com and make an account there. And they’ll give you a CSV file, but when you open the CSV file in OneDrive, you have to go premium to edit it. So what I do is, there’s this website called convertCSV.com I just throw this file, this is the file I throw it right here, choose file, and you choose the file, and you do save as Excel, and you save that file as excel and then boom this is the excel file I got saved and I just copied it, you can drag and drop there. So I dragged it right here, and now we’re going to click that, we click this and boom you will have the excel file, and this is how the excel file look. All the order numbers are there, all the email addresses are there, so this is what you want to do first. Go through financial status; you see this financial status. Everything that says refunded or partially refunded you want to delete that. So what that means is that order has been refunded why you want your supplier to ship it. So you always do a right-click, and you do delete row, boom. If it’s partially refunded right here, actually you guys cannot see that, but this line it has all my item names that people ordered. So what you want to do is you want to go into that line, and make sure you add that item and make sure they’re refunded, let’s say there are two items and they refunded one of them, so you just kind of want to delete that product and leave the product that’s there. And then you want to delete this financial status because your supplier doesn’t care about that. So you just delete that, delete that, delete this column. Delete shipping method delete all that and then boom; you delete this column, and then right here, you want to delete everything that’s unnecessary. All your supplier really cares about is name, email, and of course item name. I just leave it there because I don’t want to show you my product, and then billing name and all that stuff. So you delete columns, even billing name she doesn’t care about billing name, he only cares about the shipping address. So you just go from here to, of course, please don’t call these people, the numbers just don’t call them. Delete columns, delete this column so all your suppliers by shipping name, shipping their addresses, of course, shipping phones. Again all this is stuff that really doesn’t matter, so you delete all that. So you got everything done, you can actually expand that, I always expand them all that stuff. And then so when you send this file to supplier, this is what the supplier will do. The supplier will go with each of them and fulfill them, and after that, he’ll make a new box right here. He will do insert columns, and it will be called tracking number, and it will have all the tracking numbers you need, all the tracking numbers you need, right? And then what you want to do is then you go ahead and save that file. So right here, this is the file, and then what I do is I right-click it, and I just do download to my desktop. So what you want to do is you go to your apps, there’s this app called Mass Fulfill, it’s literally free. So you click that Mass Fulfill, and it opens up it will look something like this. What you want to do is you just click fulfill entire order, you just click that file and the file that your supplier sending you that have the tracking numbers, you just drag and drop that file right here and then boom. So what you want to do is order number, these are the two important ones. So order number, whatever you go into your file, whatever column name has all the order numbers, select that thing right here that is name, and if it was order number, you would have selected order number right there, and then tracking number. So for tracking number, it’s right here, you see this box right here tracking numbers. So whatever he says sometimes they’ll say tracking, so select that box right here. So you select the box right here tracking, and you just do next and next and next, and you fulfill them. And literally within I’m saying seconds it will fulfill thousands order like this, and this process once you get the hang of it, it shouldn’t take you more than four to five minutes. And again, I already delegated my [inaudible] takes care of this stuff. Alright, so the next one is make sure to check that you are getting good pricing, that whatever you are buying, it should be the same rate on Alibaba and Aliexpress. So let’s just go on here, let me give you a good example. So you go on Aliexpress, right? So if something is, let’s do posture corrector, and then you go to Alibaba. Can you do posture corrector right here, so right here they are selling you for $7 that’s the average 7 to $8 someone is having a 4. And then you want to see how much it cost on Alibaba. So it’s costing about $3 to 4, $3 about $3 so you just get the average of that. So it’s costing about, oh there are some selling for $4 too, but average is $7. So your supply should charge you something around that, between four to seven, so you should pay about $5 for each product your Dropshipping. Plus, of course, if you’re shipping out of U.S.A, you have to pay that 3 to $4 whatever he is paying for shipping, so that’s going to cost you about $9. So look at other prices on Alibaba and AliExpress, and it should be in the same range whatever you Dropshipping agent is charging you, that’s how you know you got a good agent. Always negotiate with multiple agents at the same time, whenever you are in the process of first finding your Dropshipping agent I already gave you the script, just negotiate them how low they can go, and then tell them each other I got another supplier that’s giving me for this price, can you do this? So all these negotiating. And believe me or not, they will negotiate, and China is literally a whole supermarket for negotiation; even how you go-to store in the U.S., you buys any fruits; you just pay whatever it cost. But in China and especially in all these countries that always negotiate, and it is always crazy, it just goes from $100 to literally half $50, so it’s just crazy the power of negotiation in most countries, so always negotiate. Always ask for quantity discount, let’s say you’re selling a posture corrector, and you are selling multiple, you know how there’s a quantity, you just buy to that and get more percent off, and then you even upsell them. So let’s say if he’s shipping, three or two posture corrector to the same address, don’t let him charge you let’s say nine plus nine eighteen, only have him charge you two product prices plus shipping because now it’s not going to cost him to charge for that shipping. So what that means is he should only charge you about fourteen dollars, so you just save five dollars just like this. So you always want to do that, and you want to make sure that upsell, whatever upsells you have coming out of the same address. So whenever you sell an upsell, you save that money on shipping, you don’t have to pay an extra for shipping because it’s in the same box. Pay with Paypal or Amex in the beginning; I don’t know any other credit cards. But American Express literally give me this feature where if I think they scam me or they took my money, I can call them, and they’ll give me a refund right away. And same with Paypal, you can open a dispute. So AMX in the beginning, whenever you start doing business with this Dropshipping and then eventually, of course, you want to move to wire transfer, that’s what the prefer and that’s when they will give you the best prices because then they are not paying those three percent fees. Till this day, I’m still using PayPal like I said it only charge 2.7 percent, I’ll rather pay my supplier 2.7 percent extra, rather than having the risk where I cannot open a dispute and all that stuff. So up to you if you want that discount, and you [inaudible] do it, but for me, I don’t think it’s worth it, so I just go with the PayPal option. Always ask your suppliers to provide you quality gift boxes, plus [inaudible] and invoices. What that means is that you just have your supplier hey, can you send me the picture of the box that you are shipping. I sell gifts, so I haven’t ship all my products in the gift, but whatever product you’re selling make sure he’s not giving you flat white boxes, they look super ugly and super cheap. Make sure you want to have a good branded box whatever the product is, there are product pictures and all that stuff, and then make sure he’s not adding any little pamphlets in different languages, only English pamphlets if there’s on how to use pamphlet in there. And make sure branded, always let them know that hey, don’t put any stickers on top, don’t put that little Chinese marking all the services, let them know, and may have it look all professional. You can even tell them they will charge extra for that, that you can send them the logo, and they will put your logo on top of the box. I just think it’s doing extra, but if you want to build a brand that’s the perfect way to do it, that’s why it’s called branded invoicing because it’s a feature of a brand. Also, work with the agent that can source anything, there are cons and pros to this. So whenever you work with an agent that can source anything, that basically means that he’s kind of the middleman. So he’s working with multiple factories, and he just sourced that product from there, and he just gets the product. Why I like this, of course, I told you the con it’s going to be a little bit pricier, because he’s literally buying from somebody and then reselling it, he’s going to keep a little bit cut in the middle. But the pro of this is if I work with the same agent, I know that he will go all out for me and always get me the product I need, and I’ll never have to worry about stock, and I’ll never have to worry about dispute issues and all that stuff, because working with a new Dropshipping can be scary, and whenever you’re scaling I never want to run into that. Because when you’re scaling, you understand you are making good amount of money. That’s why you are scaling, so don’t be worried about giving your middleman whatever the agent is extra 20, 30 cents just because of his sourcing products from other factories. I’ll rather take that hit, rather than going through a new supplier and then worrying about whether he’s going to cheat me, whether he’s going to scam me, whether he’s going to have that, whether he’s going to keep stocking. Check whether it’s going to do that, and they lie a lot because they want business, so they’ll do that oh yes I have to stock, keep ordering from me and then next thing you’re back locked and all that stuff, and they wouldn’t tell you. They’re like oh there’s just delay in shipping or something like that, so there are cons and pros you just do whatever you think. Like I said, I would recommend just stick to one agent and have them charge you a little bit extra, but if you can go out there, want to take that risk go ahead. It’s all on you. Next one, make sure to only get the Dropshipping agent that always smash the like button, always. So even you should smash the like button right now if you got any value off so far. Next, always ask for stock picture; this is another way of avoiding to get scammed. You want to ask your supplier, hey, you have the product cool, send me a video and pictures of the stock, and then they’ll go and open boxes and have a video or stuff like that. And you can quickly tell if that is a real video or not, and that’s the best way to verify if they really have stock or they’re just lying. Always ask for packaging and product pictures, to have some videos and pictures of the product have them. Take pictures of the packaging; the worst thing happened to me. My supplier was shipping my product in flat white boxes, so it was literally a white box, and you open them, and it looks super ugly super ghetto. So you want to avoid that and just have them send the pictures and make sure it looks nice, and then eventually you move to a little magnetic box, it was a little flip box and they just you know there’s a magnet thing. I think Samsung has it, I’m not sure, but it just adds something to the product and looks expensive. Have your [inaudible] keep an eye on tracking numbers in the beginning. So I don’t even know about this, my [inaudible] told me this. So what you want to do is, always whenever you send him my files, here’s me filing and fulfill those orders, tracking number doesn’t get updated for two-three days. So you want to have your [inaudible] check those tracking numbers for three to five days, and see if they show up something like let’s say the product has been shipped out of China within three to four days, and especially two days if you’re shipping out of USA. So that’s how the you know they already shipped, and sometime they’ll give you the fake tracking numbers, and then send you the original ones later. So you want to avoid that, and have your [inaudible] go on there and keep track of tracking number. So it’s tedious, but of course, that’s what you are paying your [inaudible] this tedious stuff, and that’s what you want, especially do in the beginning, when you start working with the Dropshipping agent. Eventually, you don’t have to do that, but every time I switch my wheels and get a new product from him, I kind of go out my way to keep track of all that stuff. In the beginning, use multiple agents, you never want to put all your eggs in one basket until you’re sure he’s a good person, he’s going to take care of you, and usually you want to work with Dropshipping agents that have a team. You can quickly tell, so when you have a team they will add another person to the group, so they made a WhatsApp group for me, so there are people from his team, and then it’s me and my [inaudible], so I can see their conversation whatever they are saying to my [inaudible] and they always take care. Whenever she’s off, the other person takes care of all matters, so I think that’s the perfect, that’s how I know if they are legit. And multiple agents, even you want to work with multiple different companies, in the beginning, just to make sure they’re shipping yours and eventually whatever you want, and you like just work with that one. Alright, so like I said, this is the one I recommend and your agent that’s in USA that Plus have a warehouse in China and they’re connected, this is what I recommend, this is what I personally use. So remember, every time they ship a product out of USA, it’s, of course, going to cause four to six dollars extra, because they’re using USB for shipping or UPS shipping, whatever they want to prefer I don’t care it’s up to them. And all the process that gets shipped out of China, China, this should be cheaper. So let’s say your product is for four dollars, so all the products that get shipped out of USA that should cost eight dollars all the products that gets shipped internationally from China should cost you four dollars. So that’s another thing you want to keep in check for, in beginning, of course, this is for this supplier, so this is what he basically does, so let’s say I want him to have this product. I want this let’s say this Canon thing, I want this in stock what my guy will do, I’ll pay him a little bit extra to stock up. Let’s say I want two thousand of this, and I’ll just pay him let’s say five thousand dollars, and he’ll stock all these items, and then I always paid through PayPal, so he never scams me, so I can always open a dispute, that’s what happens at beginning. But eventually, when I started working with him, every time I need a new product, he’ll just literally out of my goodwill; we have done so much business now. He’ll just get that product shipped from China to U.S, and I just pay him per order. So I think that’s the greatest asset I have, and if you want to link up with that supplier, all you have to do is DM me on Instagram SagarMiller that’s my Instagram. And send me a video screenshot of your stats, if you are doing about 5,000 or if you have made 5,000 in revenue. I will get you connected with my supplier, and you can work with him. He’s a great person, really helping out and like I told you in the beginning, of course, you have to pay him extra, so he wants to make sure you are a business, worthy person. Let’s say you pay him five to seven thousand extra dollars, he’ll stock up, and he’ll keep that process three-four times, but eventually, he’ll just keep everything in stock, and he’ll just hook you up. Let’s say I need a new product now; he just gets that shipped straight to the U.S. warehouse, and then we start fulfilling it. But that’s why I never exploited, I never just have him stock up in the USA, then I know he will lose money, so I kind of take care of him and he takes care of me. You only want to work with the agent who smashed the light like, but who would destroy the like button, so you should do the same, smash the like button right now. All right, so let’s address the elephant in the room. That’s what everyone is talk about, Silk Road. I cannot recommend it yet, because I personally work with them. I was doing a test order as you can see on this screen right here, my phone that I really did business with them, I actually paid them this amount of money, and my order actually got shipped within 12 days. So they were saying they get the order shipped in seven days, but they got it shipped in twelve days. So I’m still working with them, they actually gave me a refund for all the mess that was created. They were a really great service, but like I said, I cannot recommend it yet because they haven’t worked out for me. But other people had great results with them, so take your chance. They usually charge five to seven extra dollars for each product for shipping out to user, which is, I think is standard. Like I told you, my supplier charges me four extra dollars, so they were charging me six dollars fifty cents extra. So they’re charging me two-point fifty cents dollar extra, so like I said, it’s the business standards they want to keep their cut too. There’s another way is bulk shipment to warehouse, basically what that means is you go to Alibaba, and you get a lot of products shipped to warehouse or your own house, and then you hire people to fulfill them. Which is a great way like I say you’re not doing the work; that’s why you were hiring people to take care of all the work in the ship all the orders; they go to USPS, UPS wherever you want to get it shipped through. Another great way is using SHIPBOB. You get all your products shipped to SHIPBOB, and then SHIPBOB takes care of all fulfilling orders. But again, probably SHIPBOB is you have to send to multiple centers to make sure you get faster shipping all over the world. But like I said, if you just only care about faster shipping in the U.S., just ship them to their fulfillment center in SHIPBOB. I’ve never personally used it because I always looked at Dropshipping a way of no money upfront and just making money in the backend. And for this one I have to put my money, let’s say 10 to 20 thousand product cost whatever and then I get it shipped there, and again I’m holding the risk there, and that’s just kind of competing, it’s the whole model of Dropshipping. The whole point of Dropshipping isn’t spending no money out of your pocket, and that’s what I stick to my whole life. But like I said, if you’re building a brand, you want to scale it, not scaling but if you’re building a brand for long term, then you want to take this route. Another one thinks I’ve never used that’s super popular; I don’t know how exactly it works. Some people get their product shipped to Amazon, and then every time someone orders on Shopify they literally buy that product on Amazon, or there are apps that do it for you there, or they hire [inaudible], and they get their products shipped within one or two days. And I think it’s crazy; it’s pretty smart so you can try that for yourself. Let’s just imagine you ship 300 items to Amazon, and every time you got an odd run your Shopify store, just go on Amazon. You type it in, and it gets shipped to your customer; of course, it’s going to cost you more money. But again, you just mark up your product price, and you provide them one-day shipping, so it should be worth it for them. CJ Dropshipping is coming up, I have not even logged in to this website ever, so I don’t know how that works. But I’m just guessing it’s probably Aliexpress, Silk Road alternative; provide you faster shipping, which is great and you dropping. But like I said, this thing is just adding a middleman that’s what they are doing, just like Silk Road they’re adding using middleman, why you want to add middleman. Just work with the Dropshipping agent directly, that’s what these guys are doing. They are working with Dropshipping agents in China and U.S. that can always get your product fulfilled, but you can do it yourself why add a middleman. So I think to me the whole point of adding another middleman is unnecessary at this point in my life, and of course, not all my orders got processed smoothly so far, so I never looked into this. And that’s it for the whole video, subscribe if you got value out of this. Make sure to click the like button, and start providing seven days shipping to your customers. Alright, peace.

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